How to Use Crane in Import Export

If you have played Import Export challenge in GTA San Andreas game then you know that it involves operating a crane at the docks. You have to use it  to move the a freight container. On this page, you will find the controls for using a crane on all the platforms like PC, PS2 and Xbox. If you have any doubts or question related to the game then use the comment form at the end of this article.

Crane Moving Freight Containers

Let us see the controls for PC (Computer)

How to use Crane on PC?
  • Press SPACE BAR for lowering the magnet.
  • Press Left Shift (LSHIFT) to raise the magnet. 
  • For moving and rotating the crane, use UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT arrow.
  • Press Left Mouse Button (LMB) to release a container containing car.
  • Press V  on your keyboard for changing camera.
How to use on PS2?
  • Press X for taking the magnet down on PS2 (PlayStation) platform.
  • Use SQUARE on the controller to raise the magnet.
  • LEFT STICK helps to rotate it and hence gives flexibility.
  • CIRCLE  helps to release a container. Press it to drop the container.
  • Use SELECT on PS2 controller to have views from different angles.
How to use on Xbox and Xbox 360?
  • Use A for lowering of magnet.
  • Then utilize the X for raising.
  • Use the Left Thumb Stick for left and right as well as forward motion of the crane.
  • Now, if you want to release then use the B on your Xbox joystick.
  • If you want to look from other angles then use the BACK button on your Xbox controller.
If you don't handle the container properly then the vehicles in it will get damaged and thus you will get less money after selling the cars. In addition to Import Export, Customs Fast Track mission also involves operating the crane at the docks.

Customs Fast Track

Customs Fast Track (CFT) is one of the missions in the game(Home page). Here, on this page you will find its walk through in detail. Also, if you have any questions then do ask me using the comment form below.

Customs Fast Track Mission Summary

This challenge involves stealing a car from docks. In short, you have to visit docks and from there displace a car from cargo ship to port. And then steal that car to your garage in Doherty. After stealing, you have to combat with security guards at the dock and also you have to protect Cesar from guards. If he or you (Carl Johnson) die then you fail CFT.
Crane at the docks

Customs Fast Track Walkthrough

Follow the below Six Steps to complete the challenge:

  1. Go to the docks along with Cesar Vialpando.
  2. There use the crane (Learn using crane) and displace the containers one by one.
  3. He will check the containers and fine the one which has the required car.
  4. After getting the car in third container, exit the dock crane and protect him who is attacked by guards at the docks.
  5. Take down all the guards which come in three groups. Kill them one by one.
  6. After this, take the stolen car and drive to Doherty to finish the challenge.
Above walkthrough is enough to complete Customs Fast Track successfully in Grand Theft Auto. However, let us see CFT in more details.

Carl Johnson is going to play it along with Cesar. It is unlocked after doing Test Drive. It starts with a cut scene which shows Carl, Cesar and Kendl. Carl and Cesar are busy repairing a car when a friend of Cesar comes to meet him. A friend of friend of him works at docks and he saw a car loaded in a container. The car is on wishlist of a customer. Carl and he decide to steal this car for the customer and thus earn money. CJ finds this business of stealing and selling as a good source of money to earn a living in San Fierro.

Both drive to the docks and there Carl uses a crane to check displace three containers from ship to port and then Cesar check them for the car. In third container, they find it and start to leave. Guards attack him and CJ comes to save him. After saving him, both drive to their garage to end the CFT of GTA San Andreas game.

Ice Cold Killa

To play Ice Cold Killa (ICK), you have to pass the Snail Trail mission. Aim of  ICK is to kill a man named Jizzy and steal his cell phone. First, I will present the objectives and walkthrough of Ice Cold Killa in few words and then we will look into it in greater detail.

To start ICK, walk into the red marker at your Doherty garage to trigger a cut scene where Carl Johnson (CJ) meets Cesar Vialpando in the garage. After a small conversation, your real work starts to hunt your target!

How to complete Ice Cold Killa?

  1. After cut scene, visit Pleasure Domes Club where Jizzy can be found. Its location is shown on your map and it is marked with a yellow blip.
  2. Enter the club using a skyline above after Jizzy's guard stop you from entering the club.
  3. Once inside, go near him and then a small scene starts.
  4. After the scene, chase Jizzy using a bike or a car and shoot him down.
  5. Once killed, collect his cell phone to end the ICK.
Important Tip for Ice Cold Killa: Before entering the club, destroy the cars outside using a rocket launcher or a gun. Because your target will escape using them. But if it is not there then your target escapes using a bike and it becomes much easy to kill him on motor bike.

Video Walk through

From your garage in San Fierro, you can play ICK. Precisely, its Doherty garage from where you trigger this ICK. In this, you are your own boss and you are playing it for yourself. In a small scene, Carl meets Cesar Vialpando and they together have a small chat related to guns, Wu Zi, etc. Carl then prepares to leave for Pleasure Domes. Cesar wants to come along but is stopped by the protagonist of GTA San Andreas.

Now, proceed to the club of one of your boss Jizzy. Its location is on your game radar marked with a yellow blip. There blast all the vehicles outside so as to make it difficult for your target to escape using any of the vehicles. If you do so then he escapes on a bike making your job much easy to shoot him down.

Guards stop your from entering and hence you have to get inside using an alternative route which is a skyline at the roof top. Fly to the top using a jet pack and then get inside. There sneak past the guards and meet Jizzy to start a scene. Carl has a heated conversation with Jizzy during which he escapes and sets his guards on Carl. Now, knock down all the guards and exit the club. There outside your enemy escapes on a bike (if you destroy the cars outside). Immediately, grab a bike or a car and chase him down.

Kill him to get access to his phone which has details of The Ballas Gang and also your sworn in enemies Big Smoke and Ryder. At the end, Carl makes a call to Cesar to inform him about the next task at a location named PIER 69. Here, you have to take down the Loco Syndicate as well as Ryder.