Zeroing In

Zeroing In is one of my favorite and also one of the simple missions in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It gives you Five Thousand Dollars upon completion and makes you free to attempt next one named 'Test Drive'.

In it, you have to follow a car which is driven by a woman. Then, get her out and then get it in your garage. You have to get it if you wish to pass Zeroing In. Overall, it is simple if you follow some trick.

Tips: As soon as Zeroing In starts, you have to chase the car. Hence, take the route from behind your Doherty garage. I mean when it starts then take a 180 degree turn and then take the route which is behind the garage. Because it makes it easy to finish or else you have to chase a long way. Sometimes, you may lose the chase and lose the mission of GTA San Andreas game as well.

Video Walk-thorugh

Yay Ka Boom Boom

Ya Ka Boom Boom is open to play after finishing Toreno's Last Flight and Da Nang Thang. It is also a simple task to do in GTA San Andreas game. It involves planting explosives in a manufacturing company which is owned by Loco Syndicate (Mike Toreno, Jizzy and T Bone). You pass this after planting explosives and also escaping the company compound without dying.

Tip: Once you place the explosives, then escape the factory withing 40 seconds as the timer start. if you don't escape then you will die.

Video Walk-through

Do below things to pass Yay Ka Boom Boom

  1. Pass Da Nang Thang and also Toreno's Last Flight without dying.
  2. Start this one from Doherty garage in San Fierro area of GTA San Andreas game.
  3. After a short video, collect the car planted with timer-bomb.
  4. Drive it and place it inside a factory at a location shown on game map.
  5. Escape outside within 40 seconds or else you will fail.
  6. Then go to main gate and take a car so as to escape the main compound.
  7. Using an inclined surface, drive over it and get to garage to get $25,000 and also pass Yay Ka Boom Boom. I finish simple walkthrough.


This is your last mission in San Fierro area and now you are headed for Desert Missions after this. Also, you are eligible for Bone County, Tierra Robada, Monster and Zeroing In. These four are name of story-challenges. In addition to all these  you get some increase in your respect bar and also twenty Five Thousand Dollars.

Yay Ka Boom Boom Full Story and Details: Walkthrough

After you are finish with the requirements for it, you become eligible to play. And it is also the last one in San Fierro of GTA San Andreas. Woozi Mu appears in it along with Cesar and Carl Johnson (CJ). CJ means you because he is the protagonist and he is led by you and you control it. Now, Yay Ka Boom Boom starts from the garage of CJ. After you start it by walking in the red cylindrical marker, a cut scene begins. In it the above mentioned three people appear and they are busy discussing about the past.

Cesar is happy that they have finally killed Ryder who betrayed them initially. After this, Wuzi enters and he suggests Carl that a factory owned by the enemies is still running. And if he destroys it then the enemy will lose all of their belongings and they will be out of businesses.

All like this idea and after it begins the task. Wuzi has arranged a car which is planted with a timer bomb. Collect it and then park it in your enemy's factory. The on-screen instructions ask you to park it at such a place that the explosion leads to other secondary fires and the target is destroyed completely. After placing it in desired place, the count down begins and you have to get out in 40 seconds or else the explosion will engulf you. If it happens then you fail.

Once done with it, you have to come out of the compound using main gate. But it has been locked by Syndicate's men. Hence, you have to perform some stunts to get out of factory. Using a car standing at the main, drive over an inclined surface and scale the walls. Then go to the garage to pass Yay ka Boom Boom

The Da Nang Thang

This article is a guide for The Da Nang Thang mission of San Andreas game. It is a challenge which you have to play in order to proceed further in the game. If you want to earn fifteen thousand dollars then it will earn you. Also, it gives an increase in respect levels.

Aim of this is to kill all the persons from Da Nang gang on a container ship.Then evacuate some refugees who have been kidnapped inside the ship. After freeing those people, you have to kill a man whose name is Snake Head and then you finish The Da Nang Thang.

