Helicopters find an appearance in GTA San Andreas. However, there are different types of it. Names of different types of helicopters and their photos are given below. They are not dependent on any platform. It means they are platform independent. So, you can find them on PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 or PC.

First, the names are:
  • Sea Sparrow
  • Raindance
  • Police Maverick (Used by Police)
  • Maverick
  • Hunter
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Images are all below in order of above mentioned names. 
Sea Sparrow: Can land on water

Rain Dance 

Police Helicopter


Hunter: Attacking Military Helicopter

Of all the above mentioned, you can get only Hunter easily. And that is with help of Cheats. On PC, cheat is "OHDUDE". Except Hunter, all others can't be got with help of cheats. They can be found at only certain locations. Some of them are available only after completing certain missions. If you need any other info or want us to write on any other thing related to GTA then do contact us using comment form below!

As far as advantages are concerned, I feel they don't have any. Because their top speed is too slow when compared with Jet Plane. With Hydra or jet plane, you can reach different parts of the city inside game in seconds of game time. But with a helicopter, it takes minutes. Then why do people search for it on Google? The answer is simple. Players want to taste the experience of flying it in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. That's it! 

With Hunter, as it is military styled,  you can use it to bomb various locations. You can launch it with cheats. Of all above, as I said, you can't get maverick, sea sparrow, etc with cheats.

  • You can't spawn it in a crowded place like Los Santos. 
  • For spawning, you have to look for vast open space.
  • It explodes if it touches the over head wires.
  • You can't turn around easily when in flight.


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