GTA San Andreas Jet Plane Cheat | Play Game for PC, PS2, Xbox & Xbox 360 (Cheat Code, Play Game Hydra or Hydra Jet)

Let us look at the cheat codes of GTA San Andreas game for getting a jet plane or a hydra. Also, get the details regarding how to fly it while playing game. If you want to know about the instructions regarding how to fly hydra then click on link below.
Jet plane cheat for PC
  • If you are playing on PC, then it is JUMPJET.
Hydra or jet plane in GTA SA
While playing game if you think that you need a it then you can spawn or get it by entering the JUMPJET on your keyboard. Also, remember that you have to put the code without pausing the game. If you have put it correctly without pausing then you can see a message on top left-hand-side of your screen as "Cheat Activated". Now turn around and you will find a jet plane on ground. For getting in, you have to press ENTER button on your keyboard. And same for exiting you have to press ENTER button.

Size of jet plane is quite big when compared with other vehicles. So, you must have enough space around you while spawning it with JUMPJET. Thus, get in it only where there is space around you. If you are spawning hydra in crowded are then it will explode by colliding with obstacles. Also, if you manage to get inside the hydra in a crowded place then you will not be able to take-off.

Hydra or jet plane cheat for Xbox or Xbox 360:

No matter if you are playing on Xbox or 360. You still have the code to spawn your air vehicle.
  • For Xbox, it is is Y, Y, X, B, A, L Trigger, L Trigger, Down, Up. For 360, it is same.
You can enter the above cheat on joystick without pausing the game when you are playing. If you put it properly then you see a message on your gaming screen as "Cheat Activated". It means you have entered it correctly and look around for the hydra. It has been spawned. 

To get inside, you have to press Y button on your joystick. And similarly, for exiting the jet plane you have to press Y.

For PS2 (PlayStation 2)

Like Xbox and PC, the third popular platform for playing games is Playstation2 or PS2. If you're one of the gamers who play on PS2 then you have your PS2 cheat below.
  • Jet plane code for PS2 is Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X, L1, L1, Down, Up
Start and don't pause it. Then enter the above cheat on your PS2 joystick for spawning it. If you put it correctly then only you will get a jet pack or else you will get nothing. Also, when you enter it properly then you can see a message on your screen as "Cheat Activated". And then turn around to see your hydra.

How to enter? To get inside hydra press TRIANGLE  button on your joystick. Also, to exit, press the same button.

More Information:
After spawning the hydra, now the thing is to learn How to fly it?. Pleas learn that as we have that article on our!

Once you are into the jet and flying it, there sometimes is emergency in which you are required to exit it when in air and at a great height. So, if you are to jump from it then surely you will die. To save your life from a fall, Rockstar games have provided another feature in which you get a parachute. So, when you exit from any flying vehicle in air then you automatically get the parachute on your back. And thus, you can save yourself from dying.

Bike Cheat | How to get bike?

Are you looking for "What is the Bike Cheat" for PC, Xbox or Xbox 360 or PS2? or whatsoever.

To save your time: THERE IS NO BIKE CHEAT.  In this post, we mean 'motorbike' or 'motorcycle' when we say 'bike'. Thus, it is equal to motorbike = motorcycle. Please read below about how to get it.

How to get a bike in GTA San Andreas?

Tip No. 1: Now, comes the tip for getting it. As you read above, there is no cheat for it. Thus, the only way for getting it is to search for it. In short, roam on the road and look here and there. If you happen to spot it then immediately get it by pressing ENTER button on your keyboard. Now you can ride your two-wheeler.

To avoid further wandering in search of it, it is better to store it in your garage and then save your gave. Thus, next time when you restart your game then you have your automobile in your garage. This trick saves your time.

Tip No. 2: Another tip for you, which I use, is to steal automotives of police officers. Yes, this is the smartest way. So, how to steal it? You can call any poilce officer by raising your wanted level and  can raise wanted your wanted level by committing crimes. So, start killing people around you. When a police officer comes on motorcycle then kill him. Your wanted level will again increase and so use the AEZAKMI to zero you wanted level. Thus, you have it now. Store it in your garage so that you can use it further when you play the game next time.
Please note there is no code with which you can spawn yourself a motorbike in the game of Grand Theft Auto. This post is meant for those gamer who search the keyword "Motorcycle cheat" or "Motorbike cheat" on Google or any other search engine. There is none of that kind. It has also introduced the bicycle.

