Gym and fighting

One of the unique and innovative idea in San Andreas was to have a gym so that the protagonist Carl Johnson (we know he is CJ) can build himself some muscles. Anytime a player can get into a gym and buff CJ up. CJ needs to have a good physique so that people may respect him. One of the gyms in Los Santos is the Ganton Gym. In that gym are Treadmills, Boxing Equipment, Weights and Bars as well as Exercise Bikes. All are at the disposal of Carl Johnson. These machines also lead to losing fat in GTA San Andreas.
Once in a gym, to use any equipment get close to that particular equipment and then press ENTER. Once you are with that equipment, you will be guided regarding its usage.
Exercise Bikes helps CJ to lose fat and increase stamina in San Andreas. Press ENTER to begin with exercising bikes. There are levels to use. Use UP and DOWN to select levels. After selecting level, use R SHIFT to start pedaling the bike. The higher level the faster you have to press RSHIFT. To quit any machine you press ENTER.
You can also have a  fight with a boxer who practices in the gym. If you defeat that boxer then he will teach you new moves.
There is the best short-cut way to build muscles for CJ. And that is CHEATS!!!!!
You can use BUFFMEUP cheat for having maximum muscles with Carl. 

Below is the video of a workout at gym in San Andreas. Watch it to learn what's ther in GYM!


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