Here, we present the Freefall mission's step-by-step guide and also cheats which help in completing it. You get the walkthrough of Freefall, video guide and also how to complete it.

Important Note: Before you start, you must know how to drive a jet plane and helicopters in the game. The mission involves  driving a plane and hence you have to learn the controls. Also, you must have good practice of driving.

FreeFall Walkthrough

In this challenge, you have to protect your boss from a group of killers who are coming in a plane to kill the boss. So, you have kill the men in their plane. You can do this by flying another plane and from there jumping into the enemy's plane. After getting in it, kill all 4 hit-men and then finally the pilot of the airplane.

Then, you take the control of it and land it on the Lase Ventures airport to successfully finish the Free-fall mission of GTA San Andreas game.

Video Walkthrough

Freefall Walkthrough and Detailed Guide
Below are the important step by step things you have to do to finish the challenge in Grand Theft Auto game. After the cut scene:

Carl Johnson jumping off a plane during Fee-Fall
  1. Reach the Lase Ventures airport whose location is shown on your game radar.
  2. Get inside and from there grab a plane.It is parked in a hangar.
  3. Also, collect a armor situated in a corner of hangar.
  4. Now, fly the airplane and follow enemy's plane. Its location is shown on radar.
  5. When you are near it, fly behind it and into a red circular corona.
  6. After this, you are inside it. There kill 4 men. They shoot at you.
  7. Protect yourself and then finally kill the pilot.
  8. Take control of it and then land it on airport to complete Freefall.
Free-fall Reward: For successfully doing it, you get cash money equal to $15,000! And you get some increment in your respect level.

Freefall Cheats

There is no cheat which will make you finish. However, there are some cheats which will make your job easier. Here, shooting is involved and also the enemy attacks you. Hence, below cheats will help you.

Save Game: You can find Freefall save game here on this saved game page.

Complete Detail
It is one of the toughest task in video game. It is done for a business man named Salvatore Leone (SL) and it is first mission given by him. You can play it from Caligula's Casino.

After a story-challenge named 'The Meat Business' is complete, Ken Rosenberg (boss) calls you and invites you to Salvatore's (SL) place. There you meet SL for the first time in GTA San Andreas game. When you start free-fall, it triggers a cut scene in which two men are hanging upside down. SL is punishing them and also Ken is present there. A woman also enters and serves something to SL.

The woman leaves and Carl Johnson enters. CJ tells SL that he has worked with Joey (SL's son). And it was in Liberty City. (Liberty City was a previous game in the Grand Theft Auto Series. Carl impresses them. Also, Ken praises him really hard. He refers Carl as "one man army" and says that he is really dependable and he can be trusted.

CJ calls himself a 'straight killer'. After this scene, SL agrees to give a challenge. And this starts your mission.  There is a group named Farrell and they are enemy to Leone. They send some men to kill him. Hence, he wants you to kill those men before they do any harm to Leone. 

Cut scene finishes and now you have to reach the airport. Its location will be shown on your radar which is situated on bottom left hand side of your gaming screen. From there, get a plane located in a hangar. When you are into the plane, location of enemy's plane will be shown. Now, fly towards enemy.  After this, screen instructions will ask you to fly into the corona behind enemy's flight. Do that and a cut scene will start in which Carl Johnson gets out of his plane and jumps on enemy's plane and enters it.

This is one of the best stunts performed in the game. I loved that scene very much and repeated it again and again until I was satisfied! After the scene finishes, kill all 4 men who start shooting their guns at you. You have to take them down before they kill you and fail your task!

At last, kill the pilot as well and you take control of the plane in Freefall challenge of GTA San Andreas. You have to land it on the airport to successfully finish this mission.

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How To

On this site, we have got plenty of How To guides. On this page, you will find all the articles related to How to in San Andreas video game. So, learn new tricks and short cuts to many things.

How To:

  1. Recruit gang members into your gang
  2. Use Camera
  3. Use fire extinguisher                                      
  4. Have Molotov weapon
  5. Lose wanted level
  6. Drive forklift
  7. Change time
  8. Drive a car
  9. Fly Jet pack
  10. Fly jet plane or hydra plane
  11. Operate Crane
  12. Use Parachute
  13. Win Chiliad challenge
  14. Activate cheats
  15. Defend a territory
  16. Get a bike
  17. Complete Tags
Above quick links may help you. I hope so. 

1) It will teach you the recruitment of people into your group and if you do so then the people will help you during certain missions in the game.

2) Many still don't know the usage of camera. Hence, quick link 2 will make you understand that. Also, it will show you the locations of camera in Grand Theft Auto SA.

3)Before you are caught in a fire, you should learn the operations of a fire extinguishers and also where you can find it.

4) What is a Molotov? With link no. 4, you can learn its usage and also how to get it.