As we mentioned above, there is none of that kind. This is really a thing which even we don't like. Had there been any then it would have been awesome. Now you will ask that: "Why has named this post as if it tells there it is a cheat ?".

We would like to answer that we named this post like that so that a user will directly land on this page and hence, he/she will come to know the fact. Thus, gamer will save his time by avoiding further search on!

Camera Cheat for PC, Xbox 360 or PS2

There is no cheat with which you can get a camera. In short, there is no camera cheat.

The title of this post tells as if on this page you will get cheat with which you can get it. But the truth is that there is no cheat code with which you can get yourself one while playing the game on PC, PS2 or Xbox or Xbox 360.

Now, the question you may ask: Why the hell has has named this post as "GTA San Andreas Camera Cheat".
It has been named like that so that you may directly jump to this page and learn the fact before you waste your time. So, if you are reading this post then it's really hard to hear.

How to get it?   OR
Camera Location

CJ's House where you get Camera
You can find it inside the house of Car Johnson. This house is the very first house where you used to save your game. This house was the first game saving point. Hope you remember.

So, inside this house, you will find it on the first floor inside a bedroom. Name of house is "Johnson House".
You will see it hanging in air. Walk into the icon and thus you will get it.

Infinite or Unlimited Health Cheat: PS2, PC, Play Xbox & Xbox 360

Let us have a look at the infinite/unlimited health cheat in the game on all the platform on which Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game can be played.
  • for PS2  is Down, X, Right, Left, Right, R1, Right, Down, Up, Triangle.
  • for Xbox is Down, A, Right, Left, Right, R Trigger, Right, Down, Up, Y.
Disadvantage of Health Cheat:

Though you get infinite or unlimited health but one thing to remember is that explosions, falling from heights and drowning still hurt you and decrease your energy levels.

When you play the game on PC, then use:
How to activate?

You can activate it by entering the keyword BAGUVIX or CAINEMVHZC on your keyboard without pausing. And if you enter it properly then you can see a message on your screen as "Cheat Activated".

How to deactivate?

Once it is active in the game, you won't lose your except in case of explosion, fire or a fall. However, if you want to deactivate it then you can do it by entering the same cheat again. If you do so correctly then you can see a message on your screen as "Cheat Deactivated".

With the above codes, you get unlimited health. At whatever point your condition is, after entering above  codes, your health will remain constant. So, it means if you are being shot with guns then it will remain the same. You won't lose any health. But remember that, the only drawback of cheat is that fire, explosions and fall from heights still hurt you or Carl Johnson. So, if you're in between a fire then you will lose your blood and its meter on top right-hand-side of screen will decrease.

Infinite Health Cheat for PS2 (PlayStation 2)

If you're playing the Grand Theft Auto game on PlayStation 2 then you can enable Carl Johnson to have it with the help below code:
  • For PS2 is Down, X, Right, Left, Right, R1, Right, Down, Up, Triangle.
How to activate?
While playing the game, press the above mentioned buttons without pausing the game. Thus, if you have entered correctly then you can see a message on your screen as "Cheat Activated". Also, if you do not enter it properly then you will not get that message in the game.

How to deactivate?
Just enter it again and it will be automatically deactivated. Also, if you do so correctly, then you get a message on your screen as "Cheat Deactivated".

Infinite Health on Xbox
If you are playing on Xbox then also there is infinite health cheat. It is given below:
  • for Xbox  is Down, A, Right, Left, Right, R Trigger, Right, Down, Up, Y.
Thus, to activate it in the game, enter it without pausing your game. And to deactivate it on Xbox, enter it again to deactivate.

Health Cheat: PC, Xbox,PS2 & Xbox 360 | Armor, Money, Restore in Game

GTA San Andreas game can be played with a lot of cheats. There are people who simply can't play without it. So, in this post, we look into the health cheat.