Important Tip: If you are not able to complete due to loss of health then I advise you to use cheats. but if you prefer the other way then you can go ahead with practice. Get here for

Video Walk-Through

Things to do to pass Da Nang Thang

For passing, you have to do below things successfully or else you will not be able to proceed further in San Andreas game.
  1. After Amphibious Assault, start this challenge.
  2. Kill the enemy located on the top of containers on the ship.
  3. Get inside it and then kill all of them on the top and basement and leave no one.
  4. Free some people who have been kidnapped by Snake Head.
  5. Kill Snake Head in a sword fight.

More Information

You unlock this after Amphibious Assault in which you plant a bug in a ship. And again you are set for a task related to a vessel. Report  is that some Da Nang boys are coming via water in a vessel. They are also carrying some kidnapped Vietnamese people. Woozie gets to know about this through his informer Little Lion. And he orders him to set out this problem.

And in between this talk, Carl Johnson (CJ) enters and he listens all this. He offers his assistance which Wu readily agree. This was all shown in a cut scene and after it  begins and you are along with little Lion in a helicopter. You come near the vessel and then you have to shoot the enemy on the top of vessel. You are provided with a mini-gun to carry out the task.

However, enemy takes down your helicopter and it crashes in water. Now, all die and only you escape. Hence, swim through the water and get on the ship. Once there, you have only a knife with you as you lose all the weapons. Silently eliminate the enemies and then collect their guns so that you have enough ammunition.

While playing the game, as it happens always, your aim and target will be shown on the map. Follow those blips on map and then finally kill a person named Snake Head. This you have to do using a sword. Once you kill him, you pass 'The Da Nang Thang'.

Lure - Protect Car and Help Ran Fa Li

In 'Lure', you have to drive a decoy car and protect it from damaging to successfully complete. And the reason behind this is to save Mr. Ran Fa Li from a possible assault by Da Nang Boys (Vietnamese gang). You trick the Da Nang gang by driving a car in which Mr. Farlie is supposed to be present. But he escapes in another one and is saved.

Important Note: Don't use health Cheat even by chance or by mistake. Because you will face difficulties.

Video Walk-through

4 Steps to finish successfully

You have to execute below steps if you wish to complete Lure 

  1. Do a mission named Ran Fa Li and then start Lure from Wu Zi Mu's place.
  2. After cut scene, get inside decoy car and go towards countryside.
  3. Go through a total of 8 checkpoints without damaging it from the onslaught of Da Nang Boys..
  4. You are done!

Lure Walk-through Full Details and Other Info

You become eligible after completing Ran Fa Li mission of GTA San Andreas game. Start it by walking in a red cylindrical marker at Woozie's place. And starts a small cut scene. In it, it is shown that Carl enters in a room in which Mr. Ran Fali, Wuzi and Guppy are present. they are busy discussing about the security of Farlie because Da Nang gang is planning to kill him. hence, they are busy finding a way out so that he can escape unharmed. 

At this point, Carl Johnson (CJ) enters and he gives them a new plan. According to it, he will drive a decoy car, meaning 'one which has been designed to deceive an enemy or divert his attention'. He will drive it away from the city towards countryside and he will continue to do so till Mr. Farlie and Guppy escape. This plan is highly appreciated and Wuzi also likes it. Thus, they plan to lure the enemy using CJ. Hence, the name of this task in the game!

Now, you have to drive it and take far away. Once you reach countryside, the enemy follow you on bikes. They think that their target is inside but the fact is that the target has escaped in a separate automobile. When you drive, you have to avoid damaging. There will also be a damage bar shown on your gaming screen. If that bar goes out then you fail Lure. If you manage to cover 8 checkpoints before that bar goes our then you will pass Lure

Once you have covered the checkpoints, you finish the Lure mission and after it you get a call from guppy. he informs you that his boss has escaped the critical territory. Back in the GTA SA game and get ready for next one named Amphibious Assault.


