Zeroing In

Zeroing In is one of my favorite and also one of the simple missions in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It gives you Five Thousand Dollars upon completion and makes you free to attempt next one named 'Test Drive'.

In it, you have to follow a car which is driven by a woman. Then, get her out and then get it in your garage. You have to get it if you wish to pass Zeroing In. Overall, it is simple if you follow some trick.

Tips: As soon as Zeroing In starts, you have to chase the car. Hence, take the route from behind your Doherty garage. I mean when it starts then take a 180 degree turn and then take the route which is behind the garage. Because it makes it easy to finish or else you have to chase a long way. Sometimes, you may lose the chase and lose the mission of GTA San Andreas game as well.

Video Walk-thorugh

Yay Ka Boom Boom

Ya Ka Boom Boom is open to play after finishing Toreno's Last Flight and Da Nang Thang. It is also a simple task to do in GTA San Andreas game. It involves planting explosives in a manufacturing company which is owned by Loco Syndicate (Mike Toreno, Jizzy and T Bone). You pass this after planting explosives and also escaping the company compound without dying.

Tip: Once you place the explosives, then escape the factory withing 40 seconds as the timer start. if you don't escape then you will die.

Video Walk-through

Do below things to pass Yay Ka Boom Boom

  1. Pass Da Nang Thang and also Toreno's Last Flight without dying.
  2. Start this one from Doherty garage in San Fierro area of GTA San Andreas game.
  3. After a short video, collect the car planted with timer-bomb.
  4. Drive it and place it inside a factory at a location shown on game map.
  5. Escape outside within 40 seconds or else you will fail.
  6. Then go to main gate and take a car so as to escape the main compound.
  7. Using an inclined surface, drive over it and get to garage to get $25,000 and also pass Yay Ka Boom Boom. I finish simple walkthrough.


This is your last mission in San Fierro area and now you are headed for Desert Missions after this. Also, you are eligible for Bone County, Tierra Robada, Monster and Zeroing In. These four are name of story-challenges. In addition to all these  you get some increase in your respect bar and also twenty Five Thousand Dollars.

Yay Ka Boom Boom Full Story and Details: Walkthrough

After you are finish with the requirements for it, you become eligible to play. And it is also the last one in San Fierro of GTA San Andreas. Woozi Mu appears in it along with Cesar and Carl Johnson (CJ). CJ means you because he is the protagonist and he is led by you and you control it. Now, Yay Ka Boom Boom starts from the garage of CJ. After you start it by walking in the red cylindrical marker, a cut scene begins. In it the above mentioned three people appear and they are busy discussing about the past.

Cesar is happy that they have finally killed Ryder who betrayed them initially. After this, Wuzi enters and he suggests Carl that a factory owned by the enemies is still running. And if he destroys it then the enemy will lose all of their belongings and they will be out of businesses.

All like this idea and after it begins the task. Wuzi has arranged a car which is planted with a timer bomb. Collect it and then park it in your enemy's factory. The on-screen instructions ask you to park it at such a place that the explosion leads to other secondary fires and the target is destroyed completely. After placing it in desired place, the count down begins and you have to get out in 40 seconds or else the explosion will engulf you. If it happens then you fail.

Once done with it, you have to come out of the compound using main gate. But it has been locked by Syndicate's men. Hence, you have to perform some stunts to get out of factory. Using a car standing at the main, drive over an inclined surface and scale the walls. Then go to the garage to pass Yay ka Boom Boom

The Da Nang Thang

This article is a guide for The Da Nang Thang mission of San Andreas game. It is a challenge which you have to play in order to proceed further in the game. If you want to earn fifteen thousand dollars then it will earn you. Also, it gives an increase in respect levels.

Aim of this is to kill all the persons from Da Nang gang on a container ship.Then evacuate some refugees who have been kidnapped inside the ship. After freeing those people, you have to kill a man whose name is Snake Head and then you finish The Da Nang Thang.

Important Tip: If you are not able to complete due to loss of health then I advise you to use cheats. but if you prefer the other way then you can go ahead with practice. Get here for

Video Walk-Through

Things to do to pass Da Nang Thang

For passing, you have to do below things successfully or else you will not be able to proceed further in San Andreas game.
  1. After Amphibious Assault, start this challenge.
  2. Kill the enemy located on the top of containers on the ship.
  3. Get inside it and then kill all of them on the top and basement and leave no one.
  4. Free some people who have been kidnapped by Snake Head.
  5. Kill Snake Head in a sword fight.