To summarize in short below are the codes:
  • For PC, it is HESOYAM 
  • for PS2 is R1, R2, L1 , X, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up
  • for Xbox  is R Trigger, Black, L Trigger , A, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up
With above you get:
  1. Your health bar becomes full
  2. You get a new armor thus, your armor bar is full. You have extra protection.
  3. You get money amounting $250,000.

Health Cheat | PC or Computer

While playing the game on PC, if you happen to come across a mission in which you have lost your blood or in short your blood meter has reduced then you can restore your it. In addition to restoring of your blood level, below code will also provide you with a protective jacket plus $250,000. WOW!!!
  • HESOYAM for PC .
How to activate?

Answer: To activate the it, what you have to do is: When the game is active or when you are playing then type the above word on your keyboard. If you type it properly then on the top left-hand-side corner you will see a message that "Cheat Activated". So, it means now, it is active and you will see on your screen that your health has reached maximum plus you have got a new protective cover plus your game   money has increased by $250,000.

Thus, during many missions you have to fight with enemies and you lose blood levels. If you lose all of it then you are admitted to hospital and thereby, you fail your mission. So, use the above code, so as to continue playing whatever your mission is. Also, when not on missions, if you have by any means lost your health then you can restore it with the help of code HESOYAM.

Health Cheat | PS2
If you are playing the game on a different platform like PS2 then also it is available. 
  • R1, R2, L1 , X, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up

How to activated the cheat on PS2?

To activate  press the above buttons on joystick. If you have entered it correctly then you see the message that "Cheat Activated". And your health bar on your screen is full. Plus you get yourself a new armor. Also, you get money totaling $250,000. So, Carl Johnson can now face more bullets.

Health Cheat | Xbox

Also, in addition to PC and PS2, there is the third platform for playing games and it is Xbox. So, it becomes quite necessary to have it for Xbox games as well. When you play, you will many times feel the need for restoring it. At that time, you require cheat code which is mentioned below:

  • for Xbox is R Trigger, Black, L Trigger , A, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up

How to activate it on Xbox?
just like you activate it on other gaming platforms, in same way you can activate it on Xbox as well. Just press the above mentioned buttons on joystick and if you do it correctly then the secret code is activated and you see a message on your screen that "Cheat Activated".

Thus, while going around and fighting, losing life due to fire or due to fall, you have the above secret code and thus you can get your health back.

Additional benefits of Health and armor cheat:

In addition to armor and money, you get some extra benefits with help of it. Like you can repair cars with it. Thus, if you have a question:

How to repair cars in GTA San Andreas?
You can repair cars by going to the garages named as Pay n Spray. But, if you're bored enough then you can repair your damaged car with help of health and armor cheat. For details, please look the article above.

Important Things to Note:
While playing, you can activate it whenever you like. But there are moments, where it is disadvantageous to activate it. Like:
  • During the Just Business mission, when you're on the Bike along with big Smoke, if you activate the health and armor  then your bike will explode and you fail the mission.
  • When you're on the "Lure" mission, there you have to protect your car. So, if you use the secret code then you car will get more damaged and thus won't be able to complete the mission.


After killing the Russian arms dealer during Gray Imports, you have now unlocked the Doberman mission. Let us look into it with great and comprehensive details.

Doberman: Walkthrough (WIKI)
After completing the Gray Imports, you (Carl Johnson) will get a phone call from Sweet Johnson who asks you to get some guns from Ammu-Nation and head for Glen Park. Now go to Ammu-Nation which will be marked on  map and then walk into the red marker.

You will be shown your task which you have to perform so as to complete Doberman. You will be introduced to the Ammu-Nation shop from where you can buy weapons like guns as well as ammunition. Also, you will be shown the Glen Park. It is an are of Los Santos. Also, it is a Ballas territory.

Here comes your task. You must take out the Ballas Gang out of the Glen Park so as to get that territory. For taking them out, you need weapons as you can't beat those Ballas gangsters armed with guns, with your fist fight. So, if you need weapons then buy it from Ammu-Nation shop. Also remember to purchase a armor which is very useful when you face the bullets during the Doberman mission in GTA San Andreas.

