Ryder Missions with Cheat aka Lance Wilson

Ryder aka Lance Wilson is a character in the game of GTA San Andreas who is associated with the Grove Street Families who are the protagonists. Grove Street is operated by Sweet Johnson who is the boss along with the main protagonist Carl Johnson popularly knows as CJ. He is a fictitious person. However, he greatly resembles "Easy E" who was an American rapper.

Missions By Ryder in San Andreas game along with Cheat Codes help:

He gives total of four tasks to Carl Johnson as a boss. Carl has to complete these four in order to complete the game and progress further. These tasks by him are very much interesting and little bit tough. So, ourgtasanandreas.blogspot.com has come with Ryder Missions Walk-through so as to help people while playing on any platform like Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2 or PC.

Also, in the walk through, we have included all the possible cheats which would help  and also make more interesting and also easy to complete. Along with cheats, we have also got the Videos to help out.

Below are the four missions of GTA SA. Click on them for seeing the walkthroughs:
  1. Ryder
  2. Home Invasion
  3. Catalyst
  4. Robbing Uncle Sam
Above challenges have been discussed in great detail aong with cheat codes help. We have covered all the cheats and tips which would help to complete.

Money Cheat | PC, Computer, Xbox, PS2 & Xbox 360

Here in the post on GTA SA, Let us look out for the Money Cheat in Grand Theft Auto. I have seen many walkthroughs on health discussing about health cheat but they are not comprehensive and also they do not teach on how to use it in the video game?  So, I thought of coming up with an article which entirely on money cheat code.

Money Cheat 
When you enter this code once, you get total amount of $250,000 plus health + armor.
  • For PC is HESOYAM.
  • For for PS2 in GTA SA is R1, R2, L1 , X, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up.
  • For Xbox or Xbox 360 is R Trigger, Black, L Trigger , A, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up.
The moment you enter the above cheat code properly during your game then you will get $250,000 in GTA SA.

Now, let us not waste your time and be quick in providing the it while the rest crap or dos and donts come afterwards. It is the same which is used to get health and armor.