Countryside Missions Walkthrough

This article comprises of a list of walk through of the challenges given in Countryside area of GTA San Andreas. It is a fantastic video game with excellent story line and this continues to rock even after several years of its release.

Different missions are given by different persons in game of GTA as you may know. E.g: Some challenges may be by Catalina, some by Frank Tenpenny, etc in the video game. So, below are name of persons and their challenges which you have to complete.

Frank Tenpenny
The Truth: Countryside 

OG Loc: Character (Biography & Wiki)

OG Loc
OG Loc is a character and his original name is Jeffrey Cross. He is neighbor of Carl Johnson and he wants to become a Big Rapper one day. He fulfills his wish and becomes a star rapper in later stages.

Early Life:
About his early life, very less is known and it can only be guessed according to the video game's script that OG Loc is a neighbor and long time friend of Carl Johnson and Sweet Johnson. He is allied to the Grove Street Family.

OG Loc: Character

Biography: (Wiki)

OG Loc wants to become a star rapper in the San Andreas game. For this, he tries hard but cannot achieve and eventually lands in prison. During  the GTA game, he is first introduced during the OG Loc Mission which is given by Big Smoke to Carl Johnson.

Smoke, Carl and Ryder go to receive Loc from the prison. After coming out, he takes revenge from one of his prison inmates whose name is Freddy. It is found that Freddy had molested Loc inside the prison and so Loc makes Carl Johnson kill freddy.

Later, LOC gets a job at a shop named Burger Shot and continues to work there until becoming a rapper. From Burger Shot, he persuades Carl to help him and thus makes Carl steal Madd Dogg's rhyme book and also kill Madd Dogg's manager. He does all this so as to become a celebrity.

As the script reaches its climax, it is shown that CJ is betrayed by his own friends from Grove Street families and CJ flees Los Santos area. It is here when LOC becomes a star and his new ally is Big Smoke who betrayed CJ.

OG Loc and Carl Rivalry in GTA:

Finally, when Carl gets his hold and revives Grove Street gang, he saves Madd Dogg's life (Loc's rival) and Dogg appoint CJ as his manager. And both then chase down him to get back Madd Dogg's stolen Rhyme book which Loc possesses.After much chase and arguments, he agrees to leave the rapping and return the rhyme book and never return to rapping again. After this, Loc's story is unknown.

Mission appearances

Click here for OG Loc's Rap.

Are You Going to San Fierro?

'Are you Going to San Fierro?' is a challenge give by 'The Truth' and it is unlocked after completing Farewell My Love.

Target of this challenge is to destroy weeds in Truth's farm and also to destroy a police chopper which follows his vehicle in the GTA San Andreas game. You have to burn the weeds using flame throwers, provided by him, and also eliminate the police chopper using a Rocket Launcher.

For successfully completing Are you Going to San Fierro?, here is a short walkthrough of that story mission:
  • Unlock  it by completing Farewell my Love.
  • Follow the TT icon on map to initiate the task.
  • During cut scene, you and Truth will hear sound of a Police chopper and so he asks you to help him burn the weeds.
  • Using flamethrower burn all the weeds marked by red blips on your game map.
  • Destroy a chopper using Rocket Launcher provided by Truth.
  • After this, drive his Mothership (a vehicle which he drives) to a garage in San Fierro area to complete 'Are you Going to San Fierro?'.
While destroying the weeds during this challenge of video game, protect yourself from the burning weeds. Otherwise, Carl will burn and die and thus fail this task.

You will earn some Respect for completing this challenge.
After this, you will complete all the countryside and thus unlock the new area. You can also purchase safe houses there.

Cheat Help:
Some cheats like Infinite health cheat and health cheat will help.

Video Walkthrough

Farewell My Love

Farewell My Love is unlocked after successfully completing Wu Zi Mu in the game of San Andreas. It is given by Cesar Vialpando. This post is useful for all 3 gaming platform like PC, PS2, Xbox & Xbox 360.  Like the previous challenge, main objective of this is to win a race. Let us look at the walk through of the below in short.

Important Things to Note: With whateveer vehicle you come to race, you will lose that and it will be replaced by ZR-350 car. This car can reach high speeds very fast while playing the game. So, during the Farewell My Love mission:

  • Drive the car slowly and don't reach high speeds. Maintain a moderate speed and you will easily win.
  • ZR-350 car has very poor handling and can flip or slip easily.
ZR-350 Car
For successfully completing the mission, you have to do below things:
  • Unlock  it in the game by completing Wu Zi Mu.
  • Go to the CV icon on map and start the challenge.
  • After a small cut scene, race will begin and you have to win the race by coming 1st.
  • Once you come first, you win the  Farewell My Love challenge.
  • By completing this challenge, you will unlock Are You Going to San Fierro?
You will fail it if you:
  • Lose the race by not coming 1st.
  • Destroy your racing vehicle.
  • Carl Johnson dies.
There are no cheats with which you can win the race or complete the mission. Only thing is, you have to drive properly and easily. Don't make haste during driving.

