Running Dog: Walkthrough, Cheat And Guide

Running Dog Summary
Before starting, get yourself a gun for this task. In this, the main challenge is to kill down a Vagos gang member who manages to flee. Directly the summary of this challenge. Once the mission starts, drive the car to the place of meet where Big Smoke's cousin is to come from Mexico (as claimed by Big Smoke). There while waiting for the cousin, he enters into a verbal fight with two members of a different gang.  The war of words finally leads him to hit one of the man with a baseball bat and then kill him. While this all is going, one man escapes and then your task is to kill that escaped man. So, chase him down on foot or car and kill him. Better have a gun in advance so that you can shoot him from a distance while playing the Running Dog mission. The moment you kill him, the challenge is over and you gain some respect. Respect +.
Then head back to your home or any saving point and save game. :)
killing one of the vagos gang member.

Details of 'Running Dog': (WIKI)

How to unlock Running Dog? You can unlock this mission by completing the 'OG Loc'. Now, to start this mission, go to the house of Smoke which is marked as ''BS". After getting there, walk into the red marker and then a small cut scene starts which marks the beginning. Carl Johnson (CJ) sees two police officers coming out of the house of his friend's house.

The name of the two police officer is not mentioned in this Running Dog but you can easily identify them as Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski. Smoke then informs you (CJ) that these officers came for some information but he did not tell them anything. Then he tells you that one of his cousin is coming from Mexico and he need to scoop (receive) her up. After this, you are back in game. Get in the car with Smoke and drive him to the place in Jefferson. That place will be marked in your map. Reach and stop car in the red cylindrical marker to start a new scene.

In the cut scene, he has a little bit of verbal fight in Spanish + English with two man standing on the footpath. Those men are members of the Vagos gang. In mean time, both group start abusing each other and this makes him really angry. He comes out of the car and hits one of the men with a baseball bat. The man dies and the other one escapes. You and Smoke chase the man but Big Smoke becomes exhausted due to running hard and so the task is left unto you to kill that man fleeing on foot. You are now back in game. See the position of man in radar and chase down accordingly. The moment you are near to him shoot him with your gun. After killing, Running Dog is finished. You do not get money for this mission. You get only respect. Plus you unlock the next challenge which is ''Wrong Side of the Track".


CHEATS which ease this challenge:

As you need weapons for this  challenge, so the cheat for weapons or guns can ease your task. There are three for weapons which cam be used in this game of GTA and they are UZUMYMW, LXGIWYL and KJKSZPJ. You can also use PROFESSIONALSKIT for getting weapons in GTA San Andreas. As you have to follow the man and so it is sometimes difficult to make CJ run continuously as you know he gets exhausted and then stops. Either take a car or the best thing which I prefer is to chase the man by flying on Jetpack. For getting Jetpack or fondly called as ''rocket'' is ROCKETMAN. If you are new and don't know how to fly the jet pack then this post will help you. Learn to fly Jetpack or Rocket.

Video Walkthrough


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