Sweets Girl: Guide, Walkthrough and Help for Mission

Let us look into complete and easy to follow details of 'Sweets Girl' of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

Sweets Girl mission is unlocked after completing Drive-By Mission. Before starting this, its better to have a car or bike in your garage and some guns with you. If you don't have then no problem at all because LONG LIVE THE CHEATS! Sweets Girl starts with a cut scene where Carl Johnson enters Sweet's (his brother) house and shouts out his and Smoke's name. But he doesn't get any reply as no one is at home.

CJ wonders where his homies have gone! As he gets outside the home, he gets a call on his phone from his brother. He tells Carl that he has been  ambushed (pinned down or captured) in Seville Hood by the Seville Boulevard Families. And he wants CJ to get fast to the Seville Hood and save him from Seville gangsters

After this you are into the game and a meter can be seen on top right-hand side of your screen which shows Sweet's health. Get to him quickly before that health meter runs out. If the health meter empties then Sweet dies and you fail the challenge. Find a car so as to get to the spot.

You can get a car in this challenge if you had stored a car in your garage or steal someone else's car. Or if addicted to cheats then a car cheat is the best option. Cheat for getting a car in GTA San Andreas game are VROCKPOKEY and VPJTQWV .

You can spawn a car with above two cheats. There is also another way to get to Sweet very quickly and the way which I always use is a Jetpack. With jetpack you can reach too quickly. Cheat for Jetpack is ROCKETMAN. (For more details on like How to fly JetPack?

Before reaching there, you need to have some weapons with you. If you have guns from previous tasks then it is better or you can go to Emmet's place for getting some guns. Or the last way is to use cheats. Cheats for guns  and weapon tools in the game are LXGIWYLPROFESSIONALSKIT and UZUMYMW.

Reach the building where Sweet is hiding and kill all the Seville Boulevard members. You can kill them with guns or drive over them with your car. The moment you kill all the gangsters, you will get a phone call from him whose excitement can be understood from his voice. He is happy that you killed all the boys. Sweet then asks you to get a four-door car for him and his girl so that they can reach Grove Street quickly. Look for a four-door car nearby and drive it into the red marker. After this, he will come and sit in the car. Three cars loaded with Seville boys come and begin to attack you. You need not care about this as he will shoot at them. Head back safely and fastly to your hood which will be marked in the radar. Seville gangsters will follow you until you reach your hood.

Stop the car in red marker and a small scene will start before the mission finishes!!!
You won't get any money for completing the this story-mission.


Now save your game by going to the nearest saving point. The nearest saving point after completing the it  is the Johnson House.

Sweets Girl Video in HD

walkthrough video with english subtitles

Drive-By Mission

This post covers the way to completion of this mission as well as what is there in Drive-By mission. It involves shooting at the rival Ballas Gang members whilst in a car driven by Carl Johnson aka CJ.

It is given to CJ by his brother Sweet Johnson. As it can be understood from the name, Drive-by means 'an incident in which someone is shot from a moving vehicle'. So, you have to perform it on some of the Ballas gang members.

This mission is unlocked after completing the previous mission in the series of mission given by Sweet i.e Nines and AK's. It starts with a cut scene in which Ryder is admitting to Sweet that he is better driver of car than CJ. At this moment, CJ enters and asks what they were telling about him. Ryder replies that East Coast made CJ drive like a fool and always CJ crashes cars and shit. Ryder is also unhappy about people asking every time CJ to take here and there but not him (Ryder).

At this moment, Sweet tries to calm down Ryder by saying that he is better at shooting shotguns. With this, Ryder is calmed and agrees. He asks CJ to take control of car. And thus, they decide to perform a drive-by at the Ballas. Though in cutscene only Ryder, Sweet and CJ are involved but as soon as cutscene ends, Big Smoke can be seen walking into the car.

After cutscene ends, get into the car along with other three and get your homies to the Ballas Gang territory for a drive-by. Take the car to the area marked in the radar and park into the red marker. Again a short cutscene starts where Sweet will tell you to concentrate on your driving and they will take care of shooting.

After this, you will see a meter on top right hand side of your screen indicating the health of the car. Now, drive near to the bunch of Ballas standing by the roadside. Then your homies will start shooting at them. make sure that the car's health meter doesn't run out. Otherwise, your car will catch fire and will be destroyed and thus mission failed. You can also kill the Ballas in this mission by driving the car over them. Help your homies by doing this!!