Video Walkthrough

With this, you have now last countryside challenge remaining.

Map: Horseshoes, Oysters & Snapshots Maps & Location | PS2, PC & Xbox

Note:-  For getting best view of below San Andreas game map, right click on below photos and open it in a new tab or  new window of your browser.

In this post, I have collected all important charts on one page of this site.
We have got full map of whole city, Horseshoes, Oysters and Snapshots.

Don't skip article as we have maps of:
  • San Andreas City
  • Horseshoes
  • Snapshots
  • Oysters
Credit for these images goes to Ian Albert.
Read more about his hard work here. GTA Maps.

1) GTA San Andreas: Depicting full city

Full city of game

2)Horseshoes map:

Horseshoes are collectibles in the game of GTA SA. These collectibles are found in the area of Las Venturas. These can be collected once you reach the missions of Las Venturas. Below is the horseshoes map. In all, 50 horseshoes are to be collected and all can be found in Las Venturas.

Horseshoes location
3) Oysters Map

This is one of the another side mission. Here, you're required to collect 50 oysters which are spread across the whole city. These oysters can be found near a water body. E.g: lake, river, swimming pool of hotels or mansions, etc. Below is the image which shows location of all 50 oysters.

Oysters Location
4) GTA San Andreas Snapshots map:

Other than horseshoes, oysters and tags, we have got snapshots as well. A player has to capture 50 photos of interesting things around the area of San Fierro inside the game. A circular camera icon can be found rotating near the scenic spot whose snapshot has to be taken. Image below will help you locate those scenic spots. How to get camera?
Snapshots Location
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Wu Zi Mu

You need a 4-wheeler vehicle to play this challenge. Objective of Wu Zi Mu Mission: It's objective is to win a race against other 3 competitors.

Wu Zi Mu Details

Here  you are introduced to a new character in game whose name is also "Wu Zi Mu" same as the name of the task given.
You have to win a race and come first to successfully complete. Also, there are other 3 competitors who are not much tough to beat. Below are highlights of the challenge:

  • Get yourself a 4 wheeler vehicle. It can be a car or a truck or a jeep.
  • Start by going to "CV" icon on your GTA SA map.
  • In cut scene, you meet Wu Zi Mu who introduces himself to you (Carl johnson).
  • Race starts with Wu Zi Mu also participating.
  • Drive slowly and control speed of your car to win the race. Don't make haste.
  • You win the race. Reward for this is $5000.
You will fail this mission if:
  • Your vehicle is destroyed.
  • Or you vehicle falls in water
  • You do not come first in race.
Other Details

It is given to protagonist Carl Johnson,, by Cesar Vialpando. It can be played from Red County. Once it is complete, it unlocks another challenge of GTA whose name is "Farewell, My Love". It is unlocked when you complete at least any of the 3 robbery tasks by Catalina.  Reward for it is $5000!

Video Walkthrough

King in Exile

King in Exile

This mission is unlocked only after completing previous challenge i.e. Body Harvest in GTA San Andreas. Strictly speaking, this is not at all a mission in which you have got some objective. Instead, this is only just a cut scene.

In cut scene during the King in Exile, you are able to meet again with Cesar Vialpando and Kenddl. Both have fled Los Santos on directions of Carl. During the cut scene, Cesar Vialpando says that he wants to get back home in Los Santos and kill all those who are involved in drug dealing business.

Carl and Cesar during  King in Exile

Carl and Kendl calm him down. Cesar replies and reminds him that Big Smoke is behind all this shit. But he is in no mood to accept that Big Smoke is responsible for all shit happening in Los Santos area. He thinks that this is because of C.R.A.S.H (frank Tenpenny).

Kendl asks him to go around and look what the truth is. He relents to Cesar and Kendl statements and plans to monitor the highway from San Fierro to Los Santos for any suspicious activity.

After this, Carl gets out of house and gets a call from Catalina who asks him to go for robbing.

With this, King in Exile challenge is complete.

Video Walkthrough

Body Harvest: First mission by Truth

Body Harvest mission can be played from countryside and it is give to Carl Johnson by a new character called as 'The Truth'. Main objective is to steal a Combine Harvester for him. 

Combine Harvester which has to be stolen
While stealing it from farm which is run by a group called Survivalists, you can expect some resistance. Get yourself some guns and enough ammo to fight the survivalists during the Body Harvest.