After purchasing the required weapons and armors, go to the Ballas territory i.e. Glen Park which is marked as purple on your map. Now comes the main part when you reach the Ballas territory. You have to get the Ballas area. For gaining it, you have to fight with them by provoking a gang war. To provoke a gang war on territory marked with purple color, you have to kill a minimum of 3 Ballas gangsters. Make sure you kill 3 during the Doberman. Once a gang war is provoked, the territory will flash in red color.

Thus, see out here and there and after killing 3 Ballas men, you have started a war with Ballas. Now, Ballas will come to defend their territory and thus will attack you in 3 waves. Therefore, protect yourself and survive all the 3 waves. You have to look at your map for tracking the position of your enemies. After you survive the three waves, you will win the Glen Park area and thus it will be now owned by the Grove Street families. Also, Grove Street members can be seen in the Glen Park after you win it. For taking over a territory, you will get respect plus money. Money will appear in Grove Street.

After all this, a small and final job remains. You have flushed the grass out and so kill him when he tries to escape. Few bullets will easily kill that man who comes out running from his house saying: "Tenpenny set me up". Doberman is complete!


Doberman Video Walkthrough

JetPack Cheat: Xbox, PS2 & Xbox 360 GAME (Cheat Code Jet Pack)

Below is the Jetpack cheat for San Andreas game on different platforms like PC, Xbox and PS2 and Xbox 360.
  • For PC in Grand Theft Auto is ROCKETMAN or YECGAA
  • For PS2, it is Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right
  • For Xbox, it is Left, Right, L Trigger, White, R Trigger, Black, Up, Down, Left, Right
Click here for How to fly Jetpack?

I have separately discussed it on every playing platform like PS2, Xbox as well as PC below.

Jetpack Cheat: PC or Computer

If you are playing GTA SA on a PC and want to get yourself one then enter ROCKETMAN or YECGAA. thus, with either of the cheat you can spawn it.
  • For PC in Grand Theft Auto is ROCKETMAN or YECGAA.
Jetpack Spawned
While playing the game on PC, you have to simply type it on keyboard when it is active. Then, if you enter it correctly then you can see a it hanging in air around you. Thus, walk into it to automatically get that sticked on your back. Now, it is on your back and you can fly with it. If you want to leave Jet pack then press ENTER.

Jetpack Cheat PS2

While playing the game on PlayStation 2 , you can get it with the below code.
  • Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right.
Just like you enter it on PC, same way you have to enter it as well. So, when the game is active, enter the above cheat correctly to get a it. Touch it to get it on your back and the you can fly it. If you want to leave it then press the TRIANGLE button on joystick and then it will be automatically be removed from your back.

Jetpack Cheat Xbox or Xbox 360
If you are playing Grand Theft Auto game on Xbox then it is same and its given below:
  • Left, Right, L Trigger, White, R Trigger, Black, Up, Down, Left, Right.
As you enter the it for PS2 and PC, in the same way enter it for getting it as well in the game. When the game is active, enter the above code and then you can see the it in front of you. If you want to attach it on your back then simply walk into it. Also, to leave it, press the Y button on joystick.

What is a Jetpack?

In real and practical life, it is a device which a human being can wear on his back and thus with the help of it can fly. In the latter part of 21st century, collaborated efforts of scientists and engineers have led to the birth of Jetpack. It's design and performance are still continuously studied and it is being improved day by day.
It has been introduced in the game so as to entertain the players more. 

It can be got during the 'Black Project' challenge. But there are other ways also to get it like cheat which I have discussed above. 

Frank Tenpenny

Officer Frank Tenpenny is a police officer in the game of GTA San Andreas whose full name is Franklin Tenpenny.

From the start of game, the script of the game progresses through various missions in which there are cut scenes which altogether contain a story. Thus, the game has a storyline of which many characters are a part. There are some characters in game who appear in many missions and thus they can be termed as important or major characters. Among those major characters, there is police officer Frank Tenpenny.

Frank Tenpenny

Frank Tenpenny photo
Ten-penny is one of the villains in the story-line of the game whose protagonist is Carl Johnson. He is a police officer or sergeant and he belongs to the  Los Santos Police Department. And the Los Santos Police Department is a part of the San Andreas Police Department. He is also the department head of the C.R.A.S.H team. Full-form of C.R.A.S.H is Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums. He is assisted by the police officers Eddie Pulaski and Jimmy Hernandez who are also a part of  Los Santos Police Department and C.R.A.S.H team. Tenpenny has been voiced by Samuel Jackson.

