Airplane Cheats or Aeroplane

Airplane or Aeroplane Cheats in game:
  • NO CHEAT! There is no cheat or for it in the GTA SA. 
  • Whether you play on Xbox, Xbox 360, PC or PS2, there is NO CODE!
  • You can only get them at selected locations which are mentioned below in the article.

You can find planes at one and only one location in the whole GTA San Andreas. And that is inside a hangar (a place for storing it) of Las Venturas Airport in the area of Las Venturas. The bad thing is that it can't be found all the time inside the airport. It depends on your LUCK! Good Luck when you visit the airport for it!!!

More Details:

2 types of them are there. Name of first type is 'AT 400' and second is 'Andromada'. AT 400 is bigger in size when compared to Andromada. Also, you can see Andromada but cannot use it throughout the game. One at Las Venturas airport is actually AT-400 which you can drive and control!

=>Some Other Info:-
    AT 400
  1. It can't be stored inside your garage of any saving house or safe houses because of its large size.
  2. "Airplane" is in US and Canadian English whereas "Aeroplane" is in British English. Anyways! We're not concerned with spelling! I'll be using both the spellings. :)
  3. You can see one during the 'Stowaway' mission. It involves planting explosives inside the it.
  4. They have very high speeds as compared to all the vehicles! You will know when you drive it! Try it!
  5. There is no cheat on any platform like PC, PS2 or Xbox or Xbox 360 for GTA game !

T Bone Mendez

This page is a walkthrough about T-Bone Mendez mission and not about character t-bone Mendez of GTA San Andreas game. The challenge is given by Jizzy from Pleasure Domes.

Aim of it is to chase down 4 bikers and snatch packages from them which they have stolen from a van belonging to T Bone Mendez (character).

You can play T-Bone Mendez mission by going to skull image icon on map. There in the cut scene, you will see Jizzy not happy about the 20% share he gets from his gang. He's arguing with T Bone in the video game. Then it is found that shipments of Jizzy's gang has been intercepted by some unknown persons.It will be shown that they steal the packages in the shipment.

  • Go to the place where shipments in van has been intercepted by some unknown persons.
  • In a small cut scene, you will see that 4 bikers steal packages from shipments and run away.
  • Now, you chase down all the 4 bikers in the game one-by-one and snatch away packages from them to complete.
Reward of the mission: You will get $5000 and also an increase in respect.

How to collect packages from Bikers?
This is the thing which many don't know. They are not able to collect packages. 
  • On PC, go near the bikers and then press LCTRL (Left Control) button to collect packages. 
  • On PS2, to collect packages, press L1 button on your PlayStation joystick.
Mike Toreno challenge gets unlocked after this in GTA. Also, T-Bone Mendez is unlocked after Jizzy.

Jizzy Mission

Jizzy mission of the best game is unlocked after completing Photo Opportunity. It takes place in 2 parts. First part starts from your garage in Doherty and second part from Jizzy's Pleasure Domes. After a cut scene of GTA San Andreas game, go to Tizzy's casino called Pleasure Domes where he gives Carl Johnson some tasks. Total tasks are 4.
  1. First task is to drop a girl at a hotel in Downtown area. The hotel is marked with yellow blip on radar.
  2. Then kill a rival pimp of Jizzy in Hashbury area. You will get a total time of 2 minutes in which you have to go there as well as kill the pimp. Location is again marked with yellow blip on your gaming radar.
  3. Now, kill 2 punters who are beating a girl at a location. The location is marked with yellow blip on radar. Save the girl before she dies.
  4. Last task is to kill a preacher who is saving the girl whom you dropped in Downtown. Again go there and blast the preacher's car  and also his guards' car with a gun or rocket launcher to complete the mission.
Above task no. 2  is a time-limit task. So, complete before time ends. 
Task No. 3 has also got some constraints like girl's health. It means you have to get there where the girl is beaten and also kill the assaulter before the girl dies. 

Once you complete Jizzy mission of the video game, you will unlock  next task called 'T-Bone Mendez. Also, you have unlocked Wu Zi Mu's mission called 'Mountain Cloud Boys'.