You get Eight thousand dollars for this and also some respect. In addition to these, you can now play next one whose name is Amphibious Assault.

Ran Fa Li

If you are looking to earn Six thousand Dollars then Ran Fa Li is going to give you that sum. It is challenge which you are going to do for a man named Shuk Foo Ran Fa Li, who is a friend of Woozie Mu. The objective is to grab a car from the parking lot of an airport and then park it in a garage belonging to Shuk Fu.

Note: To start you have to first complete Mountain Cloud Boys. Also, to

The car is important to the boss. It contains some courier which is of utmost importance to Mr. Ran Fa Li. And a Vietnamese gang guards it. Without giving much damage to it, protect it from the gangsters and drive it to a garage to finish this task in GTA San Andreas game.

My Tip: To prevent the destruction of the car, don't drive slowly or get out of it and fight with the gangs. Instead, just rip in and drive as fast as you can. If anyone comes in between and drive into him and go ahead. this way you can minimize the damage and finish.

Video Walk-through

4 Steps to Finish Ran Fa Li

To finish you have to make sure that you have done below things in GTA San Andreas.
  1. Complete Mountain Cloud Boys successfully and start this from Wu Zi Mu's place.
  2. After a cut scene, visit the airport and pick the car which is parked in the basement. Its location is shown on map with a yellow blip.
  3. Get inside the car and protect it from damaging too much. 
  4. Get it back to a garage and park it. And you are done!


Your reward is that you earn Six thousand Dollars and also some Respect Plus. And you are also eligible to play next one whose name is 'Lure'.

Full Details

It starts with a cut scene of more than one minute. In Woozi Mu's apartment, Carl, Shuk Foo and his assistant and Wu himself are present. This is for the first time in the game that Foo appears. Woozi introduces you him and he appears to talk via his assistant. Because Ran Fa Li only grunts while his assistant decodes his grunts into words. Almighty knows how that assistant decodes. Anyways!

Ran Fa Li conveys through his assistant that he wants a courier which is at the airport. And that is of utmost important. CJ offers to do this task. At this, others are amused and they take him lightly. they think that he can't do this task as other gangs are also on the look out. However, Carl knows his potential and wants to do it. Li agrees and they sent him. Now, it begins.

Reach the basement of the parking lot where a car having courier is parked. You can take any vehicle to reach the airport. You target is shown on the map with a yellow blip. Distance is long and hence you can take jet plane or any car or bike, whatever. Once there, get inside the car and a small scene takes place where you are informed that the place is heavily covered by the Da Nang Boys which is a Vietnamese gang in the game.

They will try to shoot at your car and damage it. However, to successfully finish, you have to maintain it with least damage. Also, a bar on your screen appears which shows how much destruction it has faced. If that bar becomes empty then it explodes and you will fail. However, if you take it undamaged to the garage then you will pass Ran Fa Li.

Mountain Cloud Boys - Save Wuzi

Mountain Cloud Boys is a mission which can be played after Jizzy (name of mission). A man named Wuzi gives it and he meets Carl Johnson for the first time at his place. In this, you have to protect Wuzi from the attack of another gang. And after eliminating all the enemies, escort him safely to his place to finish.

I will give the things to do first and later in this article discuss all other related details. below are the things you have to complete to finish Mountain Cloud Boys and with it I will finish my short walk-through. Check all guides here.
  1. Complete Jizzy and then start this.
  2. After a cut scene, go to a place behind Wuzi's apartment along with him.
  3. Get behind him and follow step by step.
  4. Bunch of men give surprise attack and hence protect him.
  5. Take down all the gangster and then drive him to his place to finish.

Video Walk-through


After finishing 'Jizzy', you become eligible for Mountain Cloud Boys in the game. Visit Chinatown in San Fierro area of San Andreas game and from there you can play it. It is the first one which you play from Wuzi's place. He gives you more tasks after it.