After killing all the Ballas you will get a two-star wanted level and thus the police will start chasing you. Therefore, follow the on-screen instructions where you will be instructed to go to the spray-shop which will help you to loose your two-star wanted level. You need not to be worried about the location of spray-shop as it will be marked on your radar. Follow the proper route and get into the shop and get a respray job done. In the mission, respraying would cost you nothing. Whereas if you come at any other time then it will cost you $100. After respraying, your wanted level is suspended and then take your mates back to Grove Street.


Save your game immediately.
After completing the mission, Ryder's mission will be unlocked. So, now you have got three persons for getting mission i.e Ryder, Sweet and Smoke.

Drive By Mission Video in HD

Video Walkthrough in English Subtitles

Nines and AKs

Aim of Nines and AKs  mission is to make you learn to shoot guns. Nines and AKs    will be unlocked after completing the previous mission i.e. Drive Thru.  Once you walk into the red marker, cutscene will start where Ryder and Big Smoke are playing with Domino Set (a game). Carl Johnson comes in and enquires about the guns and weapons that Grove Street Famliy have. Ryder replies that they ain't got the shit(items. Here gun). Then Carl asks what they will do if the Ballas gang raid them? Would they hit the Ballas gang with shoes? In the mean time, Carl enquires about Emmet. Emmet is a gun dealer who runs his gun business on a small scale and has some relation with Seville Boulevard Families. Sweet Johnson (Carl's brother) says that these days gangsters have got Mac's, Ak's and etc and Emmet has got nothing. By this he means that his stock is out of date. He has old stock and all.   But Carl says that till they do not have any one else, they will have to deal with him. Big Smoke wants to take Carl to Emmet's small gun dealership place which is in Willowfield, Los Santos.

Now you're into the game and your main part of Nine's and Ak's starts. Get into the Smoke's car and drive with him to Emmet's shop which is in Willowfield. Get there and stop the car into the red marker and again a cutscene starts.

You can see the man now. Smoke and CJ approach him. He recognizes Carl as Beverely Johnson's son (Carl Johnson's mother) and mistooks Carl for his dead brother Brian Johnson. Then he introduces Carl and Smoke to his collection of guns and asks them to try any weapon. Then Emmet will teach you the shooting. The only interesting task which you have in this Nines and AK's mission is to shoot some glass bottles and a gas tank of car.

You can use Right Mouse Button (RMB) to target or to take aim and Left Mouse Button (LMB) to shoot your target. You will be taught about zooming while targeting as well. You can zoom in and out while aiming by using Mouse Wheel Up and MS Wheel Down in GTA San Andreas. Frequently, Emmet will praise you while shooting. You will also know about How to increase the accuracy while shooting in this game. You can increase the accuracy by crouching and you can crouch by pressing '"C'' button. By crouching and shooting, you can aim better.

After shooting the gas tank of car, your shooting tutorial will finish and again a cutscene will start where Emmet will tell you not to tell anyone that you have got guns from him. Also, it is the place for guns.
In the cutscene of 'Nines and AKs', CJ will get into the car along with Smoke and after the cutscene finishes drive Smoke to his house which is in Idlewood.

After dropping him during 'Nines and AKs', you will get a phone call from Sweet who asks you to wear the Grove Street colors because you are representing the hood. Also, nobody will respect you if you don't have your green color which is color of Grove Street. Follow the yellow mark on radar for going to the Clothes shop in Ganton and get some clothes for yourself and then the mission will be complete.


After completing this 'Nines and AKs' mission, Big Smoke's Missions will be unlocked!!!!!!
Nines and AK's mission is really easy and therefore I think that you won't need any cheat help. You can complete this mission without cheats and with ease.

Nines and AKs Mission Video Walkthrough in HD.

Video with English Subtitles

Drive Thru Mission

Drive Thru mission is given by Sweet Johnson. This mission comes after the mission of 'Cleaning the Hood' and therefore to unlock this mission you have to complete the 'cleaning the hood mission'.
To start 'Drive Thru' walk into the red marker in front of Sweet's house and the cutscene will begin. In it, Sweet Johnson, Ryder and Big Smoke can be seen coming out of the house of Sweet when Carl Johnson meets them at the door. Sweet and Smoke are discussing about the respect and Smoke tells Sweet that respect has to be earned just like money. Then Smoke is hungry and says that he cannot live entirely on bread and hence they need to eat something. Then they decide about what to eat. Ryder suggests Tacos but Smoke suggests chicken and they all agree to for chicken. And cutscene ends.

How To Complete the 'Drive Thru'?
So, after the cut scene you are back into game. Drive to the nearby Cluckin' bell in Willowfield. Don't worry! As you must be knowing that your destination will be marked on radar and drive accordingly to reach the Cluckin' bell in Willowfield and stop the car in red marker. In cutscene, which will again start, you will see all the four ordering food. Carl and Ryder order number 9. Sweet orders number 6 with extra dip. Smoke calls for two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda. In between, a Ballas gang car appears and seem to be going towards your hood to scope you out. Therefore, chase them down before they cap your homies (members of grove street family). Thus, aim of this drive-thru  is to chase down the ballas gang members in a VooDoo.

