How To Fly JetPack

JetPack? Want to know about that so called Jet pack? What is the cheat for Jetpack? How do I get Jet Pack? How to fly the jet pack? How to leave jet pack?  These were all the same questions which I had when I began playing the GTA San Andreas game for first time. So, I thought of sharing whatever I know about Jetpack.

  • Cheat code PC  for Jet Pack is ROCKETMAN or YECGAA.
  • Cheat code on PS2  Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right.
  • Cheat code on Xboxis Left, Right, L Trigger, White, R Trigger, Black, Up, Down, Left, Right.
How to Fly Jetpack in the game:
  • Use SPACE to reach a height vertically. This will increase thrust and make you to ascend.
  • Use arrow keys for moving forward, backward and sideways.
  • Use mouse to select the direction for moving.
  • To descend quickly  press LSHIFT.
With either of the cheat code in GTA San Andreas you can have it at your disposal. It was not there in Vice City. Once you enter the cheat code, jet pack will appear attached to your shoulders and will help you fly. It enables you to have a greater view of areas to a greater extent.

Travelling speed of Jetpack is a bit slow when compared with cars and bikes but it saves a lot of time by avoiding unnecessary turns, obstructions, collision with  cars, bikes, pedestrians,etc.

We all know that we often collide our cars with others. So, jet-pack is better option for travelling to nearby places of mission. Whereas for travelling long, it's better to use Jet Plane or Hydra Jet.

You can leave your jet pack or exit your jet pack by pressing ENTER at anytime. But you cannot leave it when in air. So, you need to be on ground for leaving it.

Once you leave, it will hang on at a fix point just above the ground and rotates at the same place. After leaving, if you want to get that again then you can get it by walking into the the rotating jet pack.

How to fly with help of it?
Have it attached to your shoulders after typing in the cheat code which I mentioned above. To use jet pack, you need to use only 5 keys and your mouse. They are SPACE BAR, and the four arrow keys (Up, Down, Left and Right).

With mouse, you can choose the direction in which you want to proceed. Use SPACE BAR to reach an altitude which you desire. And use Up and Down arrow key to move forward and backwards respectively. Use left and right keys to move sideways. And finally with mouse you can proceed in any direction in tis 3D game.

For more information on jet pack and jetpack cheat use the link below:
Also, you can fire single-handed weapon while piloting the jetpack.

    People Behind

    Here, I just wanted to collect the names of creamy layer of prople who were behind the widely loved and played  game on PlayStation, Xbox as well as on PC. GTA San Andreas was obviously an effort of maybe more than thousands of people but here I write those names which I found mentioned during start of game. Below are the names which are mentioned in GTA San Andreas credits video.

    The movie starts with:
    ''Rockstar games presents, 
    ''a rockstar north game''

    Associate Producer                  Lee Cummings
    Executive Producer                  Sam Houser
    Producer                                  Leslie Benzies
    Written By                                Dan Houser, James Worrall, DJ Pooh
    Cinematic                                  Alex Horton, Navid Khonsari, Jamie King

    Art Director                               Aaron Garbut
    Technical director                       Obbe Vermeij
    Technical Director                      Adam Fowler
    Senior Programmer                     Alexander Roger

    Front End Design                        Stuart Petri
    Audio Test                                 George Williamson

    San Fierro Design                                  Garo McAdam, Wayland Standing, Chris Marsha
    Los Santos Design                                 Nik Taylor, Steven Mulholland, James Allan, Simon Little
    Las Venturas Design                              Adam Cochrane, Andrew Soosay, David Cooper,
                                                                     Gillian Bertram                                                                            

    Countryside Design                                Scott Wilson, Stuart Macdonald

    Interior Artists                                      Andy Hay, Michael Pirso, C-J Dick, Alan Burns, Lee Montgomery
    Vehicles Design                                    Paul Kurowski, Jolyon Orme, Alan Duncan

    Character Artists                              Ian McQue, Toks Solarin, Alisdair Wood, Alan Davidson,       
                                                               Rick Stirling
    Animation                                        Gus Braid, Mondo Ghulam, Iwan Scheer, Mark Tennant, Terry Kenny
                                                             Duncan Shield
    Audio                                                Allan Walker, Craig Conner, Will Morton, Jonathan McCavish

    Audio Coders                                   Colin Entwistle, Matthew Smith
    A.i. Code By                                    Gordon Yeoman, James Broad, John Gurney

    Game Code                          Graeme Williamson, John Whyte, Derek Payne, Shaun Mckillop, Barane Chan
    Tool Coders                                     Greg Smith, Alex Carter
    Visual Effects Code                           Andrzej Madajczyk, Mark Nicholson, Derek Ward, Alexander Illes

    Lead Level Design                            Craig Filshie
    Senior Level Design                          Imran Sarwar, William Mills, Andy Duthie, Chris Rothwell

    Tested By                                        Craig Arbuthnott, jess Rosa, Neil Corbett, Neil Meikle, 
                                                            David Murdoch, David Watson, Rich Huies, Lance Williams, 
                                                            Elizabeth Satterwhite 
    Level Design                                    Paul DAvis, Neil Ferguson, Judith George, John 
                                                           Haime, Simon Lashley, Chris McMahon, Steven Taylor, Kevin 
                                                           Wong, Christian Cantamessa, David Beddoes, Keith McLeman, 
                                                           Kevin Bolt

    It can be summarized that the producer of GTA San Andreas is Leslie Benzies. And the executive producer is Sam Houser. Associative Producer is Lee Cummings. And finally Who wrote the script? Yeah! We have the answer and they are Dan Houser, James Worrall and DJ Pooh. Well thanks to all for giving a nice movie like script with Carl Johnson as our hero!!!

    Credits Movie:

    Fly a Hydra Jet or Jet Plane (PC,Xbox & PS2)

    How To Fly A Hydra Jet in GTA San Andreas game? Is this the question in your mind? Your answer lies in reading the whole article below!
    How to Fly Jet Plane?
    • Take off the jet with UP arrow button.
    • Use + for retracting the landing wheels. And also for extending it while landing.
    • Use 8 for speeding and 2 for decreasing the speed.
    • Use Q and E for rotating the jet.
    • For landing the plane extend the landing wheels and press DOWN arrow button.
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    You can get the Hydra Jet at the Aircraft Carrier in San Fierro in the game or in the 'Restricted Area' of Las Ventura. The moment you steal it from the restricted area your wanted level rises by 5 stars.

    Always remember to land the jet on plane surfaces in the game. If in any case you want to exit the Hydra Jet during flight then jump out by pressing enter. And have a parachute with you in the game.
    Flying Hydra Jet on Xbox or a PS2:
    • Enter by pressing Δ:Y
    • Use the left analog stick to control the Jet. And reach an altitude where there is no obstacle.
    • Use R3 to extend the landing wheels. Move R stick forward to accelerate. 
    • And move towards yourself the R stick to decelerate.

    Safe Houses in Los Santos

    Well! Here, we look at the safe houses which are present in Los Santos area of GTA San Andreas game. There are in all 6 safe houses in Los Santos area. They are located as follows:
    1. Jefferson 
    2. Verona Beach
    3. Willowfield
    4. Mulholland
    5. El Corona
    6. Santa Maria Beach
    Dillimore is located just to the west of Mulholland safe house but the Dillimore safe house has not been counted in the Los Santos area.

    Purchase of above safe houses is very important as the game progresses. It helps in the 100% completion.
    So, above six are safe houses in Grand Theft Auto SA, Los Santos.

    Mods Video