Robbing Uncle Sam : Walkthrough, Guide, Cheat Help

How to complete Robbing Uncle Sam in the game and also what is in it? Need Help? Then this page will help you. This challenge also marks the end of missions given by Ryder in Los Santos. It is unlocked by Catalyst.

"Robbing uncle Sam": Summary
The main aim, which is the last challenge given by Ryder, in which he himself will help you, is to rob 6 wooden crates filled with weapons (guns and ammunition) from National Guard Depot at Ocean Docks. Once game starts, drive to spot i.e National Guard Depot in a Van along with Ryder and there gate is closed. Open the front gate of the Depot in the game by shooting the switch which is on other side of wall. Now, open gate of storage room which is in front of the front-gate by shooting the switch beside it. Take care of guards who come in between.

Shoot them down before they kill you and Ryder. Use forklift in the game , to put four crates inside the storage room and two crates outside the storage into the truck. In between all these, if you hear a gunshot then head back to save Ryder from guards. Once all crates are in Van, drive it to Willowfield for dropping the crates full with ammunition into the lock up. Be careful of Guards as they follow your Van. After reaching to your destination, 'Robbing Uncle Sam' mission is complete. And respect of CJ has increased.

Detailed "Robbing Uncle Sam" Walkthrough:
Ryder during cutscene of gta sa
It is given by Ryder from his house in Grove Street, San Andreas game to Carl Johnson (CJ). Robbing Uncle Sam mission can be unlocked by completing the Catalyst Mission. Start this mission by walking into the red marker located at "R" icon. And in cut scene that follows you can see CJ and Ryder joking about Ryder's expulsion from High School. Ryder also tells CJ that army has got all of the guns and weapons which Grove Street gang needs. Thus they decide to rob weapons kept in crates from the National Guard Depot in a Van in the game.

After this, you are back. Drive to the spot shown on map. That spot is in Ocean Docks. After reaching, you have to open the gates by shooting at the gate's switch which is on the other side of wall. Climb on wall and kill nearly 3 Guard who will come in your way. While playing Robbing Uncle Sam, you have to be careful in the game.

After gates are opened, Ryder comes in and now you have to open the storage room which has crates of weapons. Open storage room by shooting switch outside and then kill 2 guards inside the room. Now, use the forklift kept outside the room to lift the crates and put them in van. Forklift has been introduced during Robbing Uncle Sam. In all, you have to put total 6 crates of which 4 are inside the storage room and 2 are outside near the forklift. While doing all these, army guards will frequently come to kill you and Ryder and so you need to protect yourself as well as Ryder. If Ryder's health bar runs out then you will fail the Robbing Uncle Sam mission.

Storage room where 4 crates are kept
After you have robbed those 6 crates into the Van, drop them in a lock up at Willowfield. Two Army vehicles will follow you. You can tell Ryder, who is in backside of van, to throw ammunition crates at them by honking. (You can honk in GTA San Andreas by pressing H or CAPSLOCK!). Stop the van in red marker in Willowfield and then some homies will come to unload the Van after which your mission is complete! Save your game now at any saving point in the game.


Cheats useful in ''Robbing Uncle Sam":
As you may have come to know by reading only that this challenge involves a lot of shooting and shedding blood. So cheat for weapons in San Andreas can be used during Robbing Uncle Sam. And that is PROFESSIONALSKIT, UZUMYMW and LXGIWYL. You can use either of cheats for weapons while playing Robbing Uncle Sam.

And cheat for infinite ammo which is FULLCLIP is also useful.
Cheat for health and armor is HESOYAM and this is also very useful along with cheat for infinite health which is BAGUVIX.

Robbing Uncle Sam Video Walkthrough with English Subtitles

How To Drive or Use Forklift Vehicle?

In this post, you can learn to drive forklift and also its usage. 

Forklift is a  vehicle which is used to lift loads in some challenges of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game. It's driving is pretty simple. Just like you drive a car, in same way you have to drive a it. If you don't know driving car in this game then please refer to this page. How To Drive a Car.

Special thing is that it has power-operated pronged platform which can be used to lift loads not only in some part of the game but also in day-to-day life. It's used in many manufacturing industries as well as fields.

While playing game, you have to operate it in "Robbing Uncle Sam" challenge given by Ryder. In this challenge you have to lift crates and put them in a vehicle with help of it.

Thus, drive it with help of ARROW buttons on your keypad. Use:

  • UP=         ↑   = Accelerate the forklift
  • DOWN=   ↓   = Decelerate or braking or reverse
  • LEFT=     ←  = Taking left turn
  • RIGHT=   →  = Taking right turn

Now, the main part is to use the pronged platform (or fork) for which this vehicle has been made.
While on PC, you can use your NUM8 button for lifting the fork and NUM2 for lowering the fork. And thus, if you want to lift a load then lower the fork so as to insert it under the load. After inserting it properly, lift the fork upwards and thus load will also be lifted upwards.