Once you start, it begins with a cut scene in which Carl (YOU) enters a place and asks for Woozie-his friend. He tells everyone that he wants to meet his friend as he works for him. Different men guide him to get to his place. Before meeting, a person informs Carl the Woozie cannot see things and he is visually challenged. He does not believe because last time Carl participated in a race against him.

But the person says that his boss has got unbelievable powers and that his other senses have become stronger. CJ understands and goes upstairs and meets Woozie. He receives an introduction and details of him. Woo tells him that he is a 'Dai Dai Lo' of his gang named Triads.

New Knowledge: In slang Chinese, 'Dai Dai Lo' means 'Big Brother' and it is usually used among gangsters.

Triads is led by him and it is further divided into smaller groups in the game. As a Dai Dai Lo, he settles disputes between smaller groups so that it does not affect their core business.

Then he asks CJ to accompany in a meeting with a Triad group who failed to attend their main meeting caled 'Tong Meeting'. CJ agrees and this begins the Mountain Cloud Boys. After this, you take Woozi to a location shown on map. Once you get there, you will find that everything is destroyed and cars are in flames.

Johnson is curious as to what happened there. But one man survived and he informs you that a Vietnamese gang made a surprise assault and destroyed everything. As soon as he informs, fresh bunch of men attack the place again and this time your friend Wu Zi is in danger.

Kill those gangster before they kill you and your friend. If you die then you fail or if your friend dies then also you fail. Hence before this kind of thing happens, put all enemy to death to finish and unlock next challenge named 'Ran Fa Li' in the game.

Toreno's Last Flight - Attack on Helicopter

In Toreno's Last Flight, you have to shoot down a helicopter using a RPG, Rocket Propelled Grenades. Once you damage it completely, you are finished and can proceed to next level.

As the story of GTA San Andreas goes, you have killed Jizzy in Ice Cold Killa, T Bone Mendez and Ryder in Pier 69 and now you are hunting for Mike Toreno. Toreno's Last Flight involves killing of your surviving target. After you finish it, you will think that you have killed him but later in successive missions, you will find that he is alive. Click here for all missions walkthrough.

Things to do:

To finish it, you have to execute below steps:
  1. Complete Pier 69 and start Toreno's Last Flight from Doherty Garage in San Fierro.
  2. After cut scene, visit place from where helicopter is to take off.
  3. Kill some guards there and helicopter takes off.
  4. Collect Rocket Launcher and follow it.
  5. Shoot it down to finish and unlock Yay Ka-Boom-Boom.

Video Walk through

Toreno Last Flight Details Full

Carl has started to kill those people who are involved in illegal businesses related to malicious substances. And as the game progresses, you will find that in every missions he talks about freeing San Andreas from gangsters and illegal substances. Also, he wants to eliminate those people who are involved in dealing of these substances.

And hence, he kills Jizzy, Ryder and Bone. Now, he is looking for Mike Toreno. And in this task, he comes to know that Mike is leaving San Fierro with some products. Woozie gives this important info and hence Carl sets out to stop Mike. This begins the mission Toreno's Last Flight.

You have to then visit the location where your target is preparing to leave. Reach there and kill his guards. As it is shown in GTA San Andreas, the target escapes in the helicopter. Collect the RPG from there and follow it. Come on the freeway (highway-bridge) and then stand in a position to take aim. Take the aim accurately and shoot on the helicopter.

After few shots, it will come down and you will finish. Also, you will free next one named 'Yay Ka Boom Boom'.


You get money equal to $1800 and also an increase in respect levels.

Other part of story:

After this, you will think that you have killed your target. But later on, it is found that he is alive. In fact, he was not inside when you shot it. And he goes on to become your friend in later tasks of the game. It is revealed that he is a government officer and he is in disguise.

CJ does not believe this. But as the game progresses, he makes Mike one of his allies to free San Andreas from corruption.

