T Bone Mendez

This page is a walkthrough about T-Bone Mendez mission and not about character t-bone Mendez of GTA San Andreas game. The challenge is given by Jizzy from Pleasure Domes.

Aim of it is to chase down 4 bikers and snatch packages from them which they have stolen from a van belonging to T Bone Mendez (character).

You can play T-Bone Mendez mission by going to skull image icon on map. There in the cut scene, you will see Jizzy not happy about the 20% share he gets from his gang. He's arguing with T Bone in the video game. Then it is found that shipments of Jizzy's gang has been intercepted by some unknown persons.It will be shown that they steal the packages in the shipment.

  • Go to the place where shipments in van has been intercepted by some unknown persons.
  • In a small cut scene, you will see that 4 bikers steal packages from shipments and run away.
  • Now, you chase down all the 4 bikers in the game one-by-one and snatch away packages from them to complete.
Reward of the mission: You will get $5000 and also an increase in respect.

How to collect packages from Bikers?
This is the thing which many don't know. They are not able to collect packages. 
  • On PC, go near the bikers and then press LCTRL (Left Control) button to collect packages. 
  • On PS2, to collect packages, press L1 button on your PlayStation joystick.
Mike Toreno challenge gets unlocked after this in GTA. Also, T-Bone Mendez is unlocked after Jizzy.

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