While playing the video game on PS2 (playstation), you have to move Right Analog Stick up and down to lift and lower the fork respectively. Thus, position the fork under a load and then you can easily lift it.

This post on san andreas video game is useful for: how to use, video game, hot to drive, robbing uncle sam, ps2, pc, etc

How To Increase Change Time?

Do you want to increase your game time by some hours? Of course! Sometimes while playing game we do need this thing. We want to increase it or change it.

You can increase your it by saving your game. Each moment you save your game at any saving point, then the game time immediately increases by 6 game hours. So, if before saving game your time was 8:00 then after saving, you it will be 8:00 + 6:00 = 14:00!

This thing is needed when you want to play Ryder's mission . You can play the challenges by Ryder only between 12:00 and 20:00. So, if it is not between this frame then you have to change it by increasing time.

If it on top right hand side shows 2:00 and you need your time to be 14:00. So, in this condition, you have to save the game twice. Because each instance you save, it increases by 6 game hours. So, after first save, it will be 2:00 + 6:00 = 8:00. Now after second save, it will be 8:00 + 6:00 =14:00!

Also there is one cheat which directly pushes the time in game to 21:00 and that cheat is OFVIAC.


Let us see what is there and how to easily complete Catalyst mission. After completing Home Invasion, you will be able to unlock catalyst. Main thing in 'Catalyst' is to steal some crates filled with weapons (guns) from a ammunition train. Watch out as other gangs will also be looking for same train.

Catalyst: Summary (WIKI)
After being told by Police officer Frank Tenpenny about a train carrying weapons, guns, ammunition, etc, you immediately go the spot where train is. It's some kinda military train and so rob minimum 10 crates full with weapons. First, in Catalyst, drive to the spot. There, 4 men of Los Santos Vagos gang are already fighting with your Grove Street men for taking control of situation. Kill all the 4 Vagos gangsters. The moment you kill them four Ballas Gang members will arrive in a car. Shoot and kill all with your gun. After killing all gangsters, climb on back of train. Train starts moving with you alone on train. Ryder and your homies will follow you in a truck and what you need to do in this mission now is that you have to throw the 10 wooden crates (filled with weapons) from train into the truck within 90 seconds. For throwing, carefully follow the on-screen instructions which will teach you the proper throwing of crates. Once you have 10 crates, get back into your truck and rush back to Grove Street. You have now 3-star wanted level. So, you can get rid of this 3-star wanted level by going to near Pay 'n' Spray Shop and getting a paint job done. Look for the shop on your map. And after this, get back to your house and MISSION IS COMPLETE!

Catalyst Walkthrough and Details
This 'catalyst' mission can be played from Ryder's house after completing 'Home Invasion' of GTA San Andreas. To start Catalyst, walk into red marker in front of Ryder's house between 12:00 o'clock and 20:00 o'clock of game time.
Ryder's house is marked on your map or mini-map with a "R" icon.

Frank Tenpenny informing about ammunition train
"Catalyst" starts with a cutscene wherein Ryder a is cooking something (possibly a drug) when Carl Johnson (CJ) enters. Within seconds, police officers Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski also enter. Tenpenny informs that a train carrying ammunition is having an unscheduled stop and something useful (weapons) is there on train. After this, you and Ryder decide to go for robbing train in his truck. Also Tenpenny tells you to not kill any more police officers. During Catalyst, Pulaski tells that crime has gone up since Carl has stepped in this city.

You're back in game. Drive Ryder's truck to the spot where train has stopped and this will be marked on you map. There you will find four Vagos gangsters fighting with you Grove Street homies. Kill all those four Vagos. Then a four Ballas gangsters also arrive in car. Put down all those four gangsters. After killing total eight gangsters, climb on train from back side for stealing the crates of ammunition. The train starts moving when you climb on it. So, you now need to throw 10 crates from running train into the truck in which Ryder is following within 90 seconds or 1:30 minutes. On PC, aim for the truck and power your throw by pressing LMB (Left Mouse Button) and release LMB to throw. On PS2, you can press L1 for powering your throw and release it to throw crates. While on Xbox, you can use "L" for powering throw and realease to throw the crate.  Throwing properly will land the crates in truck or otherwise  crates will fall on ground. If time runs out then you fail this mission and so you will have to play whole mission again.

After putting 10 crates in truck, you will gain 3-star wanted level with police cars and helicopters following you. Therefore, rush to the nearest Pay 'n' Spray shop in Idlewood for paint-job which will cost you $100 and hence to get rid of the cops. For nearest Pay 'n' Spray shop look for its icon on your map. After getting rid of wanted level, head back to Ryder's house or home in Grove Street to complete.

Cheats Useful For "Catalyst":
In this challenge of Grand Theft Auto, you have to combat with Vagos and Ballas, so cheats for guns and weapons is useful. Cheat for weapons are PROFESSIONALSKIT, UZUMYMW and LXGIWYL. Uses either of this three cheats for weapons. Whereas each cheat gives you different types of guns or weapons.

