Drive-By Mission

This post covers the way to completion of this mission as well as what is there in Drive-By mission. It involves shooting at the rival Ballas Gang members whilst in a car driven by Carl Johnson aka CJ.

It is given to CJ by his brother Sweet Johnson. As it can be understood from the name, Drive-by means 'an incident in which someone is shot from a moving vehicle'. So, you have to perform it on some of the Ballas gang members.

This mission is unlocked after completing the previous mission in the series of mission given by Sweet i.e Nines and AK's. It starts with a cut scene in which Ryder is admitting to Sweet that he is better driver of car than CJ. At this moment, CJ enters and asks what they were telling about him. Ryder replies that East Coast made CJ drive like a fool and always CJ crashes cars and shit. Ryder is also unhappy about people asking every time CJ to take here and there but not him (Ryder).

At this moment, Sweet tries to calm down Ryder by saying that he is better at shooting shotguns. With this, Ryder is calmed and agrees. He asks CJ to take control of car. And thus, they decide to perform a drive-by at the Ballas. Though in cutscene only Ryder, Sweet and CJ are involved but as soon as cutscene ends, Big Smoke can be seen walking into the car.

After cutscene ends, get into the car along with other three and get your homies to the Ballas Gang territory for a drive-by. Take the car to the area marked in the radar and park into the red marker. Again a short cutscene starts where Sweet will tell you to concentrate on your driving and they will take care of shooting.

After this, you will see a meter on top right hand side of your screen indicating the health of the car. Now, drive near to the bunch of Ballas standing by the roadside. Then your homies will start shooting at them. make sure that the car's health meter doesn't run out. Otherwise, your car will catch fire and will be destroyed and thus mission failed. You can also kill the Ballas in this mission by driving the car over them. Help your homies by doing this!!

After killing all the Ballas you will get a two-star wanted level and thus the police will start chasing you. Therefore, follow the on-screen instructions where you will be instructed to go to the spray-shop which will help you to loose your two-star wanted level. You need not to be worried about the location of spray-shop as it will be marked on your radar. Follow the proper route and get into the shop and get a respray job done. In the mission, respraying would cost you nothing. Whereas if you come at any other time then it will cost you $100. After respraying, your wanted level is suspended and then take your mates back to Grove Street.


Save your game immediately.
After completing the mission, Ryder's mission will be unlocked. So, now you have got three persons for getting mission i.e Ryder, Sweet and Smoke.

Drive By Mission Video in HD

Video Walkthrough in English Subtitles


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