New Model Army

This article is a walkthrough of 'New Model Army' which is one of the missions. It is unlocked after completing Supply Lines mission of the video game. It is also the third challenge given by character called Zero.

New Model Army Walkthrough

In this, Zero is involved in a do or die battle with Berkley (Zero's enemy). To win, he has to get his Bandit (remote controlled small car) into Berkley's base within a limited time of 8 minutes. And you (Carl Johnson  have to help him by removing obstacles and also by destroying enemy tanks by using a Goblin (remote controlled small helicopter).

Note: You will fail New Model Army mission if you are not able to complete all in 8 minutes.

Total you have to destroy 3 tanks and also place 2 planks across river to enable Bandit cross the river in the GTA San Andreas. Remember, all this has to be done in 8 minutes of the video game time.

Things to do in the challenge are:
  • After cut scene, your timer of 8 minutes will start.
  • Learn controls of Goblin by following onscreen  instructions.
  • Destroy all the 3 tanks by using bombs kept in Zero's base.
  • Remove all the obstructions which come in the way of his Bandit.
  • Also, you have to place 2 planks across river so as to ensure continuous travelling of Bandit (car).
  • If all is complete din 8 minutes then you will complete  New Model Army.

You will be given a total of 3 bandits. If one Bandit is destroyed or catches fire due to collisions with obstructions then you have another. If all are lost then you will fail New Model Army.

With this mission, you have completed all 3 challenges given by him.
  • You will get a reward of $7,000.
  • You will acquire RC shop as an asset and it will generate revenues upto $5000 per day which you can collect regularly from the shop.
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