Big Smoke, Sweet and Kendl

Now, you take the charge. It's time to begin with San Andreas. After starting the game, 'Big Smoke' is the very first challenge. We can say its not like mission but rather a short movie so as to enable a player know about Carl Johnson (popular in game as CJ), the protagonist. In this short scene, CJ arrives at the Los Santos International Airport so as to go to his home. On his way to home, CJ is caught by some police officers. But the officers leave him after checking. Now the game starts!! There is a bicycle with which CJ gets to his house in Los Santos. There are instructions displayed on the top left hand side of the screen on how to ride a bicycle. After reaching home, he recalls the moments when his mother was alive. Then Smoke enters and then both i.e. Carl and Smoke drive off to the funeral.

At the funeral, CJ meets his family and close friend. CJ meets Sweet and Kendl, his siblings, and also Ryder who is a close family friend of Johnson family. In between, Sweet and Carl are into an argument over the funeral and Kendl begins to leave so as to meet Cesar Vialpando. And after getting out of the cemetery, CJ is attacked by the Ballas gang. From here, the missions of GTA San Andreas start. So, it is the first challenge.. You have to follow Sweet on a bicycle and get back to the home in Los Santos. If you get lost in the way, then you can trace Sweet by looking over to the map.

Here is the video of Big Smoke, Sweet and Kendl  mission. Watch it and it will be of some help.

Hope the above Big Smoke walkthrough is helpful!!!!


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