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Here is the exhaustive and comprehensive details and walk through of 'House Party' mission of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It involves two parts for its completion. In first, it contains a cut scene in which OG Loc can be seen quitting his job at 'Burger Shot'. And he tells Carl Johnson (CJ) that he wants to have a big party before going to prison again. First part of it can be played from 'Burger Shot' shop. Whereas second can be played from OG Loc's house in Grove Street where a party is arranged. In second phase, which can be played between 8pm - 6am of game time, you need to protect your hood from the Ballas Gang who attack your hood.

'House Party' Summary
OG Loc quits his job as Appliance Technician at 'Burger Shot'. He asks CJ to come at his house. 
OG Loc along with Carl 
Now, go to OG Loc's house in Grove Street. (House will be marked on map with ''OG'' icon.) When CJ enters, between 8pm-6pm, he finds OG Loc singing terribly. Thus, he avoids his  horrible lyrics and gets outside along with Ryder to meet Sweet Johnson. Then a grove street member comes and informs them that Ballas Gang is going to attack Grove Street. Now game starts and you need to defend the hood from Ballas Gang members who attack from all the sides. Kill the all the Ballas before they kill you out. 

House Party: Details (wiki)

As usual, you can play first installment of  this mission of OG Loc from the 'Burger Shot'. It is unlocked by Management Issues. Walk into the red marker at Burger Shot to start this mission. In the cutscene that follows, you see: OG Loc quits his job of Appliance Technician at Burger Shot. He tells Carl Johnson (who enters) that he wants to have a big part before going to prison again. He wants CJ to get ready and come to Grove Street between 8pm-6am.
Enemies on the bridge

Now, you need to go to OG Loc's house in Grove Street for continuing the second session of the mission. Also, you will see that the ''OG'' icon on map has shifted to Grove Street. You can also save your game now or continue to go to Grove Street. 

Go to Grove Street and start the House Party mission again by walking into the red marker. In cut scene, you will see: Carl Johnson enters OG's house where a party is in progress and Loc is singing really hard with horrible lyrics. Thus, he and Ryder exit the house to avoid the terrible Loc and outside they both meet Sweet. After exchange of few words in between them, a fellow member of Grove Street Family comes and informs that ballas are going to attack the Grove Street hood. Sweet orders to block the roads with help of cars. You're now back in game.

Attack and kill each and every Ballas Gang member. They will come from all the sides and thus keep an eye on them. Some Ballas will come from front, some from alleyway and some will be on bridge above. Thus, protect yourself and shoot them down. Once you shoot all without dying, you will complete the 'House Party'. At the end you can see Sweet saying: "GROVE IS KING" before going for Loc's function!


Once 'House Party'' is complete, save your game. Also, with this, you complete all the four missions given by OG Loc.

Cheats which can be used':

This part is for those who can't live without cheats. During 'House Party', you have to shoot down the enemies and also save your life from the bullets. Thus, cheat for health and armor which is HESOYAM. San Andreas cheat for weapons and guns is useful. You can use either of the cheats for weapons, guns, pistols, etc: PROFESSIONALSKIT, UZUMYMW or LXGIWYL
Cheat for infinite health is BAGUVIX.

House Party Video Walkthrough 


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