Camera Cheat for PC, Xbox 360 or PS2

There is no cheat with which you can get a camera. In short, there is no camera cheat.

The title of this post tells as if on this page you will get cheat with which you can get it. But the truth is that there is no cheat code with which you can get yourself one while playing the game on PC, PS2 or Xbox or Xbox 360.

Now, the question you may ask: Why the hell has has named this post as "GTA San Andreas Camera Cheat".
It has been named like that so that you may directly jump to this page and learn the fact before you waste your time. So, if you are reading this post then it's really hard to hear.

How to get it?   OR
Camera Location

CJ's House where you get Camera
You can find it inside the house of Car Johnson. This house is the very first house where you used to save your game. This house was the first game saving point. Hope you remember.

So, inside this house, you will find it on the first floor inside a bedroom. Name of house is "Johnson House".
You will see it hanging in air. Walk into the icon and thus you will get it.


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