Cheat for Infinite is also fantastic as it avoids Reloading of guns. And that is FULLCLIP.
While fighting, you will lose blood as you have to face bullets. So, cheat for infinite health and cheats for health and armor is helpful. Cheat for infinite health is BAGUVIX and cheat for health and armor plus $250k is HESOYAM. 

As you are aware, after throwing all 10 crates, you get 3-star wanted level. You can get rid of that by cheats. Cheat for losing wanted level is AEZAKMI. With this, you lose cops as well as in future you will never get wanted level while playing. :)

Catalyst Video in HD with Subtitles

Catalyst Video Walkthrough

Home Invasion Walkthrough

Home Invasion is the first  mission given by Ryder, from his house, which involves performing burglary at a army officer's house. Here, you have to steal minimum 3 wooden crates filled with guns within 8 minutes (8 game hours). Ryder wants you to steal it for him and Grove Street Families.

NOTE: This challenge can be played only between 12:00 - 20:00 of game time. If you are not in this time frame then you can change your San Andreas game time by saving game once, twice or thrice. Each time you save, your time on screen increases by 6 hours.

Home Invasion
I've discussed in depth details of the challenge below. But I will summarize this in short.

Home Invasion : Summary (WIKI)

It can only be played between time 12:00 and 20:00. Once you start it, after a small cut scene, you have to drive along with Ryder to a army officer's (Colonel Fuhrberger) house. Then you have to steal minimum 3 crates full with guns out of total 6 crates.

While stealing crates, Ryder will wait outside the house for you to keep a watch. At time of burglary, keep track of your noise level with help of a noise-bar shown on your screen.  If the noise bar becomes full then officer(Colonel Fuhrberger) will wake up and if this happens two times then army officer will call police and you will fail this mission. The moment you enter, you can find 1st crate kept on right hand side corner. Again, on right hand side, when  you enter, there is a room and second crate is kept inside there.

Third crate, with which you can now complete your task, is kept on the first floor. After keeping 3 crates in your vehicle, drive it to a lockup or garage. Now, follow the on-screen instructions and your "Home Invasion" mission is successfully complete. Don't forget that you have to complete this whole thing in 8 minutes or 8 game hours.

Step by Step Walkthrough 

Let us look in exhaustive detail about Home Invasion mission given by Ryder from his house in Grove Street of Los Santos of San Andreas. You can play it by walking into the red marker in front of Ryder's house which is located on your map in form of "R" icon. In cut scene of Home Invasion that starts, Ryder tell Carl Johnson (CJ) about a army officer having the latest and better guns that they need. Ryder also says that this info has been given by a friend named LB.
Army Officer
After speaking, both decide to steal those guns when it gets dark and when the officer Colonel Fuhrberger is sleeping in bed. Thus, when game starts, it's dark and time is automatically set to 22:00.

Now, you're back and sitting in a black boxville vehicle which is to be used for doing burglary at the officer's house near East Beach. Also, a countdown timer starts, on the near-top right hand side of your screen with a total of 8 minutes in which you have to do all along with drive to and fro plus stealing the crates full with guns. Look for your destination in the video game mini-map and reach there as fast as you can. There stop in red marker to start another small cut-scene in which Ryder will tell you to go inside the house and steal while he will keep a watch.

Now, get inside the house and follow the on-screen instructions, during the Home Invasion, in which you will  be taught about how to steal or perform burglary in house. Look carefully at those instructions. It tells you to sneak and avoid too much noise otherwise the officer will wake up. If the noise bar on your screen reaches maximum then inhabitants of house will wake up. Now, you have to look for crates.

There are a total 6 crates in house and you have to steal minimum 3.
  • You can find 1st crate on right hand side of the entrance of house
  • 2nd in a room at right hand side when you enter
  • 3rd on the hallway of first floor
  • 4rth crate is at the end of same hallway
  • 5th and 6th crates are kept in room of army officer which is at the end of hallway of first floor of house.

Boxville used for burglary in San
Don't steal all the crates as the time is less plus you need to drop the crates in garage of LB in remaining time.
Steal 3 crates and drop those in lockup of LB's garage which is located near East Beach. It will be shown on your mini-map. After dropping, your Home Invasion Mission is complete!


Go to nearest saving point and save your game. Also, the "Catalyst" of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is unlocked.

Cheat which would help in Home Invasion:

As this challenge involves no shooting, no fighting so cheats of health and ammunition are useless. However, this involves driving Black color Boxville vehicle. So, if that vehicle is in bad condition then you can repair it with Grand Theft Auto cheat HESOYAM without going to garage.

