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Restriction on Use of Guides and Walk through on this site:

All the articles regarding San Andreas game on this site have been written by the author by putting in several hours of hard work. And hence, this GTA San Andreas game site is copyright protected. Any textual or graphic material on this site cannot be copied. You can only do so if you provide credits (links back) to the original source on this site.

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Also, the conditions on this site are only for this site and not for the sites for which we link. The sites whom we link may have a different Terms and Conditions.


We have the right to run this site and also to close this site without any prior information and notice to any of the user who is associated with this site. We are not liable to any person or any other group if this website is unavailable due to technical or whatsoever reasons.

GTA San Andreas Game site can be used and accessed by fans of the game and also by any other persons. We may, at any time, restrict this site for a particular IP, country or a particular location. And by doing this, we are not accountable for any liability.

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Linking to this San Andreas Game Site

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  • You do link it from any other page which is deemed inappropriate by Google and other search engines.
  • The links is not from a bad neighborhood.
  • Link is fair and ethical and does not damage our reputation.
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