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Here, I just wanted to collect the names of creamy layer of prople who were behind the widely loved and played  game on PlayStation, Xbox as well as on PC. GTA San Andreas was obviously an effort of maybe more than thousands of people but here I write those names which I found mentioned during start of game. Below are the names which are mentioned in GTA San Andreas credits video.

The movie starts with:
''Rockstar games presents, 
''a rockstar north game''

Associate Producer                  Lee Cummings
Executive Producer                  Sam Houser
Producer                                  Leslie Benzies
Written By                                Dan Houser, James Worrall, DJ Pooh
Cinematic                                  Alex Horton, Navid Khonsari, Jamie King

Art Director                               Aaron Garbut
Technical director                       Obbe Vermeij
Technical Director                      Adam Fowler
Senior Programmer                     Alexander Roger

Front End Design                        Stuart Petri
Audio Test                                 George Williamson

San Fierro Design                                  Garo McAdam, Wayland Standing, Chris Marsha
Los Santos Design                                 Nik Taylor, Steven Mulholland, James Allan, Simon Little
Las Venturas Design                              Adam Cochrane, Andrew Soosay, David Cooper,
                                                                 Gillian Bertram                                                                            

Countryside Design                                Scott Wilson, Stuart Macdonald

Interior Artists                                      Andy Hay, Michael Pirso, C-J Dick, Alan Burns, Lee Montgomery
Vehicles Design                                    Paul Kurowski, Jolyon Orme, Alan Duncan

Character Artists                              Ian McQue, Toks Solarin, Alisdair Wood, Alan Davidson,       
                                                           Rick Stirling
Animation                                        Gus Braid, Mondo Ghulam, Iwan Scheer, Mark Tennant, Terry Kenny
                                                         Duncan Shield
Audio                                                Allan Walker, Craig Conner, Will Morton, Jonathan McCavish

Audio Coders                                   Colin Entwistle, Matthew Smith
A.i. Code By                                    Gordon Yeoman, James Broad, John Gurney

Game Code                          Graeme Williamson, John Whyte, Derek Payne, Shaun Mckillop, Barane Chan
Tool Coders                                     Greg Smith, Alex Carter
Visual Effects Code                           Andrzej Madajczyk, Mark Nicholson, Derek Ward, Alexander Illes

Lead Level Design                            Craig Filshie
Senior Level Design                          Imran Sarwar, William Mills, Andy Duthie, Chris Rothwell

Tested By                                        Craig Arbuthnott, jess Rosa, Neil Corbett, Neil Meikle, 
                                                        David Murdoch, David Watson, Rich Huies, Lance Williams, 
                                                        Elizabeth Satterwhite 
Level Design                                    Paul DAvis, Neil Ferguson, Judith George, John 
                                                       Haime, Simon Lashley, Chris McMahon, Steven Taylor, Kevin 
                                                       Wong, Christian Cantamessa, David Beddoes, Keith McLeman, 
                                                       Kevin Bolt

It can be summarized that the producer of GTA San Andreas is Leslie Benzies. And the executive producer is Sam Houser. Associative Producer is Lee Cummings. And finally Who wrote the script? Yeah! We have the answer and they are Dan Houser, James Worrall and DJ Pooh. Well thanks to all for giving a nice movie like script with Carl Johnson as our hero!!!

Credits Movie:


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