Controls on PC, PS2 & Xbox

If you're looking for controls then you are on right page. When you are playing the video game on PC then the controls are different as compared to any other platform..

When you are playing on PlayStation 2, it is different from PC. Similar is the case for Xbox or Xbox 360.

You can find a list and all the various button how to's here at this page.
Since this is a first and last stop on GTA SA, I want every detail of it to be present here. One part which I missed was Controls and hence I came up with this article! 

I faced some limitations on posting an article on it. That is why I gave a link of another good site which has listed it in a good fashion. On the link you click, you get PC, Xbox  as well as PS2 .

Burglary Van Location

For doing a Burglary , you need a van which is called 'Black Boxville' in the game. Without this van, you can't perform it  in San Andreas.

This Van can be found in Los Santos and San Fierro.
  • In Los Santos area, you will find the robbery van parked across the street to the South from the gym. It's about half way in the first garden, in front of the house. 
  • You'll also find a Boxville Van (called 'robbery van') parked in an alleyway just in front of the Driving School in San Fierro. From the doorway of the driving school head North and navigate your way through the alley until you see the Boxville.
After you get the Burglary van, enter in the Van and then perform Burglary in the game. You can get enough cash if you play this sub-missions.

Burglay Van Location Video

When I wrote this article first, I had not attached the above video guide. But one of the readers of my site prompted me to include one and so I embedded it. What did you learn from this? You learn that you can prompt me or force me to write on anything you wish! And i will be glad to write on your requests because this site is for you and I want you all to send me feedback and suggestions!

How to Recruit Gang Members on PC, PS2 and Xbox?

For recruiting members into your gang in video game of GTA San Andreas, there are different ways on different platforms like PC, PS2 and Xbox.

To recruit a member, whether you are playing video game on PC, PS2 or Xbox, go near the gangster whom you want to recruit. 

For PC or Computer
  • Target the gangster by going near him and then pressing Right Mouse Button (RMB). Then press 'G' or 'H' to recruit him.
For PS2 (Playstation 2)
  • On PS2, target a gangster during game-play  by pressing R1 and then recruit him by pressing Up on the D-pad.
For Xbox or 360
  • Target a gangster by pressing RT and then recruit him by pressing Up.

How to defend a Territory?

In the GTA San Andreas game, there are territories owned by Carl Johnson's gang called 'Grove Street Gang'. What happens after you own one is, you have to defend that  from enemy attacks.

If you don't defend it from enemy then you will lose out that place.

How to know when the territory is attacked?

Answer: Whenever your area is attacked by an enemy gang, then that particular area flashes red. Also, you will see a flag on radar. You will get a message on screen that "your territory is in danger".

How to defend territory?

Answer: Ideally, you have to defend your area by going there and fighting with the enemy. But if you don't want to get there then you can save it by "Saving your video game" or "by dying' or "By starting sub-missions like Taxi Missions". To save your area:
  • Save your video game at nearest saving point.
  • Kill yourself (I mean Carl Johnson).
  • Start sub-missions like 'Taxi missions', 'Vigilante Missions' (Police missions), 'Ambulance Missions', etc.
This way you can save your area under attack without fighting with the enemy.

All Missions Complete Cheat

In the video game of San Andreas, there is no cheat with which you can complete all the 100+ missions.
Badluck! Now, don't leave this page and try again at Google. 

  • There is no cheat to complete all 100+ challenges of game.

You can complete all of the challenges by playing them. There are more than 100 story tasks in San Andreas.
  • Whether you play on PC or PS2 or Xbox, there is not a particular cheat or cheats with which you can end all missions. 
How do I complete whole GTA?

You can complete it by playing each and every task and sub challenges and also completing it. When you complete all the story, sub missions and also extra challenges then you will automatically end all what is to be finished. 

Six Star Wanted Level Cheat for PC, PS2 and Xbox

To gain a six-star wanted level, you will have to enter cheats give on this page. When there is a six-star, it means that the city is in danger. Thus, there is curfew. You can't see anyone on roads except police, military, etc.

