How To Enter Cheats in GTA? - On PC, PS2 and Xbox

 Here are simple ways discussed on How to enter cheats in a Game on platforms like PC, PS2 and Xbox.  People around cannot play GTA SA without it. It makes the GTA series enjoyable and fabulous.

  1. To activate you need to put it as it is on your gaming platform.
  3. If you want to enter, lets say HESOYAM then what you have to do is simply enter the cheat on your keyboard. Press corresponding buttons on your keyboard. If you put the it properly then you will get an activation notification on your gaming screen on top left hand side which will read "Cheat Activated". 

How to enter codes in GTA on PS2 (PlayStation 2), Xbox 360 ?

Same is the process with other gaming platforms like PS2, Xbox and 360. But only difference is that you now have to activate the it using your joystick during the game.
    Example: If you want to put the health code on PS2 then it is R1, R2, L1 , X, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up. So, now you have to press the corresponding buttons on your PlayStation 2 (PS2) joystick. Below image on PS2 joystick will help you to figure out the names of buttons.

    PS2 Joystick Buttons Location

    How to enter it in GTA on Xbox?

    Just like cheats are activated on a PS2, same is the way to activate it on this platform. It can be activated using your joystick without pausing the San Andreas game.

    Mike Toreno

    This is a walkthrough of 'Mike Toreno' mission. T Bone Mendez, another character, comes to know about  kidnapping of Mike Toreno and along with Jizzy and Carl Johnson sets out to save him during the game.

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    Note: There is a time limit  with total time of 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Before time ends, you have to find out and save him or else you will fail this challenge.
    Toreno arguing with Carl Johnson

    1. After cut scene, timer of 5:30 sec starts. Get inside the car and follow the instructions on your screen.
    2. Drive Car first to Doherty as he hears sound of heavy machinery and seagulls. He is unsure about his position
    3. Then, drive to docks and then finally to airport where Toreno is. In spite, of going to Doherty and docks, you can also go directly to airport. 
    4. Search for him at airport. Watch below video will help you out to track exact position of him.
    5. After locating him, kill goons around on bikes and inside cars.
    6. Then destroy the van in which he was kept kidnapped. You will get 2-3 star wanted level.
    7. Then head to nearest Pay n Spray shop to lose wanted level and then finally drop all the three at Pleasure Domes.
    Reward: Cash Money of $7000 and increase in respect.
    Below is video walk through. Hope this guide and tips proves useful to you!

    Video Walk through

    Saved Games for PC

    Are you looking for GTA San Andreas Saved games (SCROLL BELOW)? Then we have all of  them here on this page. Saved games of all story missions is available for download on this page. Complete list is below. Challenges given in different locations such as Los Santos, San Fierro, Countryside, etc are some times difficult and hence for them this page is useful!

    What are Saved Games?
    Answer: They are small files which if you store in your PC at appropriate location will complete the game mission automatically without playing. Best examples are High Stakes Low Rider, Wrong Sides of the Tracks, Robbing Uncle Sam, Supply Lines, etc. These challenges are very difficult to complete. So, with them you can complete the tough challenges without playing. Thus, you can proceed with ease without wasting much time on difficult challenges.

    How to use them on PC?

    1. Download it by clicking on the name of missions below which you are not able to complete. 
    2. Unzip your downloaded file by using software like WinRar or Iceows.
    3. Copy and paste the file in folder "GTA San Andreas User File" located in "My Documents" in C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\My Documents
    4. Now, open GTA and load the first saved game! Done!
    NOTE: PLEASE WAIT FOR 1 Minute! Below are all the names. Click on them and you will be taken to a new page. There you will get 2 options as below. There select "Free Downloading". Then a timer of 60 seconds will start. Wait for 60 seconds and then click "Download".


    1. Big Smoke, Sweet and Kendl
    2. Ryder
    3. Tagging Up Turf
    4. Cleaning the Hood
    5. Drive Thru
    6. Nines and AKS
    7. Drive By
    8. Sweet's Girl
    9. Cesar Vialpando
    10. High Stakes Low Rider
    11. Home Invasion
    12. Catalyst
    13. Robbing Uncle Sam
    14. OG Loc
    15. Running Dog
    16. Wrong Side of the tracks
    17. Just Business
    18. Lifes a Beach
    19. Madd Doggs Rhymes
    20. Management Issues
    21. House Party
    22. Burning Desire
    23. Gray Imports
    24. Doberman
    25. Los Sepulcros
    26. Reuniting the families
    27. The Green Sabre
    28. Badlands
    29. Tanker Commander
    30. Local Liquor Store
    31. Against All Odds
    32. Small Town Bank
    33. Farewell My Love
    34. Wu Zi Mu
    35. Body Harvest
    36. Are You Going To San Fierro?
    37. Wear Flowers in your Hair
    38. 555 We Tip
    39. Deconstruction
    40. Air Raid
    41. Supply lines
    42. New Model Army
    43. Jizzy
    44. T Bone Mendez
    45. Mike Toreno
    46. Outrider
    47. Snail Trail
    48. Ice Cold Killa
    49. Pier 69
    50. Toreno's Last Flight
    51. Mountain Cloud Boys
    52. Ran Fa Li
    53. Lure
    54. Amphibious Assault
    55. The Da Nang Thang
    56. Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
    57. Zeroing In
    58. Test Drive
    59. Customs Fast Track
    60. Puncture Wounds
    61. Monster
    62. Interdiction
    63. Verdant Meadows
    64. N.O.E.
    65. Stowaway
    66. Black Project
    67. Green Goo
    68. Fender Ketchup
    69. Explosive Situation
    70. You've Had Your Chips
    71. Don Peyote
    72. Architectural Espionage
    73. Key To Her Heart
    74. Dam And Blast
    75. Cop Wheels
    76. Up, Up And Away!
    77. Intensive Care
    78. The Meat Business
    79. Fish In A Barrel
    80. Misappropriation
    81. Madd Dogg
    82. Freefall
    83. High Noon
    84. Saint Mark's Bistro
    85. A Home In The Hills
    86. Vertical Bird
    87. Home Coming
    88. Beat Down On B Dup
    89. Grove 4 Life
    90. Cut Throat Business
    91. Riot
    92. Los Desperados
    93. End Of The Line
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