OG Loc Mission

I have written about OG Loc mission in below paragraphs in extreme detail. But in first paragraph, I am going to summarize it.

If you're looking for Loc's rap then it's here. ===> OG Loc Rap and Lyrics.

Here is OG Loc Biography

After a small cutscene in beginning, carry Sweet and Smoke to prison for picking up OG Loc who is released from prison. After a chit-chat with OG Loc,  carry him to house of a prison-mate named Freddy. After reaching his house, ring the door bell.
This is OG Loc. One of the member of Groove Street.
A small chat takes place between Carl  and Freddy and then he escapes from back of his house on a bike. Get on bike kept for you and chase down Freddy with Loc. It's pretty long chase. If he manages to escape then you lose the mission. If you keep up your bike with freddy's bike then finally he stops at a basketball court. Kill Freddy and also some of his gang member. And after this finally drop OG  who is along with you throughout to Burger Shot in Market place. At this shop, OG will work as 'hygiene technician'. Stop your car in red marker at the shop and this is complete after a small cut scene.

                      DETAILS OF OG Loc Mission:
It marks the beginning of challenges given by Big Smoke of GTA San Andreas. This challenge is unlocked by completing the Nine's and AK's. The highlight of this  is killing of a man. In this, main thing and quite troubling challenge is to chase that man on bike and then kill him on a basketball court. If he rides too far away from you when you are chasing him then the you will FAIL.

This starts with a cut scene in which Sweet Johnson (Carl johnson's elder brother) and Big Smoke(real name Melvin Harris) inform Carl that one of their grove street families' member Jeffrey Cross better known throughout the game as OG Loc is released from prison. After cutscene, you  need to drive your gang members to the police station in Pershing Square where he will be released. Stop car in red marker in front of police station. There he will be standing outside. A small chat follows where all the three Sweet, Carl and Smoke make fun of him. He informs you that someone in prison named Jeffrey stole his rhymes and now that guy lives in East Flores. Cutscene is over and you are back in game.
Drive him to Freddy's house in East Flores. Your destination, as you know, will be marked on your radar. Follow route properly and stop car in red marker. Then climb upstairs to Freddy's house and ring the bell. A cut scene triggers where he talks with OG Loc who is standing next to the window o the house. In between the conversation, Freddy flees on a bike behind his house.

Chase Freddy on another bike kept beside the house for you. Remember that if he travels far away from you then you see on your screen "Mission Failed". So, catch-up with Freddy and follow him. He stops in between sometimes so that you can catch up if you are too behind. Long chase takes place and finally he stops at a basketball court where some of his friend are waiting with guns. Shoot all his friends and Freddy as well. Kill them and after this drop OG at a Burger shop. And the OG Loc mission is over and complete.

Respect +

You won't get any money. But an increase in respect. After completing the challenge, next task of Smoke is unlocked which is 'Running Dog' and a new source of tasks from Loc is unlocked where the first one is 'Life's a Beach'.

 Help of Cheats for CHEATers!!!
In this challenge, cheats for increasing health, armor, weapons or guns and some more will help. In this, killing as well as facing bullets is required. So, cheat for health and armor which is HESOYAM will help.

Also, killing requires guns. so, for gun you can use cheat for weapons which is PROFESSIONALSKIT.
Cheat for infinite health is BAGUVIX.

OG Loc Mission Video Walkthrough with English Subtitles in HD!


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