  • For PC, the cheat code is ljspqk  or bringiton
With above code you get a six star and thus all the police, military and the SWAT team is looking to kill you.
  • For PS2 (PlayStation 2), cheat is Circle, Right, Circle, Right, Left, Square, X Down.
Press the above mentioned buttons on your joystick to activate the cheat.
  • For Xbox or Xbox 360, code is B, Right, B, Right, Left, X, A Down.
Press above buttons on your Xbox joystick so as to get a six star wanted level when you play the game.

Photo Opportunity

Photo Opportunity is a mission and it is given by Cesar Vialpando. It is unlocked after completing Deconstruction.

Here aim is to take photographs of 4 persons who are turning up for a meeting in Angel Pine area. To complete this mission, you have to take snaphots properly with your camera while playing the video game.

Photo Opportunity Walk-through

During the cut scene  you get a call from Cesar who has been tracking cars which deal in drugs and he wants you (Carl Johnson) to come along. You have to do follows below steps in the Photo Opportunity challenge:

  • Take a Car and meet Cesar whose position is shown on your San Andreas map. He is near Blueberry area.
  • After reaching, get into Cesar's car and drive to a new location which is Angel Pine.
  • Then get up on a roof and stand in the red circled position. There you will have a Camera.
  • You will have to then capture faces of 4 persons properly. First of those 4 is Ryder.
  • Finally, a cut scene starts and it is the end of  Photo Opportunity mission of video game.
Video Walkthrough

You'll fail if:
  • You die.
  • You kill Cesar Vialpando.
  • You do not take photographs properly with your Camera while playing the video game.
Reward of  is respect increase. You'll get no money for playing this mission. Here ends the walk-through of Photo Opportunity.

New Model Army

This article is a walkthrough of 'New Model Army' which is one of the missions. It is unlocked after completing Supply Lines mission of the video game. It is also the third challenge given by character called Zero.

New Model Army Walkthrough

In this, Zero is involved in a do or die battle with Berkley (Zero's enemy). To win, he has to get his Bandit (remote controlled small car) into Berkley's base within a limited time of 8 minutes. And you (Carl Johnson  have to help him by removing obstacles and also by destroying enemy tanks by using a Goblin (remote controlled small helicopter).

Note: You will fail New Model Army mission if you are not able to complete all in 8 minutes.

Total you have to destroy 3 tanks and also place 2 planks across river to enable Bandit cross the river in the GTA San Andreas. Remember, all this has to be done in 8 minutes of the video game time.

Things to do in the challenge are:
  • After cut scene, your timer of 8 minutes will start.
  • Learn controls of Goblin by following onscreen  instructions.
  • Destroy all the 3 tanks by using bombs kept in Zero's base.
  • Remove all the obstructions which come in the way of his Bandit.
  • Also, you have to place 2 planks across river so as to ensure continuous travelling of Bandit (car).
  • If all is complete din 8 minutes then you will complete  New Model Army.

You will be given a total of 3 bandits. If one Bandit is destroyed or catches fire due to collisions with obstructions then you have another. If all are lost then you will fail New Model Army.

With this mission, you have completed all 3 challenges given by him.
  • You will get a reward of $7,000.
  • You will acquire RC shop as an asset and it will generate revenues upto $5000 per day which you can collect regularly from the shop.
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Supply Lines: Mission, Cheat and Help

Supply Lines is unlocked after completing Air Raid. It is given by Zero from his shop to Carl Johnson in San Fierro. Read the whole article if you want to complete this mission.

It is one of the toughest challenge.

It is to destroy 5 delivery vehicles, using a remote-controlled miniature plane, before they complete their tasks. This is done so as to bring down mail delivery business of Berkeley who is an enemy of Zero in the video game story.

Supply Lines Walk through

  • After the cut scene, you are given a small plane to destroy 5 vehicles. Tough thing is that you have limited fuel. 
  • Immediately check your map and follow the 2 nearest vehicles of Berkeley to your North.
  • Destroy them using machine guns fitted in your plane.
  • Note that you have to follow nearest vehicle after carefully looking at the map as you have limited fuel and also you have to get back to the roof.
  • If you destroy all 5 vehicles without ending your fuel then you will complete  Supply Lines.
Note: Very Important
  • If your fuel ends before completing the task then you will fail  Supply Lines.
  • It is one of the toughest challenge. Also, it involves handling a plane. It's difficult to complete. Don't worry as no one is able to complete this easily.
  • You will need little bit practice for this. After playing this few times, you will get your hand at driving the plane. And thus, you can complete it in GTA SA video game easily.

