Map: Horseshoes, Oysters & Snapshots Maps & Location | PS2, PC & Xbox

Note:-  For getting best view of below San Andreas game map, right click on below photos and open it in a new tab or  new window of your browser.

In this post, I have collected all important charts on one page of this site.
We have got full map of whole city, Horseshoes, Oysters and Snapshots.

Don't skip article as we have maps of:
  • San Andreas City
  • Horseshoes
  • Snapshots
  • Oysters
Credit for these images goes to Ian Albert.
Read more about his hard work here. GTA Maps.

1) GTA San Andreas: Depicting full city

Full city of game

2)Horseshoes map:

Horseshoes are collectibles in the game of GTA SA. These collectibles are found in the area of Las Venturas. These can be collected once you reach the missions of Las Venturas. Below is the horseshoes map. In all, 50 horseshoes are to be collected and all can be found in Las Venturas.

Horseshoes location
3) Oysters Map

This is one of the another side mission. Here, you're required to collect 50 oysters which are spread across the whole city. These oysters can be found near a water body. E.g: lake, river, swimming pool of hotels or mansions, etc. Below is the image which shows location of all 50 oysters.

Oysters Location
4) GTA San Andreas Snapshots map:

Other than horseshoes, oysters and tags, we have got snapshots as well. A player has to capture 50 photos of interesting things around the area of San Fierro inside the game. A circular camera icon can be found rotating near the scenic spot whose snapshot has to be taken. Image below will help you locate those scenic spots. How to get camera?
Snapshots Location
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  1. For the snapshots I did 50 but it only says 49. What can I do? Also, is there a way to stop time in timed missions?

  2. Remaining 1 snapshot may not have been taken. I think you must save your game by taking 45 or so snapshots and then again play the game. Also, there is no way to stop time in timed missions of GTA San Andreas game. To help you, you can use cheats for slowing down the game. It slows down so that you can easily complete your missions. Even I do timed missions which are difficult by slowing down the GTA San Andreas game.

  3. thanks alot with this, i putted this under my favourites so i can get 100%