Madd Doggs Rhymes: Storyline, Walkthrough, Cheat Help for Mission

Below is all details of this challenge given by OG Loc to you (Carl Johnson). How to complete? What is there in Madd Dogg's Rhymes? Let us see all the answers for above questions.

Madd Dogs Rhymes : Summary

Aim of this mission is to get Madd Dogg's, a popular rapper in San Andreas, rhyme book for OG Loc. You have to steal his rhyme book from his house in Mulholland. Go to Mulholland and enter his house to get it. It's kept in the recording studio and the location is shown on your mini-map of GTA SA with a small green color square blip. And to reach up to recording studio, you have to face some personal security guards. Perform stealth kill carefully on the them on way to the recording studio in the house. You can perform stealth kill by slowly moving towards the guard while holding RMB (Right Mouse Button) and then pressing LMB (Left Mouse Button) when your arm is raised in the game. After successfully killing all of them, you can easily steal the rhyme book from studio. Once you steal book, others get alerted and then you have to fight with them. Therefore, kill all the guards whom you face and then exit the mansion. Then you have to give the book to OG Loc at his working place which is 'Burger Shot' in Marina. Mission is now Complete!

'Madd Dogg's Rhymes' Detail:

This challenge in Grand Theft Auto SA can be unlocked only after completing the Life's a Beach.
'Madd Doggs Rhymes' is given to Carl Johnson by OG Loc from 'Burger Shot' in Marina. You can start this mission by walking into the red marker located at a place shown by ''OG" icon on your map. This challenge starts with a cut scene. You will see CJ asking OG about hiring of a writer for writing raps. But instead, OG asks  CJ to steal the book from Madd Dogg's house in Mulholland. CJ agrees to steal. And you're back in game.

The location of rhyme book will be shown on your map. Go to Dogg's mansion which is guarded by his personal security guards. Enter the mansion and perform stealth kill on them who are patrolling the mansion. Don't use guns in the mansion because they will be alerted and then they will be after you. Don't alert them. The position of patrolling guards in mansion will be shown on your radar by red blips. Location of Rhyme Book is shown by Green blip on map.

Once you kill them silently, you can easily get the book. Now, all guards in mansion are alerted and they are looking for you. Now, you can use your weapons for killing anyone who comes in your way in this PC game.

Carefully, exit the mansion and then go to 'Burger Shot' for giving the rhyme book to OG Loc. Once you give him the book, it is complete and you have gained some respect.


Cheats Useful For 'Madd Dogg's Rhymes':
Once again, this paragraph is for those cheat-lovers. :) While playing, you will fight with guards. So, health cheat is helpful. Cheat is HESOYAM. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas cheat for infinite health is BAGUVIX and this is also useful.
GTA SA cheat for weapons which is PROFESSIONALSKIT or UZUMYMW is useful while playing the game. And cheat for infinite ammo is FULLCLIP. This cheat also helps.

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