Home Invasion Walkthrough

Home Invasion is the first  mission given by Ryder, from his house, which involves performing burglary at a army officer's house. Here, you have to steal minimum 3 wooden crates filled with guns within 8 minutes (8 game hours). Ryder wants you to steal it for him and Grove Street Families.

NOTE: This challenge can be played only between 12:00 - 20:00 of game time. If you are not in this time frame then you can change your San Andreas game time by saving game once, twice or thrice. Each time you save, your time on screen increases by 6 hours.

Home Invasion
I've discussed in depth details of the challenge below. But I will summarize this in short.

Home Invasion : Summary (WIKI)

It can only be played between time 12:00 and 20:00. Once you start it, after a small cut scene, you have to drive along with Ryder to a army officer's (Colonel Fuhrberger) house. Then you have to steal minimum 3 crates full with guns out of total 6 crates.

While stealing crates, Ryder will wait outside the house for you to keep a watch. At time of burglary, keep track of your noise level with help of a noise-bar shown on your screen.  If the noise bar becomes full then officer(Colonel Fuhrberger) will wake up and if this happens two times then army officer will call police and you will fail this mission. The moment you enter, you can find 1st crate kept on right hand side corner. Again, on right hand side, when  you enter, there is a room and second crate is kept inside there.

Third crate, with which you can now complete your task, is kept on the first floor. After keeping 3 crates in your vehicle, drive it to a lockup or garage. Now, follow the on-screen instructions and your "Home Invasion" mission is successfully complete. Don't forget that you have to complete this whole thing in 8 minutes or 8 game hours.

Step by Step Walkthrough 

Let us look in exhaustive detail about Home Invasion mission given by Ryder from his house in Grove Street of Los Santos of San Andreas. You can play it by walking into the red marker in front of Ryder's house which is located on your map in form of "R" icon. In cut scene of Home Invasion that starts, Ryder tell Carl Johnson (CJ) about a army officer having the latest and better guns that they need. Ryder also says that this info has been given by a friend named LB.
Army Officer
After speaking, both decide to steal those guns when it gets dark and when the officer Colonel Fuhrberger is sleeping in bed. Thus, when game starts, it's dark and time is automatically set to 22:00.

Now, you're back and sitting in a black boxville vehicle which is to be used for doing burglary at the officer's house near East Beach. Also, a countdown timer starts, on the near-top right hand side of your screen with a total of 8 minutes in which you have to do all along with drive to and fro plus stealing the crates full with guns. Look for your destination in the video game mini-map and reach there as fast as you can. There stop in red marker to start another small cut-scene in which Ryder will tell you to go inside the house and steal while he will keep a watch.

Now, get inside the house and follow the on-screen instructions, during the Home Invasion, in which you will  be taught about how to steal or perform burglary in house. Look carefully at those instructions. It tells you to sneak and avoid too much noise otherwise the officer will wake up. If the noise bar on your screen reaches maximum then inhabitants of house will wake up. Now, you have to look for crates.

There are a total 6 crates in house and you have to steal minimum 3.
  • You can find 1st crate on right hand side of the entrance of house
  • 2nd in a room at right hand side when you enter
  • 3rd on the hallway of first floor
  • 4rth crate is at the end of same hallway
  • 5th and 6th crates are kept in room of army officer which is at the end of hallway of first floor of house.

Boxville used for burglary in San
Don't steal all the crates as the time is less plus you need to drop the crates in garage of LB in remaining time.
Steal 3 crates and drop those in lockup of LB's garage which is located near East Beach. It will be shown on your mini-map. After dropping, your Home Invasion Mission is complete!


Go to nearest saving point and save your game. Also, the "Catalyst" of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is unlocked.

Cheat which would help in Home Invasion:

As this challenge involves no shooting, no fighting so cheats of health and ammunition are useless. However, this involves driving Black color Boxville vehicle. So, if that vehicle is in bad condition then you can repair it with Grand Theft Auto cheat HESOYAM without going to garage.

Points to note:
  • There is time limit of 8 minutes. And you need to do everything within this time.
  • While performing burglary, don't make too much noise. Avoid noise by sneaking. 
  • If you make too much noise and the noise bar becomes full then army officer (Colonel Fuhrberger) will wake up and then he will think that he is in dream. So, he won't do anything. But if the noise bar becomes full second time then he will wake up and call police.
Home Invasion Video Walkthrough with English Subtitles


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