Take your car and chase them. Be near to the VooDoo so that Ryder and Sweet and shoot the car easily causing it to explode. The more you are near the car, the more Ryder and Sweet shoot at the car and the more are the chances of explosion of car. If you are far then it will take time for Sweet and Ryder to attack them and explode.After the car explodes, head back to the Grove Street and drop Ryder and Sweet there. Drop Smoke to his house nearby and the Drive Thru mission is complete. You earn some bucks and also respect increase for completing it.

Money Earned: $200
Respect +

After completing the mission, you will get a phone call from Sweet that you need to buff up some muscles and then the Los Santos gym will be unlocked. The immediately save your game by getting back to your saving house in grove street.

Cheat Help:
  • Aim is to shoot the Ballas gang car which will be done by Sweet and Ryder. You can also join them by enabling the free aim while driving with GTA San Andreas cheat OUIQDMW. Also, have some guns with cheat UZUMYMW or PROFESSIONALSKIT. 
  • Remember not to use the cheat of 'Blowing the cars' during 'Drive Thru' because your car will also be blown up and then you fail the mission. :p

Mission Video in HD

GTA San Andreas Drive Thru Mission Video with English Subtitles

That was the Drive Thru Walkthrough!! Hope this Walkthrough guides! Please comment and share your views and additional things you know about this mission as well as San Andreas.

Cleaning The Hood

Here is the walkthrough of Cleaning the Hood challenge and its complete details.

Aim of the ''Cleaning The Hood" mission is to wipe out the drug dealers and those people who care about money and smoking. Also, some Ballas gang drug dealers are needed to be bashed up and killed by CJ and Ryder during 'Cleaning the Hood' in the game. Let us see in this walkthrough how all this happens!

You can start it by walking into the red marker in front of Sweet's house. That red marker can be traced on radar. Then the cut scene starts with Big Smoke and Sweet Johnson discussing about the drug dealers from Ballas gang who deal with members of grove street families and also spoil them.

Sweet (CJ's older brother) asks CJ to go along with Ryder and clean the hood from these drug dealers.  CJ tells Ryder that they need some one along with them as back up. CJ asks Ryder for B-Dup as backup. Then go to B-dup's house There a cutscene will start where B-Dup tell CJ to get lost and also he tells CJ that he has left the grove street family. Big Bear has also left the gang along with B-Dup.

After that go along with Ryder and there you will find somebody selling drugs to your homies (members of grove street family). You can find that crack (cocaine) dealer nearby in Ganton area. Dealer's position will be marked on radar. Get to him and Kill him with few nice punches or with gun (get that gun with cheats). You can get guns with cheat UZUMYMW or PROFESSIONALSKIT. 

After killing him, a cutscene starts where Ryder will tell you the hanging out place of some Ballas gang drug dealers. Take a bat which you can see rotating in air after you kill that drug dealer. Go to that hanging out place and kill all the Ballas gang drug dealers there. After killing, drive back with Ryder to Grove street and the 'Cleaning the Hood' mission is complete along with this walkthrough.

Respect +

After this, Ballas gang will know that the Grove Street Family is back into action.
You can complete the above mission without cheats. However, if you are addicted to GTA game with cheats then cheats for health, infinite health and guns will help you.
Cheat for infinite health : BAGUVIX 
Cheat for infinite ammo: FULLCLIP
These basic cheats will help you clearing out this 'cleaning the hood' mission with more ease.

Cleaning the Hood Mission Video

Cleaning the Hood Video Walkthrough

GTA San Andreas, as you know, is an open-environment game where a user can do anything ranging from swimming to driving cars, planes, etc. Also, a story line is present in game where the protagonist Carl Johnson (CJ) has returned after five years from Liberty City to San Andreas and finds his Grove Street Family occupying the back seat in gang rivalry with Ballas Gang as their biggest rival and sworn-in enemy. So what happens is that, CJ wants to announce the arrival of Grove Street family once again by achieving supremacy in fighting and all.

Tagging Up Turf

Play Tagging Up Turf anytime by walking into the red marker in front of Sweet's house. In previous mission, Ryder informs you to meet Sweet. After visiting Sweet, Carl Johnson (CJ) finds him playing basketball along with Big Smoke who is another character in the San Andreas game. Sweet asks CJ to announce his comeback by spraying Grove Street Family's graffiti over the Ballas Gang's graffiti and hence the name 'Tagging Up Turf'. Sweet gives you a spray to make the graffiti and he accompanies CJ to Idlewoodin the game.