Pier 69: Death of Ryder

Pier 69 is a mission in which Ryder, long time friend of Grove Street, dies. If you want to start it then first you have to finish Ice Cold Killa in which you (Carl Johnson) kill Jizzy.

What is going to happen in this?

In this, you along with Cesar are going to take down a man named T Bone Mendez and another one name Ryder. Some gangs are coming to meet at a location named Pier 69 and you are going to make a surprise entry and kill your enemies. This is going to happen!

Before I dwell down into further details below is the video walk-through.

If you watch the above videos then it will be easy to complete Pier 69.

Pier 69 Walkthrough

 Things to do to finish this off are:

  1. Start it and then meet Cesar on top of a building.
  2. Take down few men on top of roof using a sniper.
  3. Get off the building and get inside the compound where all gangs are present.
  4. One by one, kill all of the T Bone's men and Ballas.
  5. Then shoot T Bone and Ryder to finish off.
Important Note: In this after you shoot Bone, Ryder tries to escape by a boat and if he escapes then it will be very difficult to follow the boat and then kill. Instead, you have to kill him before he takes the boat. You can do this by shooting him using a sniper rifle. Better be prepared with a sniper. He dives in water to take a boat and so shoot when he is in water and swimming towards the boat. 

Full Details

If you are unsure about this and cannot play this then complete previous challenge Ice Cold Killa. Visit a reddish icon on map to trigger this challenge. It starts with Cesar on top of a building and he calling Carl Johnson up. Go upstairs and then starts a new cut scene. What happens is that, Wu's men also attack the Pier and you have to help them in their assault.

After you shoot men on top, Bone Mendez comes along with his gangsters and at the same time Ryder also arrives with Ballas gang. If you are little aware of GTA San Andreas game's story then you will find the cut scenes a fantastic climax. Because Ryder is a good friend of Carl (CJ) family and they are enemies of another gang named Ballas. But instead of opposing them, he is allied with the enemies. And Carl comes to know about this after long time in the game and by seeing this he is shocked along with other members of home Grove Street.

Let us come back to the topic. Ryder and T Bone meet and hug each other and they together wait for Mike Toreno. Mike come by helicopter and while in air, he sees dead bodies on roof-top. Those are the bodies of men whom you shot with your sniper. He understand that some problem is going on and hence instead of landing helicopter, he leaves the Pier 69.

The moment he leaves, fresh gang war starts between Toreno's and Wu Zi's men. And this is the time you have to step in with your guns. You have to find out Bone and kill him and after him kill other one to finish Pier 69 mission of San Andreas game.

I have given an important note above about the escape of one of the two. Because if he escapes then you find it tough to chase him and so take him down using a sniper.

If you have any queries then post it on this site using comment form below!


Carl riding a bike to enter the aircraft
Here on this page, you will get walkthrough, cheat, save game and video guide of Stowaway mission of San Andreas. How to complete Stowaway? Answer of this question lies here below.

Important Note: If you have not completed a mission named 'N.O.E' then you cannot play it. Hence, first complete NOE.


Location for it is Verdant meadows which is an secluded place for aircraft. If you do not remember then this is the same place where you learnt your flying school challenges.

Video Guide and Help

How to complete Stowaway? (Walk through)

After you have started it, you will see a cut scene first where a discussion takes place between a man named Mike Toreno and the protagonist called Carl Johnson. After this, you have to place some bombs or explosives inside an airplane. Mike asks you to do this task. Below are the 7 steps to complete the mission:

  1. You are on a motor bike. Speed it up and approach the airplane.
  2. Airplane is also speeding up. You have to get inside it.
  3. Approach the plane from side ways as the boxes, dropped from the plane, will block your way.
  4. Once you are inside, don't use weapons like guns or snipers or bombs.
  5. Go ahead and kill enemy who are present inside. Kill them using a knife or with hand.
  6. Collect a parachute kept inside at the end.
  7. After this, plant a bomb and then jump off the plane to complete Stowaway.
Do you know the meaning of Stowaway?
It means a traveler who secretly gets inside an aeroplane or a ship to get free passage.

