Outrider is one of the simple challenges. This is given by Jizzy to Carl Johnson. Aim of it is to ensure that a shipment reaches factory safely. So, you have to eliminate all those who block the shipment of Mike Toreno and associates. Here is the short and brief Outrider Walkthrough.

Mike Toreno, T Bone and Carl
How to complete Outrider? Below is the simple step-by-step guide.

  • After you get a call from Jizzy, head off to the gas station marked on your San Andreas map where Mike Toreno and T Bone Mendez are waiting inside a car.
  • Mike asks you to get a bike and ensure safety of the shipment. get on bike kept there and grab the sniper and Rocket Launcher.
  • Above two weapons will help to eliminate the roadblocks set up by the enemy gang.
  • In all, destroy a total of 4 roadblock to complete.
  • Location of the four roadblock will be marked on your game map.
  • No sooner you clear the blocks than you complete
After the shipment reaches factory, you get a 3 star wanted level. Hence, get rid of this wanted level by reading this guide on our site.

Reward: You will get money equal to Nine Thousand Dollars and also an increase in respect. Carl Johnson has unlocked the next challenge named Snail Trail

Video Walkthrough


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