Supply Lines Cheat

  • There is no cheat with which you can complete this missions easily.
  • Nor will any game cheat is going to help you.
  • As said above, you will have to do a little bit practice by playing it few times.
Related Missions by Zero:
Video Walkthrough

Air Raid

Air Raid is the first mission given to Carl Johnson by Zero from his 'Zero RC' shop in San Fierro. Reward is $3000. This task will unlock 'Supply Lines'.

Main objective of this challenge is to destroy all the RC Baron (remote-controlled small aeroplanes) which come to attack transmitters which are present on roof of Zero's shop. You will be provided with a mini-gun.
You'll have to eliminate all RC Barons which come to destroy transmitters in 3 minutes.

You will fail the challenge if RC Barons in the Air Raid destroy Zero's transmitters.

Air Raid Mission Summary
Remote Controlled RC Baron
  • First mission  given to Carl Johnson (CJ).
  • After a small cut scene, you will automatically have a mini-gun and with that you have to take down all RC Barons in air.
  • These RC Barons (small aeroplanes) are remote controlled by Berkley who is an enemy of Zero (CJ's friend).
  • Timer of 3 minutes will start on your gaming screen. In that 3 minutes, the RC must not destroy your transmitters. 
  • If they  destroy your transmitters then you will fail the game mission.
  • If you survive 3 minutes then you will clear out the game challenge.
Air Raid Mission Cheats
  • There are no specific cheats which will help you in this task.
  • Also, it is a simple task in the game. So, you will not need cheats at all.
  1. Money of $3000
  2. Unlocks 'Supply Lines' which is next task in GTA SA.


In this game of GTA Series, Rockstar Games have included a number of gangs. These and even many of their members are a part of the script.

List of Gangs:

There are a total of eight gangs which can be seen. Below are their names:
  1. Grove Street Families
  2. The Ballas
  3. Varrios Los Aztecas
  4. Los Santos Vagos
  5. San Fierro Rifa
  6. San Fierro Triads
  7. Da Nang Boys
  8. Las Venturas Mafia
Details of GTA San Andreas Gangs

  •  Grove Street Families (GSF)

GSF is the gang  to which the protagonist Carl Johnson belongs. Carl's brother Sweet Johnson is the leader of this family.  GSF hates drugs business and is determined to never get drawn into its trade. Seville Boulevard Families and the Temple Drive Families have split from the GSF.

Green is the color of GSF. Because of internal disagreements between members and arch enemy The Ballas, GSF is losing its grip in Los Santos. The Grove Street Families control areas of Ganton and East Los Santos.
Senior members of the gang include Sweet Johnson, Big Smoke, Ryder, Mark "B-Dup" Wayne, Barry "Big Bear" Thorne.  and CJ (Carl Johnson).

  • The Ballas Gang

Ballas is the biggest enemy of GSF. The Ballas are involved in drugs trade, gang banging, arms smuggling, vandalism and also the cocaine trade. In the video game of San Andreas, if you play and notice, then you will find the Ballas members are always in purple.

  • Varios Los Aztecas (VLA)

This is a dangerous group with its leader being Cesar Vialpando. This group can be found in the areas of little Mexico and El Corona. Varios Los Aztecas. The Vagos  is the enemy of VLA.
VLA is against drugs trade and its color is turquoise.

Senior leaders of the gang are Cesar Vialpando, Sunny, Gal and Hazer.

  • Los Santos Vagos (LSV)

Los Santos Vagos gang  is one of the allies of the Ballas. They are heavily involved in drugs & cocaine business. Also, they have bitter rivalry with Grove Street families and Varios. They are also in crack business along with Big Smoke. They can be found in a majority of North and East Los Santos, namely Las Colinas and Los Flores.