More Information

You unlock this after Amphibious Assault in which you plant a bug in a ship. And again you are set for a task related to a vessel. Report  is that some Da Nang boys are coming via water in a vessel. They are also carrying some kidnapped Vietnamese people. Woozie gets to know about this through his informer Little Lion. And he orders him to set out this problem.

And in between this talk, Carl Johnson (CJ) enters and he listens all this. He offers his assistance which Wu readily agree. This was all shown in a cut scene and after it  begins and you are along with little Lion in a helicopter. You come near the vessel and then you have to shoot the enemy on the top of vessel. You are provided with a mini-gun to carry out the task.

However, enemy takes down your helicopter and it crashes in water. Now, all die and only you escape. Hence, swim through the water and get on the ship. Once there, you have only a knife with you as you lose all the weapons. Silently eliminate the enemies and then collect their guns so that you have enough ammunition.

While playing the game, as it happens always, your aim and target will be shown on the map. Follow those blips on map and then finally kill a person named Snake Head. This you have to do using a sword. Once you kill him, you pass 'The Da Nang Thang'.

Lure - Protect Car and Help Ran Fa Li

In 'Lure', you have to drive a decoy car and protect it from damaging to successfully complete. And the reason behind this is to save Mr. Ran Fa Li from a possible assault by Da Nang Boys (Vietnamese gang). You trick the Da Nang gang by driving a car in which Mr. Farlie is supposed to be present. But he escapes in another one and is saved.

Important Note: Don't use health Cheat even by chance or by mistake. Because you will face difficulties.

Video Walk-through

4 Steps to finish successfully

You have to execute below steps if you wish to complete Lure 

  1. Do a mission named Ran Fa Li and then start Lure from Wu Zi Mu's place.
  2. After cut scene, get inside decoy car and go towards countryside.
  3. Go through a total of 8 checkpoints without damaging it from the onslaught of Da Nang Boys..
  4. You are done!

Lure Walk-through Full Details and Other Info

You become eligible after completing Ran Fa Li mission of GTA San Andreas game. Start it by walking in a red cylindrical marker at Woozie's place. And starts a small cut scene. In it, it is shown that Carl enters in a room in which Mr. Ran Fali, Wuzi and Guppy are present. they are busy discussing about the security of Farlie because Da Nang gang is planning to kill him. hence, they are busy finding a way out so that he can escape unharmed. 

At this point, Carl Johnson (CJ) enters and he gives them a new plan. According to it, he will drive a decoy car, meaning 'one which has been designed to deceive an enemy or divert his attention'. He will drive it away from the city towards countryside and he will continue to do so till Mr. Farlie and Guppy escape. This plan is highly appreciated and Wuzi also likes it. Thus, they plan to lure the enemy using CJ. Hence, the name of this task in the game!

Now, you have to drive it and take far away. Once you reach countryside, the enemy follow you on bikes. They think that their target is inside but the fact is that the target has escaped in a separate automobile. When you drive, you have to avoid damaging. There will also be a damage bar shown on your gaming screen. If that bar goes out then you fail Lure. If you manage to cover 8 checkpoints before that bar goes our then you will pass Lure

Once you have covered the checkpoints, you finish the Lure mission and after it you get a call from guppy. he informs you that his boss has escaped the critical territory. Back in the GTA SA game and get ready for next one named Amphibious Assault.


You get Eight thousand dollars for this and also some respect. In addition to these, you can now play next one whose name is Amphibious Assault.

Ran Fa Li

If you are looking to earn Six thousand Dollars then Ran Fa Li is going to give you that sum. It is challenge which you are going to do for a man named Shuk Foo Ran Fa Li, who is a friend of Woozie Mu. The objective is to grab a car from the parking lot of an airport and then park it in a garage belonging to Shuk Fu.

Note: To start you have to first complete Mountain Cloud Boys. Also, to

The car is important to the boss. It contains some courier which is of utmost importance to Mr. Ran Fa Li. And a Vietnamese gang guards it. Without giving much damage to it, protect it from the gangsters and drive it to a garage to finish this task in GTA San Andreas game.

My Tip: To prevent the destruction of the car, don't drive slowly or get out of it and fight with the gangs. Instead, just rip in and drive as fast as you can. If anyone comes in between and drive into him and go ahead. this way you can minimize the damage and finish.

Video Walk-through

4 Steps to Finish Ran Fa Li

To finish you have to make sure that you have done below things in GTA San Andreas.
  1. Complete Mountain Cloud Boys successfully and start this from Wu Zi Mu's place.
  2. After a cut scene, visit the airport and pick the car which is parked in the basement. Its location is shown on map with a yellow blip.
  3. Get inside the car and protect it from damaging too much. 
  4. Get it back to a garage and park it. And you are done!