Character of Frank Tenpenny:

He is the most corrupt cop in the police department. He is a selfish man who always looks for his own profit throughout the story of GTA SA. He does not mind whatever happens to his colleagues. For him, everything is money. In spite of being a police officer who has to bring an end to gang violence, he himself is involved in wars and is associated with gangs. He also deals in drugs along with Big Smoke, Ryder and the Ballas Gang. Officer Eddie Pulaski is also involved in this along with him.


Frank Tenpenny is involved with the Ballas gang in drugs dealing. He also helps the Ballas in various drugs businesses. Big Smoke and Ryder, who initially in the game pretend to be with Grove Street, are in fact involved in drug dealing with Ballas gang along with him.

He makes his entry in GTA San Andreas game during the start of game when Carl Johnson returns from Liberty City. He arrests Carl and falsely frames him for a murder of a Police Officer called Ralph Pendelbury. Though Carl is innocent, he doesn't care. Thus, if Carl wants himself to be safe then he should work for him.

Car used by Frank
Throughout the various missions, he makes his appearance many times. He gives many tasks to Carl Johnson of which the first is the Burning Desire and second is Gray Imports and there are other tasks as well.

He has many cases against him and is charged with corruption, drug dealings, narcotics, etc. But he is smart enough and gets all the witnesses against him killed. He has a great influence over the gangs of all territories. Also, he has many police officers under him who listen to his words.

During the 'High Noon' mission, he hits Officer Jimmy Hernandez with a shovel (tools used for digging) because he leaked the cruel doings of Tenpenny to the higher officials. And then, Pulaski kills Hernandez by shooting with a gun. Later in this mission, Carl Johnson kills Pulaski.

Death of Frank Tenpenny:

He dies during the 'End of the Line' mission of San Andreas. During it, when Carl kills Big Smoke, he appears and takes all the money and escapes on a fire truck. He is gonna escape the down by a plane. But Carl and his brother Sweet Johnson give him a chase. On his way to the plane on the fire truck, officer he loses control of the vehicle and meets with an accident. In the accident, the fire truck falls off a bridge onto another road. He is fatally injured and comes out of the fire truck.

He curses the police officers and those who did not understood him. Then he calls out for help but realizes that there is no one to help him. Finally, he succumbs to his injuries and falls on the ground and dies. During this, Carl Johnson, Sweet Johnson, The Truth, Cesar Vialpando and Kendl appear. Carl checks whether he has died or not. Sweet tells Carl not to shoot at Tenpenny as he died because of traffic accident and thus no one is to be blamed. So, he dies because of the accident during the 'End of the Line'.

With death of the police officer, all challenges in the video game are complete and over.

List of missions given by Frank Tenpenny to Carl Johnson:

Gray Imports: Walkthrough, Guide and Help for GTA SA

This article contains exhaustive information on Gray Imports mission. If you wanna know about How to complete it then refer to this article.

Gray Imports: Summary (WIKI)

Aim is to kill a Russian arms dealer who is having a deal with the Ballas Gang at the Ocean Docks. During the cut scene of Gray Imports, police officer Frank Tenpenny asks you to visit warehouse at Ocean Docks. So, after the cut scene visit the Docks. There open the door of the warehouse by damaging the keypad.You can damage the keypad by shooting at it. By now, the Ballas Gang members who are protecting the area will attack you. Protect yourself from the assault of the enemies.

 After entering the warehouse, go to the office inside where meeting of Ballas with Russians is in progress. Save yourself from the bullets of enemies and kill them. Once you reach the office, kill down all those men there. After seeing you, the Russian arms dealer starts to flee. Chase him down and kill him before he escapes on a car. Russian arms dealer will not die by just shooting 3-4 bullets at him. He dies after getting at least 15 bullets. So, follow him and shoot till he dies. If the arms dealer manages to escape on car then you can chase him on a bike which is kept for you outside near the car on which the dealer escapes. While on bike, chase the car and shoot it and destroy it so as to pass the Gray Imports mission.

