Jizzy Mission

Jizzy mission of the best game is unlocked after completing Photo Opportunity. It takes place in 2 parts. First part starts from your garage in Doherty and second part from Jizzy's Pleasure Domes. After a cut scene of GTA San Andreas game, go to Tizzy's casino called Pleasure Domes where he gives Carl Johnson some tasks. Total tasks are 4.
  1. First task is to drop a girl at a hotel in Downtown area. The hotel is marked with yellow blip on radar.
  2. Then kill a rival pimp of Jizzy in Hashbury area. You will get a total time of 2 minutes in which you have to go there as well as kill the pimp. Location is again marked with yellow blip on your gaming radar.
  3. Now, kill 2 punters who are beating a girl at a location. The location is marked with yellow blip on radar. Save the girl before she dies.
  4. Last task is to kill a preacher who is saving the girl whom you dropped in Downtown. Again go there and blast the preacher's car  and also his guards' car with a gun or rocket launcher to complete the mission.
Above task no. 2  is a time-limit task. So, complete before time ends. 
Task No. 3 has also got some constraints like girl's health. It means you have to get there where the girl is beaten and also kill the assaulter before the girl dies. 

Once you complete Jizzy mission of the video game, you will unlock  next task called 'T-Bone Mendez. Also, you have unlocked Wu Zi Mu's mission called 'Mountain Cloud Boys'.


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