Points to note:
  • There is time limit of 8 minutes. And you need to do everything within this time.
  • While performing burglary, don't make too much noise. Avoid noise by sneaking. 
  • If you make too much noise and the noise bar becomes full then army officer (Colonel Fuhrberger) will wake up and then he will think that he is in dream. So, he won't do anything. But if the noise bar becomes full second time then he will wake up and call police.
Home Invasion Video Walkthrough with English Subtitles

How To Drive A Car?

Is the title of this post question in your mind? Well! This question is not asked by many. However, some people do ask who play the game for the first time that how to drive a car in GTA San Andreas game. Therefore, let us see in this post, the basics of driving like braking, drifting, hopping of a car.

First of all, you can get a car in the game in many ways. One of the popular gangster style is to stop any car running on streets of Los Santos, Badland, etc and snatch it away by pressing the ENTER button on your keyboard. When you press ENTER near a car or any vehicle in grand theft auto, what happens is Carl Johnson or CJ opens the door of the car and pulls out the driver of the car outside and then he himself sits and shuts the door. And thus is the car ready for you to drive. So, let us look how to drive that car. Basically that's pretty and most simple.

For driving car in San Andreas, you need to use four arrow buttons on your keyboard which are UP, Down, Left and RIGHT!

  • UP=         ↑   = Accelerate the car
  • DOWN=   ↓   = Decelerate or braking the car or taking reverse
  • LEFT=     ←  = Taking left turn
  • RIGHT=   →  = Taking right turn

In san  andreas game, UP is used to accelerate the car. DOWN is used for braking the car or decelerating. LEFT for  taking left turn and RIGHT for taking right turn. So, use the combination of these four buttons while driving the car according to the path. If you are playing san nadreas for first time then you will not be able to drive perfectly. More practice of 2-3 times will make you a pro in driving car. Practice makes man perfect!

These are the standard controls for driving any car in any game. You can change controls from settings. But it should be noticed that it is easiest and convenient to drive a car with arrow buttons only.

You can also use SPACE BAR for braking the car. This button is for pulling hand-brake of the car.

Just Business Mission

Just Business challenge of GTA San Andreas game involves killing of Russian Mafia gangsters by Carl Johnson (game player) and Big Smoke. It marks your first encounter with the Russian gangsters.

CJ taking cover behind wall
Just Business: Summary (WIKI)
Drive Big Smoke to Downtown which will be marked on mini-map. There he will enter into a building of Russian Mafia's. And then he can be heard screaming at Mafias. Enter the building and help him kill all the gangsters with your gun which you will be getting automatically in this mission. Make sure that Smoke's health bar doesn't becomes empty or else he will die and you fail the mission. After killing, he and Carl escape the building on bike but the Mafias don't leave you. They chase you in heavy numbers. Smoke will drive the bike and you (Carl Johnson) take care of shooting. Shoot out each and every Russian Mafia who chases you. You can see a health bar of bike as well. So, kill all very fast so that it is safe from enemies' bullets. After you and him escape far enough with your bike's health bar not empty then you pass the mission and gain some respect. Below, we have discussed the mission in great detail with cheats and tips and all advice needed for this mission.

It unlocks:

Walk through and Details:

You can unlock Just Business by completing the previous challenge  i.e. Wrong Side of The Tracks.

Start this challenge by walking into the red marker in front of the Big Smoke's house which is in Idlewood area of Los Santos. You can reach his house easily by following the "BS" icon on your mini-map. The cut scene starts with CJ (Carl Johnson, the protagonist) knocking the house. He calls him out from his garage.And he asks CJ for a ride to Downtown and CJ agrees.

You're back in game. Drive him to Downtown area marked on your mini-map and stop the car there in red marker to trigger a cut scene. In small scene which starts while playing Just Business, He tells CJ to come to help immediately if any sound is heard. And within seconds, CJ hears him hurling abuses inside the building and rushes inside. And again, you're back into the game.

You can see 8-10 Russian Mafia gangsters shooting intensely at Smoke who is covering himself behind a short wall. Now, cover your self and aim your gun at the Mafias and kill all of them with the gun which you get automatically in this mission. There is also an enemy on first floor shooting bullets at you. Don't forget to kill him otherwise he will suck your all blood with  mission incomplete and you landing in some hospital.

After killing all 8-10 gangsters, pick up their guns for increasing your ammo. Also, there is an armor kept behind a small wall in front of the door from which you entered. Get that armor as you must have already lost some blood.

CJ shooting at Mafias
Along with your, take care of Smoke's health bar as well because if he dies during Just Business, you will fail the mission. Follow him up to a door which will open outside the building where more Mafia will be there shooting at you and Smoke.

Again, aim properly and kill all of those so that he does not die. Once you kill all, a cut scene will start in which Smoke will hop onto a bike with you sitting on back of it. He will drive it and you have to take care of Russian Mafia who will chase you.

Shoot those Mafias who will be following on  bikes and cars. Here, you can notice that his health bar has been replaced with Bike's health bar. So, kill all mafias early so that they don't explode. If it explodes then you will not be able to complete this task.

