Nines and AKs

Aim of Nines and AKs  mission is to make you learn to shoot guns. Nines and AKs    will be unlocked after completing the previous mission i.e. Drive Thru.  Once you walk into the red marker, cutscene will start where Ryder and Big Smoke are playing with Domino Set (a game). Carl Johnson comes in and enquires about the guns and weapons that Grove Street Famliy have. Ryder replies that they ain't got the shit(items. Here gun). Then Carl asks what they will do if the Ballas gang raid them? Would they hit the Ballas gang with shoes? In the mean time, Carl enquires about Emmet. Emmet is a gun dealer who runs his gun business on a small scale and has some relation with Seville Boulevard Families. Sweet Johnson (Carl's brother) says that these days gangsters have got Mac's, Ak's and etc and Emmet has got nothing. By this he means that his stock is out of date. He has old stock and all.   But Carl says that till they do not have any one else, they will have to deal with him. Big Smoke wants to take Carl to Emmet's small gun dealership place which is in Willowfield, Los Santos.

Now you're into the game and your main part of Nine's and Ak's starts. Get into the Smoke's car and drive with him to Emmet's shop which is in Willowfield. Get there and stop the car into the red marker and again a cutscene starts.

You can see the man now. Smoke and CJ approach him. He recognizes Carl as Beverely Johnson's son (Carl Johnson's mother) and mistooks Carl for his dead brother Brian Johnson. Then he introduces Carl and Smoke to his collection of guns and asks them to try any weapon. Then Emmet will teach you the shooting. The only interesting task which you have in this Nines and AK's mission is to shoot some glass bottles and a gas tank of car.

You can use Right Mouse Button (RMB) to target or to take aim and Left Mouse Button (LMB) to shoot your target. You will be taught about zooming while targeting as well. You can zoom in and out while aiming by using Mouse Wheel Up and MS Wheel Down in GTA San Andreas. Frequently, Emmet will praise you while shooting. You will also know about How to increase the accuracy while shooting in this game. You can increase the accuracy by crouching and you can crouch by pressing '"C'' button. By crouching and shooting, you can aim better.

After shooting the gas tank of car, your shooting tutorial will finish and again a cutscene will start where Emmet will tell you not to tell anyone that you have got guns from him. Also, it is the place for guns.
In the cutscene of 'Nines and AKs', CJ will get into the car along with Smoke and after the cutscene finishes drive Smoke to his house which is in Idlewood.

After dropping him during 'Nines and AKs', you will get a phone call from Sweet who asks you to wear the Grove Street colors because you are representing the hood. Also, nobody will respect you if you don't have your green color which is color of Grove Street. Follow the yellow mark on radar for going to the Clothes shop in Ganton and get some clothes for yourself and then the mission will be complete.


After completing this 'Nines and AKs' mission, Big Smoke's Missions will be unlocked!!!!!!
Nines and AK's mission is really easy and therefore I think that you won't need any cheat help. You can complete this mission without cheats and with ease.

Nines and AKs Mission Video Walkthrough in HD.

Video with English Subtitles


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