Your reward is that you earn Six thousand Dollars and also some Respect Plus. And you are also eligible to play next one whose name is 'Lure'.

Full Details

It starts with a cut scene of more than one minute. In Woozi Mu's apartment, Carl, Shuk Foo and his assistant and Wu himself are present. This is for the first time in the game that Foo appears. Woozi introduces you him and he appears to talk via his assistant. Because Ran Fa Li only grunts while his assistant decodes his grunts into words. Almighty knows how that assistant decodes. Anyways!

Ran Fa Li conveys through his assistant that he wants a courier which is at the airport. And that is of utmost important. CJ offers to do this task. At this, others are amused and they take him lightly. they think that he can't do this task as other gangs are also on the look out. However, Carl knows his potential and wants to do it. Li agrees and they sent him. Now, it begins.

Reach the basement of the parking lot where a car having courier is parked. You can take any vehicle to reach the airport. You target is shown on the map with a yellow blip. Distance is long and hence you can take jet plane or any car or bike, whatever. Once there, get inside the car and a small scene takes place where you are informed that the place is heavily covered by the Da Nang Boys which is a Vietnamese gang in the game.

They will try to shoot at your car and damage it. However, to successfully finish, you have to maintain it with least damage. Also, a bar on your screen appears which shows how much destruction it has faced. If that bar becomes empty then it explodes and you will fail. However, if you take it undamaged to the garage then you will pass Ran Fa Li.

Mountain Cloud Boys - Save Wuzi

Mountain Cloud Boys is a mission which can be played after Jizzy (name of mission). A man named Wuzi gives it and he meets Carl Johnson for the first time at his place. In this, you have to protect Wuzi from the attack of another gang. And after eliminating all the enemies, escort him safely to his place to finish.

I will give the things to do first and later in this article discuss all other related details. below are the things you have to complete to finish Mountain Cloud Boys and with it I will finish my short walk-through. Check all guides here.
  1. Complete Jizzy and then start this.
  2. After a cut scene, go to a place behind Wuzi's apartment along with him.
  3. Get behind him and follow step by step.
  4. Bunch of men give surprise attack and hence protect him.
  5. Take down all the gangster and then drive him to his place to finish.

Video Walk-through


After finishing 'Jizzy', you become eligible for Mountain Cloud Boys in the game. Visit Chinatown in San Fierro area of San Andreas game and from there you can play it. It is the first one which you play from Wuzi's place. He gives you more tasks after it.

Once you start, it begins with a cut scene in which Carl (YOU) enters a place and asks for Woozie-his friend. He tells everyone that he wants to meet his friend as he works for him. Different men guide him to get to his place. Before meeting, a person informs Carl the Woozie cannot see things and he is visually challenged. He does not believe because last time Carl participated in a race against him.

But the person says that his boss has got unbelievable powers and that his other senses have become stronger. CJ understands and goes upstairs and meets Woozie. He receives an introduction and details of him. Woo tells him that he is a 'Dai Dai Lo' of his gang named Triads.

New Knowledge: In slang Chinese, 'Dai Dai Lo' means 'Big Brother' and it is usually used among gangsters.

Triads is led by him and it is further divided into smaller groups in the game. As a Dai Dai Lo, he settles disputes between smaller groups so that it does not affect their core business.

Then he asks CJ to accompany in a meeting with a Triad group who failed to attend their main meeting caled 'Tong Meeting'. CJ agrees and this begins the Mountain Cloud Boys. After this, you take Woozi to a location shown on map. Once you get there, you will find that everything is destroyed and cars are in flames.

Johnson is curious as to what happened there. But one man survived and he informs you that a Vietnamese gang made a surprise assault and destroyed everything. As soon as he informs, fresh bunch of men attack the place again and this time your friend Wu Zi is in danger.

Kill those gangster before they kill you and your friend. If you die then you fail or if your friend dies then also you fail. Hence before this kind of thing happens, put all enemy to death to finish and unlock next challenge named 'Ran Fa Li' in the game.

Toreno's Last Flight - Attack on Helicopter

In Toreno's Last Flight, you have to shoot down a helicopter using a RPG, Rocket Propelled Grenades. Once you damage it completely, you are finished and can proceed to next level.

As the story of GTA San Andreas goes, you have killed Jizzy in Ice Cold Killa, T Bone Mendez and Ryder in Pier 69 and now you are hunting for Mike Toreno. Toreno's Last Flight involves killing of your surviving target. After you finish it, you will think that you have killed him but later in successive missions, you will find that he is alive. Click here for all missions walkthrough.