Let us look at this walk through in very short.

For successfully completing, you have to do following things:

  • Unlock Body Harvest by completing First Date mission.
  • Start the mission from Truth's place by following the 'TT' icon on map.
  • After cut scene, go to the Survivalists' farm to steal combine harvester.
  • Locate it and kill all those who oppose you during the game.
  • After stealing, park it at the Truth's farm.
After completing it, Carl Johnson will get a call from Cesar Vialpando who informs that Cesar's life and Kendl's life are in danger in Los Santos. Carl then asks Cesar to leave Los Santos and arrive at Angel Pine area.

Play below video for getting Video Walk through.

Video Walkthrough

You will earn some respect for completing this challenge. And also you'll unlock next mission which is King in Exile.

Small Town Bank: Catalina Mission

Small town bank

Main objective of this challenge is to rob a bank. Catalina is a robber by profession. Hence, you have to just assist her in robbing and then escape police.

Following things should be done so as to finish off.
  • Arrive at the Small town Bank in Palomino Creek.
  • Enter the bank along with Catalina.
  • Police surrounds the bank. So, steal the cash from 3 ATMS inside bank.
  • Escape through back door and protect her.
  • Kill all police officers who come in your way.
  • Escape on bike then and drop her home to complete the mission.
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You will fail if:
  • Carl Johnson dies during game play or Catalina dies.
  • Or Carl Johnson is arrested by the police inside the game.

Video Walkthrough

Against All Odds

Against All Odds

In previous two posts, we have covered the 2 related missions which were Tanker Commander and Local Liquor Store which were given by Catalina. So is this Against All Odds mission. Main objective in this challenge given by her is to rob a betting shop located in Montgomery area along with her help!

You can play this mission from Catalina's house or during First Date Mission. Below are the things in short which you have to do in order to complete.

  • Arrive at the betting shop in Montgomery which will be marked on map.
  • Use remote controlled bombs kept in a Satchel to break a room in which cash money is kept.
  • Once you break the doors, then break the safe using satchel again and then collect money.
  • Get out of betting shop. you have got a 4 star wanted Level.
  • Escape from police and SWAT teams and reach back home.
The moment you do above things successfully then you will have completed  Against All Odds challenge given by Catalina the video game of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

Note: After robbing the betting shop, you will get 4 star wanted level. So, you need to get rid of wanted level.  Either you can get rid of wanted level by cheats or by going to Pay N Spray shop nearby.

Video Walkthrough

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Details of Against All Odds: Walkthrough for PC, PS2 and Xbox or Xbox 360!

This challenge is given by Catalina from her home.  For completing it you will get a reward of $2000!

Mission will fail if:
  • Carl Johnson dies.
  • She dies.
  • Or Carl Johnson is arrested by police.

Local Liquor Store Mission

Local liquor Store mission is one of the 4 tasks by Catalina. We have discussed the details of Tanker Commander in previous article. Main objective of this is to steal money from robbers who rob a Liquor Store in Blueberry which is a place in game of GTA San Andreas.

Things which you have to do during Local Liquor Store are:

  • Start it from Catalina's House.
  • Arrive at the Store in Blueberry, Red County where you will see 4 robbers robbing the store.
  • Chase down the 3 robbers after 1 is killed by Catalina during the cutscene.
  • Kill all 3 robbers one by one and then collect the suitcase full of money.
  • Drop back Catalina to her house to finish.
In it you have to chase the 3 robbers you get a quad bike which is very wobbly and difficult to drive on roads. However, it's easy to drive off-roads. You can also chase robbers on a motor bike.

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I think you will not be able to complete the mission at first attempt as you have to follow a difficult route. So, play 2-3 times and once you get a idea about the route then you can easily complete the task. This walkthrough will help you irrespective of your gaming platform. Whether it be Xbox, PS2 or PC or Xbox 360, this is gonna help you!

Video Walkthrough

Tanker Commander

Tanker Commander is given by Catalina to Carl Johnson from a Gas Filling Station. Let us see the mission in short and its aim first and then go into some extra details. Main aim is to steal a tanker at the gas Station and sell it to another man.

To complete you have to do below things:

  • Arrive at Gas Station to start cutscene.
  • Attach you vehicle to the tanker.
  • Kill 2 owners of gas Station who will oppose you.
  • Safely take it to Flint County which will be marked on your map.
  • Sell it to a man called Mr. Whittaker to finish.
Once you do above things, you have completed the Tanker Commander. Now, you can play remaining 3 missions from Catalina.

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Video Walkthrough

First Date

After completing Badlands, you've now Unlocked First Date. In this challenge, you will be introduced to a new character called Catalina.