  • San Fierro Rifa

As the name suggests, it is based in the San Fierro area . It is a small gang and is not involved at large scale.

  • San Fierro Triads

A small gang and it is based in San Fierro. Their members can be found in full black 3 piece suit. It is run by Wu Zi Mu, a blind gentleman, and Ran Fa Li. They are based in Chinatown area in San Fierro. They carry AK47s and 9mm pistols. Triads own Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas.

  • Da Nang Boys

They are extremely violent and are involved in the protection. They are at war with the Triads. They usually drive Buccaneers, Tampas and Mananas. Da Nang Boys are Vietnamese.

  • Las Venturas Mafia

Las Venturas mafia
Hailing from Liberty City, Mafia is a big criminal gang. They hang around at Caligula's Casino which is owned by a few different Mafia groups and are constantly attempting to damage the Triad run Four Dragons Casino with their fake chips factory.


Deconstruction is unlocked after completing 555 We tip. This is triggered when some construction workers insult Kendl (sister of Carl Johnson).

This mission can be played from your Doherty Garage in San Fierro. And your target is the construction firm which is just behind the Doherty Garage.

Things to do:
  • After cut scene ends, go to your target marked in your video game map.
  • Take a bulldozer to destroy all the portables of the company whose workers insulted Kendl.
  • When you start driving bulldozer, which you will get nearby, timer of 3 minutes will start.
  • In 3 minutes, destroy all the portables by hitting them with speed. Don't hit explosives kept around.
  • Foreman of the firm is present in a mobile toilet. So, push that toilet in a ditch and then bury him under concrete. 
Do above steps during the game-play and you will complete this challenge easily. While playing the video game, you will be guided on your screen for above steps. Only tricky part is the time limit which is of 3 minutes.

Car Johnson will not get any money for completing this mission. 

Important Tip:
  • You can destroy some of the portables by hitting at the explosives kept near them. Remember, to shoot at the explosives and not to hit. Otherwise, you will fail the mission.
Video Walkthrough

555 We Tip

You will get a call from Frank Tenpenny to play this challenge in video game. This challenge is pretty simple and you have to place some drugs in the car of a district attorney who seems to be enemy of Frank Tenpenny.

Things to do during 555 We Tip are:
  • Start this 555 We tip from your Doherty garage and after cut scene go to the yellow blip on your  map.
  • There you will be informed about Valet system of the hotel. Then follow a Valet and inside the car parking lot kill that Valet to steal his uniform.
  • Get to the Valet Car Port and wait with other valets for the District Attorney's (D.A) car.
  • After 2 or 3 cars, D.A's car will arrive and you have to service his car first or else you will fail this mission.
  • When the D.A's car arrives, one valet will comment, "Hey, that's the DA. He's a great tipper." 
  • Get inside D.A's car and a timer will start. You have 2 minutes and 30 seconds. In this, you have to take the car to garage, plant drugs and again come back to the car park.
  • After this, call police and D.A gets arrested and you complete this 555 We Tip game mission.
Important Things:
  • You will fail 555 We Tip if you get wanted level while getting inside car parking to kill valet.
  • The mission will also fail if you earn a wanted level while driving the DA's car.

Video Walkthrough

Wear Flowers in your Hair

'Wear Flowers in you Hair' challenge is very simple. you have got nothing to do. The only thing you need to complete this challenge is to drive car. Drive car during Wear Flowers in your Hair mission and collect 3 people named Jethro, Dwaine and Zero to complete this video game challenge.

How to complete Wear Flowers in your Hair?
  • After cut scene, get inside the car and get to a location marked in map.
  • Collect Jethro there who works at Xoomer gas station in Eastern Basin.
  • Then recruit Dwaine whom you will get at a location marked in map.
  • After this, you final step is to recruit a guy who is expert in electronics and his name is Zero.
  • After meeting all 3, drive your car back to Doherty Garage which is your saving point.

  • You will unlock next mission of GTA San Andreas named 555 We Tip. 
  • Also, you will get a call from Zero (electronics guy) who will inform you about selling of his shop.
Its finished!