Sweets Girl: Guide, Walkthrough and Help for Mission

Let us look into complete and easy to follow details of 'Sweets Girl' of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

Sweets Girl mission is unlocked after completing Drive-By Mission. Before starting this, its better to have a car or bike in your garage and some guns with you. If you don't have then no problem at all because LONG LIVE THE CHEATS! Sweets Girl starts with a cut scene where Carl Johnson enters Sweet's (his brother) house and shouts out his and Smoke's name. But he doesn't get any reply as no one is at home.

CJ wonders where his homies have gone! As he gets outside the home, he gets a call on his phone from his brother. He tells Carl that he has been  ambushed (pinned down or captured) in Seville Hood by the Seville Boulevard Families. And he wants CJ to get fast to the Seville Hood and save him from Seville gangsters

After this you are into the game and a meter can be seen on top right-hand side of your screen which shows Sweet's health. Get to him quickly before that health meter runs out. If the health meter empties then Sweet dies and you fail the challenge. Find a car so as to get to the spot.

You can get a car in this challenge if you had stored a car in your garage or steal someone else's car. Or if addicted to cheats then a car cheat is the best option. Cheat for getting a car in GTA San Andreas game are VROCKPOKEY and VPJTQWV .

You can spawn a car with above two cheats. There is also another way to get to Sweet very quickly and the way which I always use is a Jetpack. With jetpack you can reach too quickly. Cheat for Jetpack is ROCKETMAN. (For more details on like How to fly JetPack?

Before reaching there, you need to have some weapons with you. If you have guns from previous tasks then it is better or you can go to Emmet's place for getting some guns. Or the last way is to use cheats. Cheats for guns  and weapon tools in the game are LXGIWYLPROFESSIONALSKIT and UZUMYMW.

Reach the building where Sweet is hiding and kill all the Seville Boulevard members. You can kill them with guns or drive over them with your car. The moment you kill all the gangsters, you will get a phone call from him whose excitement can be understood from his voice. He is happy that you killed all the boys. Sweet then asks you to get a four-door car for him and his girl so that they can reach Grove Street quickly. Look for a four-door car nearby and drive it into the red marker. After this, he will come and sit in the car. Three cars loaded with Seville boys come and begin to attack you. You need not care about this as he will shoot at them. Head back safely and fastly to your hood which will be marked in the radar. Seville gangsters will follow you until you reach your hood.

Stop the car in red marker and a small scene will start before the mission finishes!!!
You won't get any money for completing the this story-mission.


Now save your game by going to the nearest saving point. The nearest saving point after completing the it  is the Johnson House.

Sweets Girl Video in HD

walkthrough video with english subtitles


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