Easter Eggs

Here we have collected not more than 10 Easter eggs. Easter eggs are hidden messages or you can say those secrets which are discovered while playing the game. These are hidden surprises which are not announced officially by a gaming company before its game release

Note: There are many hidden messages or secrets. Only some of them have been posted below. If you know any Easter egg then submit it to this site by using a comment form at the end.

Top 10 Easter Eggs on PC, PS2 or Xbox
Located in Angel Pine area are two dustbins. These dustbins are special (yes they are) because they contain maps of GTA Vice City. You have to peep inside the dustbins.

At a rarely visited place, near a lake or to be precise, it is Fisher's Lagoon. You will find an old wheel chair with no one using it. It is abandoned by someone who is unknown. The lagoon is located in Palomino Creek.

In real life, there is highly secret area called 'Area 51' in USA. Similarly, Rock star games have recreated this type secretive place called 'Area 69' which you can't visit or find on map. It is surrounded by fences and you gain wanted level if you come closer to the fences.

Visit a police station in Pershing Square and come to the basement. There you find the brutality of police. Two or three police are beating a guy and when you approach them, they will disperse away as if nothing has happened.

Some people claim to have seen a woman who is exactly same as CJ's mom. Some gamer accept this while others deny this. There is no official word on this. Those people, who claim to have seen Beverly Johnson, say that she can be found on streets of Los Santos.

After you complete all missions by a character named Zero, you will gain access to his shop and it will generate revenue for you. Get inside the shop and you find photos of Tommy Vercetti, who is the protagonist of Vice City, and another man named Lance Vance. Both belong to previous games of Grand Theft Auto series.

Get a Rhino spawned outside your safe house in Los Santos but only after you complete the whole San Andreas game to 100%.

There is a bridge named Gant Bridge in San Fierro area. With a jet pack, fly to its top and there you find a message as "There aren't any Easter eggs up here. Go Away!"

Each and every Pay N Spray shop is shown on your map except one. Maybe it is a glitch or an Easter egg. God knows!

On a billboard at the Los Santos station, there is written "Get rid of old rubbish fast! True Grime: Street Cleaners." This most probably is an Easter egg pointing to the True Crime video game.


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