Useful Cheats:
When I played, I found only two cheats to be helpful. One is the for health and other is for slower game-play.
  • You can find health cheat here.
  • For slower game play, it is 'SLOWITDOWN' without quotes. Once it is slow, you can make it faster by entering 'SPEEDITUP'.
With slower game play, it is easier to enter the airplane and place bombs inside. And with health cheat, you get full health and hence no chances of dying.

Save Game: If someone is not able to do even after many tries then he/she can download the save game. With it, you can proceed to next missions without actually playing Stowaway. You can find here

Extra Other Information on Stowaway Mission

Let us continue with some crap and other not covered less information on this challenge. Mike Toreno is responsible for it and he is a special undercover agent working for the government. Amount for completing this is good. It is twenty thousand dollars.

Very few tasks in San Andreas give you this much amount of money. When you start it, you see several men loading explosives. Carl thinks that Mike is responsible for this. But he comes from behind and says to Carl that some other folks are doing this.

After this, he tries to persuade Carl to kill all the men who are exporting explosives and then finally take down the vehicle. Carl disagrees but later on he agrees to do this tough task and then the cut scene finishes and you are back.

You are on a bike and you have to use it to get inside a plane. It is speeding up and hence you have to chase it and get in. Once in, kill some 4-6 men and then take a parachute. then plant a detonator and finally jump off to finish the challenge and also to get your reward.

Los Desperados

Here on this page is the Los Desperados walkthrough. And you can find useful cheats and save game as well. Read full article guide to get whatever help you require.
carl and other gangsters

Note: This mission  is going to take a lot of your blood. And it involves a huge fight with enemies which  number more than 15. Be equipped with weapons and ammunition. Also, ensure that your health bar is full.

Main aim of Los Desperados is to take back the territory of Cesar from enemy gang named 'Vagos'.

Los Desperados Save Game: to get your save game, visit this page. There press Ctrl + F and then enter the name of mission.

Useful Cheats
It involves heavy fighting and hence you are sure to lose health. For fighting, you need weapons as well as ammunition. Hence, best cheats for you are:
  • Health Cheat - Gives you health plus ammo
  • Infinite Ammo - Use Code Word 'FULLCLIP' to get unlimited ammo.
  • Infinite Health - Gives you unlimited health.
  • Weapons -- Use Code word 'UZUMYMW' on PC without those inverted commas.

Video Walk through

How to complete Los Desperados?
Below are the step by step instructions which will help you to finish it.

  • After cut scene, recruit 2 gangster belonging to your hood. If you need help regarding this then read a whole article on How to recruit gang members?
  • Proceed to unity station and collect some other friends.
  • Heavy gang war starts and hence kill every enemy.
  • Don't die or else you fail this mission.
Reward: If you finish this then you will unlock the last mission of game. Los Desperados is the second last challenge in the game.

Los Desperados Full Story

Now, here we start on with the less important part. Let us see the full story of the challenge as well as every minute detail. If you wish to attempt it then you have to complete a challenge whose name is 'Riot'. 

You can start this from your elder brother Sweet Johnson's house which is located in Grove Street. It starts with a cut scene. In it, Carl Johnson enters Sweet's house while Sweet is busy on a call. Sweet informs him that there is some problem. Carl replies that he has faced too much difficulties for their family. Hearing this, his elder brother becomes angry. And they both enter into an argument.

Sweet reminds his younger brother that he always earned for the family. But Carl was busy earning for himself in liberty City. Whenever their family was in problem, Sweet took the burden. This argument goes on until Cesar enters and asks them for help. CJ is reluctant to go but Cesar tells him that he always helped them. Finally, CJ agrees to go along with Cesar Vialpando to protect his hood and this marks the starting of Los Desperados in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game.

