How to Use Crane in Import Export

If you have played Import Export challenge in GTA San Andreas game then you know that it involves operating a crane at the docks. You have to use it  to move the a freight container. On this page, you will find the controls for using a crane on all the platforms like PC, PS2 and Xbox. If you have any doubts or question related to the game then use the comment form at the end of this article.

Crane Moving Freight Containers

Let us see the controls for PC (Computer)

How to use Crane on PC?
  • Press SPACE BAR for lowering the magnet.
  • Press Left Shift (LSHIFT) to raise the magnet. 
  • For moving and rotating the crane, use UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT arrow.
  • Press Left Mouse Button (LMB) to release a container containing car.
  • Press V  on your keyboard for changing camera.
How to use on PS2?
  • Press X for taking the magnet down on PS2 (PlayStation) platform.
  • Use SQUARE on the controller to raise the magnet.
  • LEFT STICK helps to rotate it and hence gives flexibility.
  • CIRCLE  helps to release a container. Press it to drop the container.
  • Use SELECT on PS2 controller to have views from different angles.
How to use on Xbox and Xbox 360?
  • Use A for lowering of magnet.
  • Then utilize the X for raising.
  • Use the Left Thumb Stick for left and right as well as forward motion of the crane.
  • Now, if you want to release then use the B on your Xbox joystick.
  • If you want to look from other angles then use the BACK button on your Xbox controller.
If you don't handle the container properly then the vehicles in it will get damaged and thus you will get less money after selling the cars. In addition to Import Export, Customs Fast Track mission also involves operating the crane at the docks.


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