Drive Thru Mission

Drive Thru mission is given by Sweet Johnson. This mission comes after the mission of 'Cleaning the Hood' and therefore to unlock this mission you have to complete the 'cleaning the hood mission'.
To start 'Drive Thru' walk into the red marker in front of Sweet's house and the cutscene will begin. In it, Sweet Johnson, Ryder and Big Smoke can be seen coming out of the house of Sweet when Carl Johnson meets them at the door. Sweet and Smoke are discussing about the respect and Smoke tells Sweet that respect has to be earned just like money. Then Smoke is hungry and says that he cannot live entirely on bread and hence they need to eat something. Then they decide about what to eat. Ryder suggests Tacos but Smoke suggests chicken and they all agree to for chicken. And cutscene ends.

How To Complete the 'Drive Thru'?
So, after the cut scene you are back into game. Drive to the nearby Cluckin' bell in Willowfield. Don't worry! As you must be knowing that your destination will be marked on radar and drive accordingly to reach the Cluckin' bell in Willowfield and stop the car in red marker. In cutscene, which will again start, you will see all the four ordering food. Carl and Ryder order number 9. Sweet orders number 6 with extra dip. Smoke calls for two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda. In between, a Ballas gang car appears and seem to be going towards your hood to scope you out. Therefore, chase them down before they cap your homies (members of grove street family). Thus, aim of this drive-thru  is to chase down the ballas gang members in a VooDoo.

Take your car and chase them. Be near to the VooDoo so that Ryder and Sweet and shoot the car easily causing it to explode. The more you are near the car, the more Ryder and Sweet shoot at the car and the more are the chances of explosion of car. If you are far then it will take time for Sweet and Ryder to attack them and explode.After the car explodes, head back to the Grove Street and drop Ryder and Sweet there. Drop Smoke to his house nearby and the Drive Thru mission is complete. You earn some bucks and also respect increase for completing it.

Money Earned: $200
Respect +

After completing the mission, you will get a phone call from Sweet that you need to buff up some muscles and then the Los Santos gym will be unlocked. The immediately save your game by getting back to your saving house in grove street.

Cheat Help:
  • Aim is to shoot the Ballas gang car which will be done by Sweet and Ryder. You can also join them by enabling the free aim while driving with GTA San Andreas cheat OUIQDMW. Also, have some guns with cheat UZUMYMW or PROFESSIONALSKIT. 
  • Remember not to use the cheat of 'Blowing the cars' during 'Drive Thru' because your car will also be blown up and then you fail the mission. :p

Mission Video in HD

GTA San Andreas Drive Thru Mission Video with English Subtitles

That was the Drive Thru Walkthrough!! Hope this Walkthrough guides! Please comment and share your views and additional things you know about this mission as well as San Andreas.


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