Cleaning The Hood

Here is the walkthrough of Cleaning the Hood challenge and its complete details.

Aim of the ''Cleaning The Hood" mission is to wipe out the drug dealers and those people who care about money and smoking. Also, some Ballas gang drug dealers are needed to be bashed up and killed by CJ and Ryder during 'Cleaning the Hood' in the game. Let us see in this walkthrough how all this happens!

You can start it by walking into the red marker in front of Sweet's house. That red marker can be traced on radar. Then the cut scene starts with Big Smoke and Sweet Johnson discussing about the drug dealers from Ballas gang who deal with members of grove street families and also spoil them.

Sweet (CJ's older brother) asks CJ to go along with Ryder and clean the hood from these drug dealers.  CJ tells Ryder that they need some one along with them as back up. CJ asks Ryder for B-Dup as backup. Then go to B-dup's house There a cutscene will start where B-Dup tell CJ to get lost and also he tells CJ that he has left the grove street family. Big Bear has also left the gang along with B-Dup.

After that go along with Ryder and there you will find somebody selling drugs to your homies (members of grove street family). You can find that crack (cocaine) dealer nearby in Ganton area. Dealer's position will be marked on radar. Get to him and Kill him with few nice punches or with gun (get that gun with cheats). You can get guns with cheat UZUMYMW or PROFESSIONALSKIT. 

After killing him, a cutscene starts where Ryder will tell you the hanging out place of some Ballas gang drug dealers. Take a bat which you can see rotating in air after you kill that drug dealer. Go to that hanging out place and kill all the Ballas gang drug dealers there. After killing, drive back with Ryder to Grove street and the 'Cleaning the Hood' mission is complete along with this walkthrough.

Respect +

After this, Ballas gang will know that the Grove Street Family is back into action.
You can complete the above mission without cheats. However, if you are addicted to GTA game with cheats then cheats for health, infinite health and guns will help you.
Cheat for infinite health : BAGUVIX 
Cheat for infinite ammo: FULLCLIP
These basic cheats will help you clearing out this 'cleaning the hood' mission with more ease.

Cleaning the Hood Mission Video

Cleaning the Hood Video Walkthrough

GTA San Andreas, as you know, is an open-environment game where a user can do anything ranging from swimming to driving cars, planes, etc. Also, a story line is present in game where the protagonist Carl Johnson (CJ) has returned after five years from Liberty City to San Andreas and finds his Grove Street Family occupying the back seat in gang rivalry with Ballas Gang as their biggest rival and sworn-in enemy. So what happens is that, CJ wants to announce the arrival of Grove Street family once again by achieving supremacy in fighting and all.


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