Carl Johnson CJ

Carl Johnson aka CJ is a character in the game of San Andreas of GTA series. He is the main protagonist and second in command of the Grove Street gang which is led by his elder brother named Sweet. Character of CJ was voiced by a rapper from Los Angeles, US and his name is Chistopher Bellard.

In few words, Carl is:

  • Protagonist of the game.
  • Belonging to Grove Street Families gang.
  • Works in Liberty City but returns to Grove Street after the death of his mother.
  • Player controlled character and does missions.
Carl Johnson Details (Wiki)
According to the story-line of the game, Carl Johnson was born in Johnson House located in Los Santos area. His mother's name is Beverly and CJ has two brothers named Sweet and Brian. And a sister whose name is Kendl. 

He leaves gangster life in Los Santos and goes to work in Liberty City. However, he gets a call from Sweet  that his mother Beverly is dead. Upon listening this, he comes back to Los Santos area to attend the funeral. There CJ is persuaded by Sweet to not return to Liberty City. Instead, join the home gang and rejuvenate it. Because Sweet's gang has lost the power and hold which has been gained by enemy gang named The Ballas.

Carl Johnson during a mission.

Upon his return, police car containing officers Frank Tenpenny, Eddie Pulaski and Jimmy Hernandez  intercepts him near Grove street. They arrest CJ and try to force false charges on him related to murder of another officer Pendelbury whom Tenpenny and his team murdered. But CJ is let off and asked to do jobs for CRASH team which is headed by Frank.

This marks the start of story missions wherein Carl does various types of tasks which is player controlled. Further according to the story-line, CJ goes through many ups and downs like frequently changing his residence, disguising himself, hiding from other enemy gangs, etc. 

Two more character called Big Smoke and Ryder are close friends of Johnson family. Later on as the story line progresses, it is revealed that these two are secretly allied with enemies Ballas and Tenpenny. Both cheat  the Johnson family. In the last mission, they are killed by Carl when the truth is revealed about them. Also, officer Tenpenny dies due to a accident and this completes the whole story missions of the game.



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