Properly shoot all. Take aim precisely and kill all of the Mafias before the its health bar empties. After a long escape, when you all reach a point where no Mafia is seen, Smoke will split up with you and thus the it is complete and over. With Just Business mission, you have also completed all of the four mission given by Smoke in Los Santos. 


Cheats which will help you in "JUST BUSINESS":

If you're addicted to cheats then this section I specially for you. This ''JUST BUSINESS" challenge involves shooting bullets and facing bullets. So, it's quite clear that you need enough health. Cheat for health and armor(additional protection) of San Andreas will be useful and it is HESOYAM.
 Also, cheat for infinite health is also useful in this challenge and it is BAGUVIX or CAINEMVHZC.

NOTE: When you are on bike along with smoke shooting at the Mafias, then NEVER USE THE CHEAT FOR HEALTH. Otherwise, it will explode and you land in hospital. Also, there is no cheat with which you can have infinite health for it. If its health bar empties then you can't do anything.

Cheats for weapons and guns are also useful. Though you won't need guns as they will be provided automatically.

Cheat for infinite ammo is also useful and it is FULLCLIP.
While on back and taking care of shooting at the enemies, cheat for slower game play of GTA San Andreas helps you to aim properly and increase your accuracy. I, myself, used cheat for slowing game play for playing this mission. It helped! Cheat is SLOWITDOWN.

JUST BUSINESS Mission Video Walkthrough

Wrong Side of The Tracks

How to complete Wrong Side of the Tracks? What it is all about? Cheats? Walkthrough? Don't worry. We will take out great details of this Wrong Side of The Tracks. Below is also a video which will help you to complete this task of game.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Summary:
First let us see the summary. The main aim of this is to kill down some gang members (total four) of Vagos gang as well as San Fierro Rifa gang. Both gangs are having a deal at Unity Station. So, drive the car upto the spot where the deal is going on. The gang members will flee on a roof-top of  a train after seeing you and Smoke. So chase them on a bike which will be kept for you.

During Wrong Side of the Tracks, you need to only drive the bike properly along the running train so that Smoke shoots down all the four gang members. One gang member will automatically die after being hit by an overhead pedestrian bridge. If you keep the bike too close to the train while driving then he will not be able to shoot at the gangsters.

Instead, he will shoot at the train. So maintain a little distance between bike and train, so as to make him shoot properly and kill all those men to complete. Also, important is that to look ahead for in-coming trains on next track. A car will also explode in front of your bike after being hit by the train. Avoid these obstacles.

After he kills all 3 men, you will gain some wanted level. Usually 1 star. Then immediately drop Smoke back to his house and the mission is complete along with gain in respect. Immediately save the game.

Details of Wrong Side Of The Tracks: (WIKI)
How to start this challenge? You should be well aware that it can be unlocked only when you complete the Running Dog. Now, if you have completed the 'Running Dog' then go to the 'BS' icon which is shown on your map. This icon shows the place of Big Smoke's (real name Melvin Harris) house in the Idle wood  area of Los Santos. Once you reach the icon, then walk into the red marker to start the mission as well as to trigger a cutscene.

In the cut scene, Carl Johnson (you) will see two police officers named Frank Ten-penny and Eddie Pulaski coming out of the garage of Smoke's home. These two policemen belong to the Los Santos Police Department. Both of them say to Carl that they are keeping an eye on him. Carl gets angry and hurls abuse at them. But they don't mind all these (as it can be seen throughout the whole game) because they are corrupted ones.  Then Carl Johnson asks Big about the coming of these two. And he pretends that these two came for some investigation as well as some information. (As you will see later in the game that Smoke and these officers have secret alliance and they all deal in drugs business without letting the Johnson family know).

Then he asks Carl to accompany to a place where a drug dealing is going on. NOW, you are back in game. Drive the car to Unity Station which is located in the El Corona area. 
The location will be as usual marked on the game map in lower-left-hand-side of your screen.

After reaching, stop car in red cylindrical shaped marker to start a cut scene. In cut scene of Wrong Side of The Tracks, you can see Carl Johnson (CJ) asking Smoke about the purpose of coming to Unity Station. He informs you that some gangsters of Vagos Gang and San Fierro Rifa are having a drug deal. After seeing CJ and Smoke, 3 men from Vagos gang and 1 from San Fierro Rifa begin to flee. They jump on the top of a moving train. Now, wake up... You are back in game. You need to catch up with those 4 men on train. Get on a bike immediately when  cutscene finishes by pressing ENTER. The bike is kept specially for CJ to drive and let Smoke do the killing during the Wrong Side of The Tracks mission. 

Get unto the front carriage of the train because all the four are standing on top of it. Get along side that carriage and maintain a little distance between train so as to allow Smoke to shoot down the gangsters from a better angle. If you are too close to the train then he will shoot at train instead of the gangsters. You are playing the game and you need to take care of only driving. While driving the Sanchez bike, the bike you get, look for obstacles coming from front. Like a train and a exploding car. Avoid these two. Also keep in mind that, you need to make Smoke kill those men before the train goes too far from Unity station. 

