Mike Toreno

This is a walkthrough of 'Mike Toreno' mission. T Bone Mendez, another character, comes to know about  kidnapping of Mike Toreno and along with Jizzy and Carl Johnson sets out to save him during the game.

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Note: There is a time limit  with total time of 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Before time ends, you have to find out and save him or else you will fail this challenge.
Toreno arguing with Carl Johnson

  1. After cut scene, timer of 5:30 sec starts. Get inside the car and follow the instructions on your screen.
  2. Drive Car first to Doherty as he hears sound of heavy machinery and seagulls. He is unsure about his position
  3. Then, drive to docks and then finally to airport where Toreno is. In spite, of going to Doherty and docks, you can also go directly to airport. 
  4. Search for him at airport. Watch below video will help you out to track exact position of him.
  5. After locating him, kill goons around on bikes and inside cars.
  6. Then destroy the van in which he was kept kidnapped. You will get 2-3 star wanted level.
  7. Then head to nearest Pay n Spray shop to lose wanted level and then finally drop all the three at Pleasure Domes.
Reward: Cash Money of $7000 and increase in respect.
Below is video walk through. Hope this guide and tips proves useful to you!

Video Walk through


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