Gray Imports: Full Details (WIKI)

It is the second task given by C.R.A.S.H team police officer Frank Tenpenny to Carl Johnson from the Jim's Sticky Ring donuts shop. It is also the second mission given to Carl Johnson after Burning Desire by Frank Tenpenny. Thus, to unlock a player should complete Burning Desire mission. To play the mission, go  to the Jim's Sticky Ring shop situated at Market in Los Santos and walk into the red marker to trigger a small movie where you can see the three police officers viz. Frank Tenpenny, Eddie Pulaski and Jimmy Hernandez coming out of the shop.

Carl Johnson turns his back and starts walking away after seeing the police officers. Then Eddie Pulaski catches the collar of Carl to drag him back. Frank Tenpenny tells Carl that he though that they were friends. He tells Carl that as an officer in charge of putting an end to gang violence, he finds himself in a difficult moral position.  Again Tenpenny says that he likes all the bastards (gangsters) doing job for him and blowing each other. But Carl cannot get the meaning of all these words of Tenpenny. Then, Frank Tenpenny says, during Gray Imports, that Ballas gang are smart, they watch news and are having deals with foreigners and are getting lot of cheap guns in America. He says that they are having an unfair advantage over the Grove Street gang. But still Carl Johnson cannot understand the meaning of what Tenpenny is saying. So, finally, Tenpenny asks Carl Johnson to go to the Ocean Docks and watch himself what is going on there. Thus, cut scene ends.

You are back in game. Get a car and go to the Ocean Docks where the Ballas are having a deal in weapons with Russians. Here, your main aim is to go to Docks and kill a Russian arms dealer there. After getting there, stop the car in the red marker. You will be then informed that Russians and the Ballas are having a meeting inside the warehouse. There is a door which will enable you to enter the warehouse during Gray Imports but it is locked. Before reaching the door, the Ballas gang members attack you with guns. So, be careful and defend yourself and kill all those who come in between your way.

Now, open the locked door by damaging the keypad beside the door. Get in and now the target is to kill the Russian arms dealer who is sitting in the office with the Ballas Gang members. So, get to office and in between kill all those enemies who come.

When you are inside the office of warehouse, the Russian arms dealer starts to flee. The moment you see him start shooting at him. It will take a few more bullets to kill that dealer. Remember that, To complete Gray Imports mission, you have to kill the Russian arms dealer who is in the office of warehouse at the Ocean Docks.

Sometime, it happens that you are not able to kill the Russian arms dealer and he manages to flee on a car. In this case, you have to chase him on a bike which is kept for you and shoot the car while on bike. The bike ios kept at a point where the car of arms dealer is kept. You can easily find that.

Kill the dealer and complete Gray Imports to get nothing!!! No respect and No MONEY!


After completing it, you have now completed both the task given by Frank Tenpenny from Los Santos area of the game map. Also, if you die or are arrested then you fail the Gray Imports mission.

Cheats for PC, Xbox and PS2 useful during Gray Imports:
This section is meant for those gamer who think that they can complete with cheatsy. Below, I have collected useful cheats for PC, Xbox amd PS2.

Note: Below, the square brackets are not a part of the cheats.

  • PC cheat for infinite/unlimited health in Grand Theft Auto SA is [BAGUVIX] or [CAINEMVHZC]. Xbox cheat is [Down, A, Right, Left, Right, R Trigger, Right, Down, Up, Y]. PS2 cheat is [Down, X, Right, Left, Right, R1, Right, Down, Up, Triangle].
  • PC cheat for getting health, armor and money =$250000 is [HESOYAM]. Similarly, Xbox cheat is   [R Trigger, Black, L Trigger , A, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up]. And PS2 cheat is [R1, R2, L1 , X, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up].
  • For getting guns and weapons, PC cheat is [LXGIWYL] or [PROFESSIONALSKIT] or [UZUMYMW]. To get same weapons and guns, Xbox cheat is [R Trigger, Black, L Trigger, Black, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up]. PS2 cheat is [R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Down, Left].
That is all in cheats which I think is useful.

Gray Imports Video Walkthrough: Grand Theft Auto SA

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