Who is she? She is Cesar Vialpando's cousin. You can play the mission by going to '?' icon on your GTA San Andreas map.

Here, in short, Carl Johnson or say you are introduced to her and she will give you 4 missions from which you have to choose any 1. Those 4 challenges given by her in First Date mission are:
It is a cut scene which unlocks above 4 missions. During the mission, play and complete any of the above 4 and complete it and then drop Catalina back to her home to complete it successfully. 

Remaining 3 can be played from her home one by one.

Last Mission Video: End of the Line - Final Mission

Name of Last mission: "End Of the Line"

It is the last and final task of GTA SA game. Carl Johnson and his brother Sweet Johnson have found out where Big Smoke, who betrayed Grove Street families, is hiding. And it starts in which aim is to kill Big Smoke.

After killing him, all the challenges of GTA SA game are complete! However, the game does not ends here as there as other plenty of side missions which need to be completed to attain 100% completion in GTA.

Below are the Video Walk through  i.e. 'End of the Line'

Last mission - End of the line  Part 1/3

Part 2/3

Part 3/3

Stamina Cheat: PC, PS2 & Xbox Code

Now get Stamina cheat. I will not write any more craps and waste your time. Coming directly to Stamina Cheat. Below is it for PC (Computer), PS2 (PlayStation 2) and Xbox.

For PC
  • Use vkypqcf for PC. 
  • To activate it enter it while playing San Andreas without pausing your current game.
For PS2:
  • For ps2, it is Up, A, Y, A, Y, A, X, Black, Right
  • Enter above code on your PS2 joystick without pausing.
For Xbox & 360:
  • Increase max stamina cheats is Up, X, TRIANGLE, X, TRIANGLE, X, SQUARE, R2, Right
  • Enter it on your controller to get max stamina.

If you're playing Grand Theft Auto SA on any platform and you enter above cheat and if you get a message "Cheat Activated" then it means you have entered it properly and activated it successfully.

Camera: How to use? How to get?

A camera is a device which is used to capture images or photos. It is used by us many times when we want to capture down our beautiful memories and events.

Let us come back to our topic. In games of Grand Theft Auto series game, it was first introduced in GTA Vice City game. But it had limited use and so was not much entertaining. But later on, it was provided in game with full use and many other functions like capturing any image of San Andreas.

How to get Camera?

You can get it on the first floor of 'The Johnson house' in the Groves Street during game. This house is located between houses of Sweet Johnson Ryder. If you're not able to understand or get where this Johnson House is situated then I will give you other info. This house is the same house which was the first saving point in the video game.

So, get on first floor and in a bedroom you will find it. Walk into it to get it for your use.

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How To Use Camera in GTA San Andreas game?

To use it first get it by learning above paragraph. Now select the Camera while playing game from your weapons list by using the MS Wheel UP and MS Wheel Down on PC.

  • Press RMB (Right Mouse Button) to look through viewfinder.
  • When using camera, use MS Wheel Up to Zoom In and MS Wheel Down to Zoom Out.
  • To take Photo press Left mouse Button (LMB)
  • Once you have clicked photos, you can get them in your "GTA San Andreas User Files" which is located in "My Documents" section of your hard drive on your Computer.
That's all I can about camera! Hope you find this useful! PLAY GAME!


Now, after completing the 28 Los Santos, you're now in a new place called badlands located at countryside. here, you will get a set of new missions. Very first mission is called Badlands, which is title of this article, which is given by Police Officer Frank Ten-penny of Los Santos police department.

Frank Tenpenny asks you to kill a witness who can expose Tenpenny and thus cost him his job. And also, Tenpenny asks you to bring back proof which will be in form of photo of the dead body.

This is first mission where you will be introduced to Camera.

Things to do are summarized below: Walk through for PC, PS2 and Xbox or Xbox 360
  • To get a camera. (You will get a camera while playing the game)
  • To kill 'witness' before he flees.
  • Take Photo of his dead body to complete.

You can unlock it only after completing Green Sabre. During 'Green Sabre', you come to know the realities of Big Smoke and Ryder. Carl Johnson finds them betraying the Grove Street families.

Now, Tenpenny wants you to kill an ex-police officer who has turned out to be a witness against him. So, he wants you to put the witness to death and also bring back proof like 'photo of his dead body' to make sure he has left this cruel world.

So, take the motor bike and go to the top of Mount Chiliad in Angel Pine. There witness is hiding and the place is heavily guarded by FBI. So, remove all FBI officials and also the target. It may happen that he may escape by car. So, follow the car and kill him.

After killing, return back to your spot which will be marked as yellow blip on map to complete the Badlands challenge of the game.

Video Walkthrough