555 We Tip

You will get a call from Frank Tenpenny to play this challenge in video game. This challenge is pretty simple and you have to place some drugs in the car of a district attorney who seems to be enemy of Frank Tenpenny.

Things to do during 555 We Tip are:
  • Start this 555 We tip from your Doherty garage and after cut scene go to the yellow blip on your  map.
  • There you will be informed about Valet system of the hotel. Then follow a Valet and inside the car parking lot kill that Valet to steal his uniform.
  • Get to the Valet Car Port and wait with other valets for the District Attorney's (D.A) car.
  • After 2 or 3 cars, D.A's car will arrive and you have to service his car first or else you will fail this mission.
  • When the D.A's car arrives, one valet will comment, "Hey, that's the DA. He's a great tipper." 
  • Get inside D.A's car and a timer will start. You have 2 minutes and 30 seconds. In this, you have to take the car to garage, plant drugs and again come back to the car park.
  • After this, call police and D.A gets arrested and you complete this 555 We Tip game mission.
Important Things:
  • You will fail 555 We Tip if you get wanted level while getting inside car parking to kill valet.
  • The mission will also fail if you earn a wanted level while driving the DA's car.

Video Walkthrough


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