You can find a complete guide on Tags.

How to get to Idlewood? It's simple. There will be a square yellow color mark on your radar.
Get to Idlewood and Sweet will show you how to make your tag. You have to come near the Ballas Gang tag and then look at that and then press LMB (Left Mouse Button) to spray over.
In all to complete this Tagging Up turf, you have to do 6 tags of Ballas Gang during the game. 5 tags will be sprayed by you and remaining one by Sweet. After spraying 3 tags, you have to drive to East Los Santos so as to do the remaining 3 tags.

During this, if the Ballas Gang members see you tagging over then they will attack you (CJ). Be aware and prepared to knock them down by spraying the can over them or by bashing them. :)
Complete tagging up turf and Sweet will get back to you with car and then drive back to Grove Street. Tagging Up Turf  is complete!!!!!

Mission Passed!
Money Earned = $200
Respect +

The moment you complete get into your house and save the game!  After this a spray can will be available in CJ's house which you can take anytime to spray over the remaining 94 tags. Oh! Remember that spraying over the remaining tags is necessary for 100% completion of GTA San Andreas game. Tagging counts towards completion!

After this you will get a phone call from Officer Hernandez and he will tell you not to leave Los Santos because it's the order of Officer Tenpenny. So, if you happen to leave Los Santos then you will gain four star wanted level.  

After ''Tagging Up Turf'' mission always have the can with you because you can spot a tag of Ballas Gang anytime and so you can make graffiti over it. :)

Tagging Up Turf Mission Video Walkthrough with Subtitles

Same video but in HD and without subtitles.

Question: How to complete tagging Up Turf Mission?
Answer: Above content is your answer. :p

Big Smoke, Sweet and Kendl

Now, you take the charge. It's time to begin with San Andreas. After starting the game, 'Big Smoke' is the very first challenge. We can say its not like mission but rather a short movie so as to enable a player know about Carl Johnson (popular in game as CJ), the protagonist. In this short scene, CJ arrives at the Los Santos International Airport so as to go to his home. On his way to home, CJ is caught by some police officers. But the officers leave him after checking. Now the game starts!! There is a bicycle with which CJ gets to his house in Los Santos. There are instructions displayed on the top left hand side of the screen on how to ride a bicycle. After reaching home, he recalls the moments when his mother was alive. Then Smoke enters and then both i.e. Carl and Smoke drive off to the funeral.

At the funeral, CJ meets his family and close friend. CJ meets Sweet and Kendl, his siblings, and also Ryder who is a close family friend of Johnson family. In between, Sweet and Carl are into an argument over the funeral and Kendl begins to leave so as to meet Cesar Vialpando. And after getting out of the cemetery, CJ is attacked by the Ballas gang. From here, the missions of GTA San Andreas start. So, it is the first challenge.. You have to follow Sweet on a bicycle and get back to the home in Los Santos. If you get lost in the way, then you can trace Sweet by looking over to the map.

Here is the video of Big Smoke, Sweet and Kendl  mission. Watch it and it will be of some help.

Hope the above Big Smoke walkthrough is helpful!!!!

Opening Introduction Video of SA

Here is the opening video along with music. :-p

Gym and fighting

One of the unique and innovative idea in San Andreas was to have a gym so that the protagonist Carl Johnson (we know he is CJ) can build himself some muscles. Anytime a player can get into a gym and buff CJ up. CJ needs to have a good physique so that people may respect him. One of the gyms in Los Santos is the Ganton Gym. In that gym are Treadmills, Boxing Equipment, Weights and Bars as well as Exercise Bikes. All are at the disposal of Carl Johnson. These machines also lead to losing fat in GTA San Andreas.
Once in a gym, to use any equipment get close to that particular equipment and then press ENTER. Once you are with that equipment, you will be guided regarding its usage.
Exercise Bikes helps CJ to lose fat and increase stamina in San Andreas. Press ENTER to begin with exercising bikes. There are levels to use. Use UP and DOWN to select levels. After selecting level, use R SHIFT to start pedaling the bike. The higher level the faster you have to press RSHIFT. To quit any machine you press ENTER.
You can also have a  fight with a boxer who practices in the gym. If you defeat that boxer then he will teach you new moves.
There is the best short-cut way to build muscles for CJ. And that is CHEATS!!!!!
You can use BUFFMEUP cheat for having maximum muscles with Carl. 

Below is the video of a workout at gym in San Andreas. Watch it to learn what's ther in GYM!

How to get to gym at the start of Game?