Once hew kills all the gangsters, your wanted level will be raised to 1 star. Then immediately drop him back to his house in Idlewood before the cops catch you. Drop him and mission is complete. You will not get money for completing the mission. You get only respect for completing Wrong Side of the Tracks challenge successfully.


Cheats which will help in 'Wrong Side of The Tracks':
While playing this game, you will face some bullets. Or in short, you will lose your blood. So, cheat for increasing health and armor will help you. Cheat for increasing health plus armor is HESOYAM. With this cheat, you will get $250,000 also. You can use another cheat for infinite health. That is BAGUVIX or CAINEMVHZC. Either of cheats will give you infinite health.

Remember that if you type the cheat correctly, then only it will be activated and you can see it on your top left hand side of your screen as "Cheat Activated". If you want to deactivate any cheat then enter the same cheat again.

While chasing the train in Wrong Side of the Tracks, you are dealing with speed and if you make a rush then you will fall down. What I prefer is using the cheat for slowing game play while playing this mission. It makes it easy to chase the train with accuracy and avoiding obstacles. In San Andreas, cheat for slowing game play is SLOWITDOWN or LIYOAAY. Later on, you can deactivate this by activating the cheat for faster gameplay which is SPEEDITUP or PPGWJHT. 

Wrong Side Of the Tracks Video Walkthrough 

In above video, a different trick has been used to complete this challenge. Watch it out!!
''Just Business'' is now unlocked.
That's all for this post.
If you need walkthrough, tips, guide and help or cheat then refer to the post above.

Running Dog: Walkthrough, Cheat And Guide

Running Dog Summary
Before starting, get yourself a gun for this task. In this, the main challenge is to kill down a Vagos gang member who manages to flee. Directly the summary of this challenge. Once the mission starts, drive the car to the place of meet where Big Smoke's cousin is to come from Mexico (as claimed by Big Smoke). There while waiting for the cousin, he enters into a verbal fight with two members of a different gang.  The war of words finally leads him to hit one of the man with a baseball bat and then kill him. While this all is going, one man escapes and then your task is to kill that escaped man. So, chase him down on foot or car and kill him. Better have a gun in advance so that you can shoot him from a distance while playing the Running Dog mission. The moment you kill him, the challenge is over and you gain some respect. Respect +.
Then head back to your home or any saving point and save game. :)
killing one of the vagos gang member.

Details of 'Running Dog': (WIKI)

How to unlock Running Dog? You can unlock this mission by completing the 'OG Loc'. Now, to start this mission, go to the house of Smoke which is marked as ''BS". After getting there, walk into the red marker and then a small cut scene starts which marks the beginning. Carl Johnson (CJ) sees two police officers coming out of the house of his friend's house.

The name of the two police officer is not mentioned in this Running Dog but you can easily identify them as Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski. Smoke then informs you (CJ) that these officers came for some information but he did not tell them anything. Then he tells you that one of his cousin is coming from Mexico and he need to scoop (receive) her up. After this, you are back in game. Get in the car with Smoke and drive him to the place in Jefferson. That place will be marked in your map. Reach and stop car in the red cylindrical marker to start a new scene.

In the cut scene, he has a little bit of verbal fight in Spanish + English with two man standing on the footpath. Those men are members of the Vagos gang. In mean time, both group start abusing each other and this makes him really angry. He comes out of the car and hits one of the men with a baseball bat. The man dies and the other one escapes. You and Smoke chase the man but Big Smoke becomes exhausted due to running hard and so the task is left unto you to kill that man fleeing on foot. You are now back in game. See the position of man in radar and chase down accordingly. The moment you are near to him shoot him with your gun. After killing, Running Dog is finished. You do not get money for this mission. You get only respect. Plus you unlock the next challenge which is ''Wrong Side of the Track".


CHEATS which ease this challenge:

As you need weapons for this  challenge, so the cheat for weapons or guns can ease your task. There are three for weapons which cam be used in this game of GTA and they are UZUMYMW, LXGIWYL and KJKSZPJ. You can also use PROFESSIONALSKIT for getting weapons in GTA San Andreas. As you have to follow the man and so it is sometimes difficult to make CJ run continuously as you know he gets exhausted and then stops. Either take a car or the best thing which I prefer is to chase the man by flying on Jetpack. For getting Jetpack or fondly called as ''rocket'' is ROCKETMAN. If you are new and don't know how to fly the jet pack then this post will help you. Learn to fly Jetpack or Rocket.

Video Walkthrough

OG Loc Mission

I have written about OG Loc mission in below paragraphs in extreme detail. But in first paragraph, I am going to summarize it.

If you're looking for Loc's rap then it's here. ===> OG Loc Rap and Lyrics.

