Wrong Side of The Tracks

How to complete Wrong Side of the Tracks? What it is all about? Cheats? Walkthrough? Don't worry. We will take out great details of this Wrong Side of The Tracks. Below is also a video which will help you to complete this task of game.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Summary:
First let us see the summary. The main aim of this is to kill down some gang members (total four) of Vagos gang as well as San Fierro Rifa gang. Both gangs are having a deal at Unity Station. So, drive the car upto the spot where the deal is going on. The gang members will flee on a roof-top of  a train after seeing you and Smoke. So chase them on a bike which will be kept for you.

During Wrong Side of the Tracks, you need to only drive the bike properly along the running train so that Smoke shoots down all the four gang members. One gang member will automatically die after being hit by an overhead pedestrian bridge. If you keep the bike too close to the train while driving then he will not be able to shoot at the gangsters.

Instead, he will shoot at the train. So maintain a little distance between bike and train, so as to make him shoot properly and kill all those men to complete. Also, important is that to look ahead for in-coming trains on next track. A car will also explode in front of your bike after being hit by the train. Avoid these obstacles.

After he kills all 3 men, you will gain some wanted level. Usually 1 star. Then immediately drop Smoke back to his house and the mission is complete along with gain in respect. Immediately save the game.

Details of Wrong Side Of The Tracks: (WIKI)
How to start this challenge? You should be well aware that it can be unlocked only when you complete the Running Dog. Now, if you have completed the 'Running Dog' then go to the 'BS' icon which is shown on your map. This icon shows the place of Big Smoke's (real name Melvin Harris) house in the Idle wood  area of Los Santos. Once you reach the icon, then walk into the red marker to start the mission as well as to trigger a cutscene.

In the cut scene, Carl Johnson (you) will see two police officers named Frank Ten-penny and Eddie Pulaski coming out of the garage of Smoke's home. These two policemen belong to the Los Santos Police Department. Both of them say to Carl that they are keeping an eye on him. Carl gets angry and hurls abuse at them. But they don't mind all these (as it can be seen throughout the whole game) because they are corrupted ones.  Then Carl Johnson asks Big about the coming of these two. And he pretends that these two came for some investigation as well as some information. (As you will see later in the game that Smoke and these officers have secret alliance and they all deal in drugs business without letting the Johnson family know).

Then he asks Carl to accompany to a place where a drug dealing is going on. NOW, you are back in game. Drive the car to Unity Station which is located in the El Corona area. 
The location will be as usual marked on the game map in lower-left-hand-side of your screen.

After reaching, stop car in red cylindrical shaped marker to start a cut scene. In cut scene of Wrong Side of The Tracks, you can see Carl Johnson (CJ) asking Smoke about the purpose of coming to Unity Station. He informs you that some gangsters of Vagos Gang and San Fierro Rifa are having a drug deal. After seeing CJ and Smoke, 3 men from Vagos gang and 1 from San Fierro Rifa begin to flee. They jump on the top of a moving train. Now, wake up... You are back in game. You need to catch up with those 4 men on train. Get on a bike immediately when  cutscene finishes by pressing ENTER. The bike is kept specially for CJ to drive and let Smoke do the killing during the Wrong Side of The Tracks mission. 

Get unto the front carriage of the train because all the four are standing on top of it. Get along side that carriage and maintain a little distance between train so as to allow Smoke to shoot down the gangsters from a better angle. If you are too close to the train then he will shoot at train instead of the gangsters. You are playing the game and you need to take care of only driving. While driving the Sanchez bike, the bike you get, look for obstacles coming from front. Like a train and a exploding car. Avoid these two. Also keep in mind that, you need to make Smoke kill those men before the train goes too far from Unity station. 

Once hew kills all the gangsters, your wanted level will be raised to 1 star. Then immediately drop him back to his house in Idlewood before the cops catch you. Drop him and mission is complete. You will not get money for completing the mission. You get only respect for completing Wrong Side of the Tracks challenge successfully.


Cheats which will help in 'Wrong Side of The Tracks':
While playing this game, you will face some bullets. Or in short, you will lose your blood. So, cheat for increasing health and armor will help you. Cheat for increasing health plus armor is HESOYAM. With this cheat, you will get $250,000 also. You can use another cheat for infinite health. That is BAGUVIX or CAINEMVHZC. Either of cheats will give you infinite health.

Remember that if you type the cheat correctly, then only it will be activated and you can see it on your top left hand side of your screen as "Cheat Activated". If you want to deactivate any cheat then enter the same cheat again.

While chasing the train in Wrong Side of the Tracks, you are dealing with speed and if you make a rush then you will fall down. What I prefer is using the cheat for slowing game play while playing this mission. It makes it easy to chase the train with accuracy and avoiding obstacles. In San Andreas, cheat for slowing game play is SLOWITDOWN or LIYOAAY. Later on, you can deactivate this by activating the cheat for faster gameplay which is SPEEDITUP or PPGWJHT. 

Wrong Side Of the Tracks Video Walkthrough 

In above video, a different trick has been used to complete this challenge. Watch it out!!
''Just Business'' is now unlocked.
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