Robbing Uncle Sam : Walkthrough, Guide, Cheat Help

How to complete Robbing Uncle Sam in the game and also what is in it? Need Help? Then this page will help you. This challenge also marks the end of missions given by Ryder in Los Santos. It is unlocked by Catalyst.

"Robbing uncle Sam": Summary
The main aim, which is the last challenge given by Ryder, in which he himself will help you, is to rob 6 wooden crates filled with weapons (guns and ammunition) from National Guard Depot at Ocean Docks. Once game starts, drive to spot i.e National Guard Depot in a Van along with Ryder and there gate is closed. Open the front gate of the Depot in the game by shooting the switch which is on other side of wall. Now, open gate of storage room which is in front of the front-gate by shooting the switch beside it. Take care of guards who come in between.

Shoot them down before they kill you and Ryder. Use forklift in the game , to put four crates inside the storage room and two crates outside the storage into the truck. In between all these, if you hear a gunshot then head back to save Ryder from guards. Once all crates are in Van, drive it to Willowfield for dropping the crates full with ammunition into the lock up. Be careful of Guards as they follow your Van. After reaching to your destination, 'Robbing Uncle Sam' mission is complete. And respect of CJ has increased.

Detailed "Robbing Uncle Sam" Walkthrough:
Ryder during cutscene of gta sa
It is given by Ryder from his house in Grove Street, San Andreas game to Carl Johnson (CJ). Robbing Uncle Sam mission can be unlocked by completing the Catalyst Mission. Start this mission by walking into the red marker located at "R" icon. And in cut scene that follows you can see CJ and Ryder joking about Ryder's expulsion from High School. Ryder also tells CJ that army has got all of the guns and weapons which Grove Street gang needs. Thus they decide to rob weapons kept in crates from the National Guard Depot in a Van in the game.

After this, you are back. Drive to the spot shown on map. That spot is in Ocean Docks. After reaching, you have to open the gates by shooting at the gate's switch which is on the other side of wall. Climb on wall and kill nearly 3 Guard who will come in your way. While playing Robbing Uncle Sam, you have to be careful in the game.

After gates are opened, Ryder comes in and now you have to open the storage room which has crates of weapons. Open storage room by shooting switch outside and then kill 2 guards inside the room. Now, use the forklift kept outside the room to lift the crates and put them in van. Forklift has been introduced during Robbing Uncle Sam. In all, you have to put total 6 crates of which 4 are inside the storage room and 2 are outside near the forklift. While doing all these, army guards will frequently come to kill you and Ryder and so you need to protect yourself as well as Ryder. If Ryder's health bar runs out then you will fail the Robbing Uncle Sam mission.

Storage room where 4 crates are kept
After you have robbed those 6 crates into the Van, drop them in a lock up at Willowfield. Two Army vehicles will follow you. You can tell Ryder, who is in backside of van, to throw ammunition crates at them by honking. (You can honk in GTA San Andreas by pressing H or CAPSLOCK!). Stop the van in red marker in Willowfield and then some homies will come to unload the Van after which your mission is complete! Save your game now at any saving point in the game.


Cheats useful in ''Robbing Uncle Sam":
As you may have come to know by reading only that this challenge involves a lot of shooting and shedding blood. So cheat for weapons in San Andreas can be used during Robbing Uncle Sam. And that is PROFESSIONALSKIT, UZUMYMW and LXGIWYL. You can use either of cheats for weapons while playing Robbing Uncle Sam.

And cheat for infinite ammo which is FULLCLIP is also useful.
Cheat for health and armor is HESOYAM and this is also very useful along with cheat for infinite health which is BAGUVIX.

Robbing Uncle Sam Video Walkthrough with English Subtitles


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