Let us see what is there and how to easily complete Catalyst mission. After completing Home Invasion, you will be able to unlock catalyst. Main thing in 'Catalyst' is to steal some crates filled with weapons (guns) from a ammunition train. Watch out as other gangs will also be looking for same train.

Catalyst: Summary (WIKI)
After being told by Police officer Frank Tenpenny about a train carrying weapons, guns, ammunition, etc, you immediately go the spot where train is. It's some kinda military train and so rob minimum 10 crates full with weapons. First, in Catalyst, drive to the spot. There, 4 men of Los Santos Vagos gang are already fighting with your Grove Street men for taking control of situation. Kill all the 4 Vagos gangsters. The moment you kill them four Ballas Gang members will arrive in a car. Shoot and kill all with your gun. After killing all gangsters, climb on back of train. Train starts moving with you alone on train. Ryder and your homies will follow you in a truck and what you need to do in this mission now is that you have to throw the 10 wooden crates (filled with weapons) from train into the truck within 90 seconds. For throwing, carefully follow the on-screen instructions which will teach you the proper throwing of crates. Once you have 10 crates, get back into your truck and rush back to Grove Street. You have now 3-star wanted level. So, you can get rid of this 3-star wanted level by going to near Pay 'n' Spray Shop and getting a paint job done. Look for the shop on your map. And after this, get back to your house and MISSION IS COMPLETE!

Catalyst Walkthrough and Details
This 'catalyst' mission can be played from Ryder's house after completing 'Home Invasion' of GTA San Andreas. To start Catalyst, walk into red marker in front of Ryder's house between 12:00 o'clock and 20:00 o'clock of game time.
Ryder's house is marked on your map or mini-map with a "R" icon.

Frank Tenpenny informing about ammunition train
"Catalyst" starts with a cutscene wherein Ryder a is cooking something (possibly a drug) when Carl Johnson (CJ) enters. Within seconds, police officers Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski also enter. Tenpenny informs that a train carrying ammunition is having an unscheduled stop and something useful (weapons) is there on train. After this, you and Ryder decide to go for robbing train in his truck. Also Tenpenny tells you to not kill any more police officers. During Catalyst, Pulaski tells that crime has gone up since Carl has stepped in this city.

You're back in game. Drive Ryder's truck to the spot where train has stopped and this will be marked on you map. There you will find four Vagos gangsters fighting with you Grove Street homies. Kill all those four Vagos. Then a four Ballas gangsters also arrive in car. Put down all those four gangsters. After killing total eight gangsters, climb on train from back side for stealing the crates of ammunition. The train starts moving when you climb on it. So, you now need to throw 10 crates from running train into the truck in which Ryder is following within 90 seconds or 1:30 minutes. On PC, aim for the truck and power your throw by pressing LMB (Left Mouse Button) and release LMB to throw. On PS2, you can press L1 for powering your throw and release it to throw crates. While on Xbox, you can use "L" for powering throw and realease to throw the crate.  Throwing properly will land the crates in truck or otherwise  crates will fall on ground. If time runs out then you fail this mission and so you will have to play whole mission again.

After putting 10 crates in truck, you will gain 3-star wanted level with police cars and helicopters following you. Therefore, rush to the nearest Pay 'n' Spray shop in Idlewood for paint-job which will cost you $100 and hence to get rid of the cops. For nearest Pay 'n' Spray shop look for its icon on your map. After getting rid of wanted level, head back to Ryder's house or home in Grove Street to complete.

Cheats Useful For "Catalyst":
In this challenge of Grand Theft Auto, you have to combat with Vagos and Ballas, so cheats for guns and weapons is useful. Cheat for weapons are PROFESSIONALSKIT, UZUMYMW and LXGIWYL. Uses either of this three cheats for weapons. Whereas each cheat gives you different types of guns or weapons.

Cheat for Infinite is also fantastic as it avoids Reloading of guns. And that is FULLCLIP.
While fighting, you will lose blood as you have to face bullets. So, cheat for infinite health and cheats for health and armor is helpful. Cheat for infinite health is BAGUVIX and cheat for health and armor plus $250k is HESOYAM. 

As you are aware, after throwing all 10 crates, you get 3-star wanted level. You can get rid of that by cheats. Cheat for losing wanted level is AEZAKMI. With this, you lose cops as well as in future you will never get wanted level while playing. :)

Catalyst Video in HD with Subtitles

Catalyst Video Walkthrough


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