Here is OG Loc Biography

After a small cutscene in beginning, carry Sweet and Smoke to prison for picking up OG Loc who is released from prison. After a chit-chat with OG Loc,  carry him to house of a prison-mate named Freddy. After reaching his house, ring the door bell.
This is OG Loc. One of the member of Groove Street.
A small chat takes place between Carl  and Freddy and then he escapes from back of his house on a bike. Get on bike kept for you and chase down Freddy with Loc. It's pretty long chase. If he manages to escape then you lose the mission. If you keep up your bike with freddy's bike then finally he stops at a basketball court. Kill Freddy and also some of his gang member. And after this finally drop OG  who is along with you throughout to Burger Shot in Market place. At this shop, OG will work as 'hygiene technician'. Stop your car in red marker at the shop and this is complete after a small cut scene.

                      DETAILS OF OG Loc Mission:
It marks the beginning of challenges given by Big Smoke of GTA San Andreas. This challenge is unlocked by completing the Nine's and AK's. The highlight of this  is killing of a man. In this, main thing and quite troubling challenge is to chase that man on bike and then kill him on a basketball court. If he rides too far away from you when you are chasing him then the you will FAIL.

This starts with a cut scene in which Sweet Johnson (Carl johnson's elder brother) and Big Smoke(real name Melvin Harris) inform Carl that one of their grove street families' member Jeffrey Cross better known throughout the game as OG Loc is released from prison. After cutscene, you  need to drive your gang members to the police station in Pershing Square where he will be released. Stop car in red marker in front of police station. There he will be standing outside. A small chat follows where all the three Sweet, Carl and Smoke make fun of him. He informs you that someone in prison named Jeffrey stole his rhymes and now that guy lives in East Flores. Cutscene is over and you are back in game.
Drive him to Freddy's house in East Flores. Your destination, as you know, will be marked on your radar. Follow route properly and stop car in red marker. Then climb upstairs to Freddy's house and ring the bell. A cut scene triggers where he talks with OG Loc who is standing next to the window o the house. In between the conversation, Freddy flees on a bike behind his house.

Chase Freddy on another bike kept beside the house for you. Remember that if he travels far away from you then you see on your screen "Mission Failed". So, catch-up with Freddy and follow him. He stops in between sometimes so that you can catch up if you are too behind. Long chase takes place and finally he stops at a basketball court where some of his friend are waiting with guns. Shoot all his friends and Freddy as well. Kill them and after this drop OG at a Burger shop. And the OG Loc mission is over and complete.

Respect +

You won't get any money. But an increase in respect. After completing the challenge, next task of Smoke is unlocked which is 'Running Dog' and a new source of tasks from Loc is unlocked where the first one is 'Life's a Beach'.

 Help of Cheats for CHEATers!!!
In this challenge, cheats for increasing health, armor, weapons or guns and some more will help. In this, killing as well as facing bullets is required. So, cheat for health and armor which is HESOYAM will help.

Also, killing requires guns. so, for gun you can use cheat for weapons which is PROFESSIONALSKIT.
Cheat for infinite health is BAGUVIX.

OG Loc Mission Video Walkthrough with English Subtitles in HD!

Ryder Mission

In this mission is the entry of a new character of GTA San Andreas. He's Lance Ryder Wilson. Throughout the game he will be called RYDER. After the funeral, this mission marks the starting of optional mission. It means the mission which will start whenever you wish. You have the choice of starting the mission. For playing the Ryder mission, you have to follow the R blip on the radar.

Ryder is a close friend of Grove Street Family and is addicted to marijuana and always in cut scenes he can be seen smoking marijuana. After reaching the R blip on radar walk into the red marker to start the Ryder. Mission starts with cut scene. In cut scene, he and Carl Johnson (CJ) hug each other and after it he tells CJ that a pizza shop owner frequently removes their gang graffiti  from his walls.

He is angry and wants to teach a lesson to that pizza shop owner. CJ accompanies him to the shop. Before going to shop, you have to drive to a barber's shop and get a hair cut done.

Stop the car on red marker and get into the barber's shop. Into the shop again walk into the red marker and get a hair cut done. You will get a choices of hair styles. The costliest hair style in that list is the 'CORNROW' which costs $500 and you won't have that much money. So get a cheap hair cut done. Select anyone and get it done by pressing SPACE BAR.

After this Ryder meets you outside and asks you to eat something from the pizza shop which is in front of the barber's shop. And there comes the instruction that if you will not eat then you will loose weight and thus energy. And if you eat too much then you will become fat. Now walk into the pizza shop and then get in the red marker inside. Select a meal and after you finish eating a cut scene starts where he enters in between with his gun and says that he wants to raid the hsop. In between CJ says him to get of the shop.

Immediately the pizza guy takes out his gun and shoots at both but it misses Cj and they escape unhurt. you get into the car and then drive him back to Grove Street. the pizza guy will chase you. So you can kill him by hitting him with your car or you also have the option to escape. Better to escape back to Grove Street.