Now, CJ is outside and your game starts. You should hire some people because you need them to fight gang war for Cesar. Hire some of them and then head to Unity railway station. From there, gather some extra friends of Vialpando.

Then your fighting starts. You find yourself in the hood of Cesar which is completely occupied by Vagos gang. Once by one, kill them until no one is left them. Once you do this, you finish the Los Desperados. 


Here, we present the Freefall mission's step-by-step guide and also cheats which help in completing it. You get the walkthrough of Freefall, video guide and also how to complete it.

Important Note: Before you start, you must know how to drive a jet plane and helicopters in the game. The mission involves  driving a plane and hence you have to learn the controls. Also, you must have good practice of driving.

FreeFall Walkthrough

In this challenge, you have to protect your boss from a group of killers who are coming in a plane to kill the boss. So, you have kill the men in their plane. You can do this by flying another plane and from there jumping into the enemy's plane. After getting in it, kill all 4 hit-men and then finally the pilot of the airplane.

Then, you take the control of it and land it on the Lase Ventures airport to successfully finish the Free-fall mission of GTA San Andreas game.

Video Walkthrough

Freefall Walkthrough and Detailed Guide
Below are the important step by step things you have to do to finish the challenge in Grand Theft Auto game. After the cut scene:

Carl Johnson jumping off a plane during Fee-Fall
  1. Reach the Lase Ventures airport whose location is shown on your game radar.
  2. Get inside and from there grab a plane.It is parked in a hangar.
  3. Also, collect a armor situated in a corner of hangar.
  4. Now, fly the airplane and follow enemy's plane. Its location is shown on radar.
  5. When you are near it, fly behind it and into a red circular corona.
  6. After this, you are inside it. There kill 4 men. They shoot at you.
  7. Protect yourself and then finally kill the pilot.
  8. Take control of it and then land it on airport to complete Freefall.
Free-fall Reward: For successfully doing it, you get cash money equal to $15,000! And you get some increment in your respect level.

Freefall Cheats

There is no cheat which will make you finish. However, there are some cheats which will make your job easier. Here, shooting is involved and also the enemy attacks you. Hence, below cheats will help you.

Save Game: You can find Freefall save game here on this saved game page.

Complete Detail
It is one of the toughest task in video game. It is done for a business man named Salvatore Leone (SL) and it is first mission given by him. You can play it from Caligula's Casino.

After a story-challenge named 'The Meat Business' is complete, Ken Rosenberg (boss) calls you and invites you to Salvatore's (SL) place. There you meet SL for the first time in GTA San Andreas game. When you start free-fall, it triggers a cut scene in which two men are hanging upside down. SL is punishing them and also Ken is present there. A woman also enters and serves something to SL.

The woman leaves and Carl Johnson enters. CJ tells SL that he has worked with Joey (SL's son). And it was in Liberty City. (Liberty City was a previous game in the Grand Theft Auto Series. Carl impresses them. Also, Ken praises him really hard. He refers Carl as "one man army" and says that he is really dependable and he can be trusted.

CJ calls himself a 'straight killer'. After this scene, SL agrees to give a challenge. And this starts your mission.  There is a group named Farrell and they are enemy to Leone. They send some men to kill him. Hence, he wants you to kill those men before they do any harm to Leone. 

Cut scene finishes and now you have to reach the airport. Its location will be shown on your radar which is situated on bottom left hand side of your gaming screen. From there, get a plane located in a hangar. When you are into the plane, location of enemy's plane will be shown. Now, fly towards enemy.  After this, screen instructions will ask you to fly into the corona behind enemy's flight. Do that and a cut scene will start in which Carl Johnson gets out of his plane and jumps on enemy's plane and enters it.

This is one of the best stunts performed in the game. I loved that scene very much and repeated it again and again until I was satisfied! After the scene finishes, kill all 4 men who start shooting their guns at you. You have to take them down before they kill you and fail your task!

