Tagging Up Turf

Play Tagging Up Turf anytime by walking into the red marker in front of Sweet's house. In previous mission, Ryder informs you to meet Sweet. After visiting Sweet, Carl Johnson (CJ) finds him playing basketball along with Big Smoke who is another character in the San Andreas game. Sweet asks CJ to announce his comeback by spraying Grove Street Family's graffiti over the Ballas Gang's graffiti and hence the name 'Tagging Up Turf'. Sweet gives you a spray to make the graffiti and he accompanies CJ to Idlewoodin the game.

You can find a complete guide on Tags.

How to get to Idlewood? It's simple. There will be a square yellow color mark on your radar.
Get to Idlewood and Sweet will show you how to make your tag. You have to come near the Ballas Gang tag and then look at that and then press LMB (Left Mouse Button) to spray over.
In all to complete this Tagging Up turf, you have to do 6 tags of Ballas Gang during the game. 5 tags will be sprayed by you and remaining one by Sweet. After spraying 3 tags, you have to drive to East Los Santos so as to do the remaining 3 tags.

During this, if the Ballas Gang members see you tagging over then they will attack you (CJ). Be aware and prepared to knock them down by spraying the can over them or by bashing them. :)
Complete tagging up turf and Sweet will get back to you with car and then drive back to Grove Street. Tagging Up Turf  is complete!!!!!

Mission Passed!
Money Earned = $200
Respect +

The moment you complete get into your house and save the game!  After this a spray can will be available in CJ's house which you can take anytime to spray over the remaining 94 tags. Oh! Remember that spraying over the remaining tags is necessary for 100% completion of GTA San Andreas game. Tagging counts towards completion!

After this you will get a phone call from Officer Hernandez and he will tell you not to leave Los Santos because it's the order of Officer Tenpenny. So, if you happen to leave Los Santos then you will gain four star wanted level.  

After ''Tagging Up Turf'' mission always have the can with you because you can spot a tag of Ballas Gang anytime and so you can make graffiti over it. :)

Tagging Up Turf Mission Video Walkthrough with Subtitles

Same video but in HD and without subtitles.

Question: How to complete tagging Up Turf Mission?
Answer: Above content is your answer. :p


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