Drop Ryder at his house and then again a cut scene starts where he asks CJ to visit Sweet.

After completing:
Respect +

Now Sweet's mission will be unlocked!

Ryder Mission Video Walkthrough

  • how to pass ryder mission

High Stakes Low Rider Mission: Help, Video and Tips

High Stakes Low Rider is unlocked after completing the Cesar Vialpando mission. Directly, we will see how to easily complete it.

To win it, player (Carl Johnson) has to come first in racing. If you come second, third, or in any other position then you will fail. So, to complete, win the race and be on top position. :)

The important thing is that you need to have a low rider car. And it would be better if you have your Low-rider equipped with Nitro so that you can have greater speed while racing with your competitors. In this challenge, traffic is little more when compared to normal. So, beware! Or you can use cheats to get rid of traffic wholly. For making this challenge easy with cheats, I have discussed that thing in below paragraph. It starts with a cut scene in which Carl Johnson has a little discussion with Cesar Vialpando.

After the cut scene, follow Cesar to the racing point and stop your car in the red marker. Then the countdown starts. Start racing and don't make a rush. If you are playing this for first time then you will face little difficulty. Play it 2-3 times so as to make yourself used to the racing-route of High Stakes Low Rider. After this, you can easily complete it.

Cheats for High Stakes Low Rider

Some cheats will help you to make it easier but not easiest. GTA carries the maximum entertainment without it. But with it, its quite simpler to complete. Anyways. Before starting the High Stakes Low Rider, first of all, use the code-word for reducing traffic in GTA San Andreas. Because a good amount of traffic is thrown to make this racing challenge difficult. For reducing traffic, it is GHOSTTOWN. It reduces the traffic to almost 1-2 cars on roads. Slowing your game play can help you sometimes.

Maybe many of you may have experienced that slow game-play helps to increase accuracy of your game.You can reduce speed of your game and this will help you to avoid making collision with walls, trees, etc and in turn save your time. Also, you can make sharp turns in slower gameplay which you can't in normal speed because the car drifts away. There are two cheats for slower Game play and they are SLOWITDOWN and LIYOAAY. You can use either of them.

If your car happens to catch fire then use HESOYAM  for extinguishing the fire. Rarely, the car catches fire. But it will if you have too much collision.
To summarise:
  • With GHOSTTOWN you can reduce traffic.
  • SLOWITDOWN or LIYOAAY helps to reduce the speed of game.
  • For repairing the car or extinguishing the fire, use HESOYAM
Win the race. Come in first position and then you can complete.  Also, it is the last mission given by the character Cesar Vialpando.

If you are first then...

Money Earned -- $1000

Video Walkthrough in HD with English Subtitles.

Cesar Vialpando Mission: Grand Theft Auto (Guide, Tips, Game Walkthrough and Video)

Directly, I would explain how to complete easily this lowrider challenge. Before getting into details let us see the correct way success.

Unlocked By:  Sweet's Girl
Unlocks: High Stakes Low Rider

After the cutscene, go to Willowfield which will be marked on your radar in the GTA San Andreas game. So, don't worry about the way. At Willowfield, you will be given a Lowrider by a mechanic who happens to be Sweet's friend. A lowrider is a car with come hydraulic system fitted in it so as to make it hop in the game.

 After you get the lowrider car then head to El Corona which will be as usual your target marked on radar. There you have to enter into a Lowriding competition with a guy from Cesar Vialpando's gang in the game.

IF you can't complete this after a lot of trying then use Cesar Vialpando Saved Game which you can find here Saved games. Browse through the list and find 'Cesar Vialpando Saved Game'.

How to win the Lowrider competition?

Now comes the main part which is winning the competition. Once the competition starts, you have to hop the car with suspension controls. You will see a series of arrows moving on lower part of your screen. Those arrows will indicate directions. When they are moving on screen press the corresponding button on your keyboard in the game.

You can use your numeric pad on PC or analog stick on Xbox or Playstation for buttons corresponding with directions. There is also a small circle though which the arrows showing directions will pass in the game. So, for particular arrow press the corresponding button when the it reaches the middle of that small circle.

 E.g: If arrow on screen is pointing upwards then press 8 from numeric pad. For some pointing downwards press 2 at time when arrow is in center of the circle. For arrow pointing left, press 4 at time when the it is in center of the circle. For arrows pointing right, use 6.  For some pointing North-East, use both 8 and 6 at the same time. For some pointing North-west, use 8 and 4 simultaneously and for arrow in South-east direction, press 6 and 2 at same time. Last, for arrow pointing South-west, sue 4 and 2 at the same time.
All these corresponding buttons should be pressed when  the arrows are in the middle of that small circle. Otherwise, you will not get points and your opponent will easily win.

Cesar Vialpando Walkthrough Video

Cesar Vialpando Video Walkthrough with English Subtitles