Things to do:

To finish it, you have to execute below steps:
  1. Complete Pier 69 and start Toreno's Last Flight from Doherty Garage in San Fierro.
  2. After cut scene, visit place from where helicopter is to take off.
  3. Kill some guards there and helicopter takes off.
  4. Collect Rocket Launcher and follow it.
  5. Shoot it down to finish and unlock Yay Ka-Boom-Boom.

Video Walk through

Toreno Last Flight Details Full

Carl has started to kill those people who are involved in illegal businesses related to malicious substances. And as the game progresses, you will find that in every missions he talks about freeing San Andreas from gangsters and illegal substances. Also, he wants to eliminate those people who are involved in dealing of these substances.

And hence, he kills Jizzy, Ryder and Bone. Now, he is looking for Mike Toreno. And in this task, he comes to know that Mike is leaving San Fierro with some products. Woozie gives this important info and hence Carl sets out to stop Mike. This begins the mission Toreno's Last Flight.

You have to then visit the location where your target is preparing to leave. Reach there and kill his guards. As it is shown in GTA San Andreas, the target escapes in the helicopter. Collect the RPG from there and follow it. Come on the freeway (highway-bridge) and then stand in a position to take aim. Take the aim accurately and shoot on the helicopter.

After few shots, it will come down and you will finish. Also, you will free next one named 'Yay Ka Boom Boom'.


You get money equal to $1800 and also an increase in respect levels.

Other part of story:

After this, you will think that you have killed your target. But later on, it is found that he is alive. In fact, he was not inside when you shot it. And he goes on to become your friend in later tasks of the game. It is revealed that he is a government officer and he is in disguise.

CJ does not believe this. But as the game progresses, he makes Mike one of his allies to free San Andreas from corruption.

Pier 69: Death of Ryder

Pier 69 is a mission in which Ryder, long time friend of Grove Street, dies. If you want to start it then first you have to finish Ice Cold Killa in which you (Carl Johnson) kill Jizzy.

What is going to happen in this?

In this, you along with Cesar are going to take down a man named T Bone Mendez and another one name Ryder. Some gangs are coming to meet at a location named Pier 69 and you are going to make a surprise entry and kill your enemies. This is going to happen!

Before I dwell down into further details below is the video walk-through.

If you watch the above videos then it will be easy to complete Pier 69.

Pier 69 Walkthrough

 Things to do to finish this off are:

  1. Start it and then meet Cesar on top of a building.
  2. Take down few men on top of roof using a sniper.
  3. Get off the building and get inside the compound where all gangs are present.
  4. One by one, kill all of the T Bone's men and Ballas.
  5. Then shoot T Bone and Ryder to finish off.
Important Note: In this after you shoot Bone, Ryder tries to escape by a boat and if he escapes then it will be very difficult to follow the boat and then kill. Instead, you have to kill him before he takes the boat. You can do this by shooting him using a sniper rifle. Better be prepared with a sniper. He dives in water to take a boat and so shoot when he is in water and swimming towards the boat. 

Full Details

If you are unsure about this and cannot play this then complete previous challenge Ice Cold Killa. Visit a reddish icon on map to trigger this challenge. It starts with Cesar on top of a building and he calling Carl Johnson up. Go upstairs and then starts a new cut scene. What happens is that, Wu's men also attack the Pier and you have to help them in their assault.

After you shoot men on top, Bone Mendez comes along with his gangsters and at the same time Ryder also arrives with Ballas gang. If you are little aware of GTA San Andreas game's story then you will find the cut scenes a fantastic climax. Because Ryder is a good friend of Carl (CJ) family and they are enemies of another gang named Ballas. But instead of opposing them, he is allied with the enemies. And Carl comes to know about this after long time in the game and by seeing this he is shocked along with other members of home Grove Street.

Let us come back to the topic. Ryder and T Bone meet and hug each other and they together wait for Mike Toreno. Mike come by helicopter and while in air, he sees dead bodies on roof-top. Those are the bodies of men whom you shot with your sniper. He understand that some problem is going on and hence instead of landing helicopter, he leaves the Pier 69.

The moment he leaves, fresh gang war starts between Toreno's and Wu Zi's men. And this is the time you have to step in with your guns. You have to find out Bone and kill him and after him kill other one to finish Pier 69 mission of San Andreas game.

I have given an important note above about the escape of one of the two. Because if he escapes then you find it tough to chase him and so take him down using a sniper.

If you have any queries then post it on this site using comment form below!