5) If the cops are after you then you need to learn how to get rid of them. This one is going to surely help you out.

6) & 7): Here you find the tips and tricks for changing time and also learn how to drive a forklift in San Andreas.

8) Many folks don't know the controls for car. Hence, here you will find it.

9) If you want to fly in air then you can do so with a jet pack which is easy to operate. Learn its controls and also advantages and disadvantages.

10) You don't know that the fastest means of transport in San Andreas is a Hydra Plane (Jet). If you want to travel from one end to another end of map then you need a jet. And you have to learn its controls.

11 & 12) Get the tricks for operating a crane as well as parachute. Crane is a must during import and export challenge. And parachute is required hen you jump of a plane in air.

13) An easy way to win Chiliad challenge.

14) How to activate you cheats on PC, Xbox or a PS2? All you will find at link 14.

15 and 16) You can find tutorial for defending a territory and obtaining a bike

17) In this last one, you get the guide for completing 100 tags.

Lung Capacity in Amphibious Assault Swimming

Are you stuck in Amphibious Assault? Are you not able to play for not having enough lung capacity (LC)? Then, here in this guide, we will see how much of it is required and also how to attain that amount of it.

Below video will make you understand everything related to the challenge in less than 4 minutes! Do watch it!

The video explains about how you can increase your LC so as to be eligible for Amphibious Assault mission of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. For those who can't watch the video for any reasons then I will explain the things out.

If you do not have it then you can't play the challenge. For increasing it, you can approach any water body  and jump into it. Then after jumping in the water, practice swimming for some time. You have to practise it till you get a message as "Lung Capacity Upgraded. You can hold breath for longer."

The moment you get above notification, you can play the Amphibious Assault and also finish it. Also, we can't say how much exactly is that capacity required. But you have to keep practising and then you can play the challenge.

You can find here walk through, crane, Carl Johnson, Saved Games, How to recruit gang members and many other guides related to GTA.

Still clueless about other things or anything else, then use the comment form below to contact me and post your query using it

Amphibious Assault

Here, on this page, you will find Amphibious Assault cheat, walk-through, saved game and required Lung capacity for this mission.

Note: If you do not have required minimum Lung Capacity then you can't play this mission. If you have it then you can play.  Also, there are no cheats for this. Read below for walk through and at the end is the link for  saved game.

This challenge involves planting a bug (defect in the code or routine of a program in computer related systems) on a tanker of Wu's enemy. Thus, after starting it, visit the docks and from there swim through the waters and carefully avoid the guards. Guards will start shooting bullets if they catch a glimpse of you. Evade them and then board the tanker. There, kill all the enemies who block your way.

Finally plant the bug and return to the docks to complete Amphibious Assault mission. For better game play, change the settings and then set the Frame Limiter 'ON'.

Video Walk through

Amphibious Assault Walkthrough

Following are simple steps for finishing the challenge easily:
  1. Get a required level of lung capacity and then start the challenge.
  2. Start the challenge and after a cut scene, visit docks whose location will be marked on your small radar at the bottom left side of screen.
  3. There jump into the sea and swim into the waters and reach the tanker.
  4. While swimming, collect a knife on the way inside water which helps to kill enemies.
  5. During your swim, if killer guards spot you then save yourself as they start shooting.
  6. Reach the tanker and there kill some more enemies and then finally plant your defected programming code.
  7. Come back to the docks and there walk into th cylindrical red marker to complete  Amphibious Assault.
Reward: You get cash money amounting $110000 and also a bit increment in the respect.

Amphibious Assault Cheat for PC, Xbox and PS2

I again announce that there are no cheats to finish a story mission or side-mission in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. There are certain cheats which ease the difficulty. Here, weapons cheat, which provide weapons, help to murder and blow off the boats.

Save Game: Here are all the saved for different story challenges.

Amphibious Assault Detailed Step-By-Step Walkthrough

In a cut scene, Wu Zi Mu asks Carl about his ability to swim inside water. CJ thinks Wu is making excuse but Wu makes it clear that he wants some one from outside the triads to do a job for him. Also, during the cut scene, Carl Johnson understands that he has to plant a bug belonging to a gang named Da Nand Thang. This is the aim and task of Amphibious Assault.

CJ agrees to do this and then after the scene you have to Visit the docks and its location will be shown on a small radar on your screen. There you will be informed about the boat and it is docked in sea. So, swim upto there. Also, during the swim, Da Nang Thang gangsters attack you. So, save your health from them because if you die then you fail the mission. 

There will be obstacles in your path but also you will be told about alternatives to the obstacles. In between, if enemy boat sees you then begin shooting and hence you may die if you lose too much blood. Dodge the guards and then land on the tanker boat. 

Fight with the enemies there and finally plant the bug and after this return back to docks to finish the Amphibious Assault.

If you have got any queries then use the comment box at then end of this page.