Cesar Vialpando Mission: Grand Theft Auto (Guide, Tips, Game Walkthrough and Video)

Directly, I would explain how to complete easily this lowrider challenge. Before getting into details let us see the correct way success.

Unlocked By:  Sweet's Girl
Unlocks: High Stakes Low Rider

After the cutscene, go to Willowfield which will be marked on your radar in the GTA San Andreas game. So, don't worry about the way. At Willowfield, you will be given a Lowrider by a mechanic who happens to be Sweet's friend. A lowrider is a car with come hydraulic system fitted in it so as to make it hop in the game.

 After you get the lowrider car then head to El Corona which will be as usual your target marked on radar. There you have to enter into a Lowriding competition with a guy from Cesar Vialpando's gang in the game.

IF you can't complete this after a lot of trying then use Cesar Vialpando Saved Game which you can find here Saved games. Browse through the list and find 'Cesar Vialpando Saved Game'.

How to win the Lowrider competition?

Now comes the main part which is winning the competition. Once the competition starts, you have to hop the car with suspension controls. You will see a series of arrows moving on lower part of your screen. Those arrows will indicate directions. When they are moving on screen press the corresponding button on your keyboard in the game.

You can use your numeric pad on PC or analog stick on Xbox or Playstation for buttons corresponding with directions. There is also a small circle though which the arrows showing directions will pass in the game. So, for particular arrow press the corresponding button when the it reaches the middle of that small circle.

 E.g: If arrow on screen is pointing upwards then press 8 from numeric pad. For some pointing downwards press 2 at time when arrow is in center of the circle. For arrow pointing left, press 4 at time when the it is in center of the circle. For arrows pointing right, use 6.  For some pointing North-East, use both 8 and 6 at the same time. For some pointing North-west, use 8 and 4 simultaneously and for arrow in South-east direction, press 6 and 2 at same time. Last, for arrow pointing South-west, sue 4 and 2 at the same time.
All these corresponding buttons should be pressed when  the arrows are in the middle of that small circle. Otherwise, you will not get points and your opponent will easily win.

Cesar Vialpando Walkthrough Video

Cesar Vialpando Video Walkthrough with English Subtitles


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