At last, kill the pilot as well and you take control of the plane in Freefall challenge of GTA San Andreas. You have to land it on the airport to successfully finish this mission.

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How To

On this site, we have got plenty of How To guides. On this page, you will find all the articles related to How to in San Andreas video game. So, learn new tricks and short cuts to many things.

How To:

  1. Recruit gang members into your gang
  2. Use Camera
  3. Use fire extinguisher                                      
  4. Have Molotov weapon
  5. Lose wanted level
  6. Drive forklift
  7. Change time
  8. Drive a car
  9. Fly Jet pack
  10. Fly jet plane or hydra plane
  11. Operate Crane
  12. Use Parachute
  13. Win Chiliad challenge
  14. Activate cheats
  15. Defend a territory
  16. Get a bike
  17. Complete Tags
Above quick links may help you. I hope so. 

1) It will teach you the recruitment of people into your group and if you do so then the people will help you during certain missions in the game.

2) Many still don't know the usage of camera. Hence, quick link 2 will make you understand that. Also, it will show you the locations of camera in Grand Theft Auto SA.

3)Before you are caught in a fire, you should learn the operations of a fire extinguishers and also where you can find it.

4) What is a Molotov? With link no. 4, you can learn its usage and also how to get it.

5) If the cops are after you then you need to learn how to get rid of them. This one is going to surely help you out.

6) & 7): Here you find the tips and tricks for changing time and also learn how to drive a forklift in San Andreas.

8) Many folks don't know the controls for car. Hence, here you will find it.

9) If you want to fly in air then you can do so with a jet pack which is easy to operate. Learn its controls and also advantages and disadvantages.

10) You don't know that the fastest means of transport in San Andreas is a Hydra Plane (Jet). If you want to travel from one end to another end of map then you need a jet. And you have to learn its controls.

11 & 12) Get the tricks for operating a crane as well as parachute. Crane is a must during import and export challenge. And parachute is required hen you jump of a plane in air.

13) An easy way to win Chiliad challenge.

14) How to activate you cheats on PC, Xbox or a PS2? All you will find at link 14.

15 and 16) You can find tutorial for defending a territory and obtaining a bike

17) In this last one, you get the guide for completing 100 tags.

Lung Capacity in Amphibious Assault Swimming

Are you stuck in Amphibious Assault? Are you not able to play for not having enough lung capacity (LC)? Then, here in this guide, we will see how much of it is required and also how to attain that amount of it.

Below video will make you understand everything related to the challenge in less than 4 minutes! Do watch it!

The video explains about how you can increase your LC so as to be eligible for Amphibious Assault mission of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. For those who can't watch the video for any reasons then I will explain the things out.

If you do not have it then you can't play the challenge. For increasing it, you can approach any water body  and jump into it. Then after jumping in the water, practice swimming for some time. You have to practise it till you get a message as "Lung Capacity Upgraded. You can hold breath for longer."

The moment you get above notification, you can play the Amphibious Assault and also finish it. Also, we can't say how much exactly is that capacity required. But you have to keep practising and then you can play the challenge.

You can find here walk through, crane, Carl Johnson, Saved Games, How to recruit gang members and many other guides related to GTA.

Still clueless about other things or anything else, then use the comment form below to contact me and post your query using it

Amphibious Assault

Here, on this page, you will find Amphibious Assault cheat, walk-through, saved game and required Lung capacity for this mission.

Note: If you do not have required minimum Lung Capacity then you can't play this mission. If you have it then you can play.  Also, there are no cheats for this. Read below for walk through and at the end is the link for  saved game.

This challenge involves planting a bug (defect in the code or routine of a program in computer related systems) on a tanker of Wu's enemy. Thus, after starting it, visit the docks and from there swim through the waters and carefully avoid the guards. Guards will start shooting bullets if they catch a glimpse of you. Evade them and then board the tanker. There, kill all the enemies who block your way.

Finally plant the bug and return to the docks to complete Amphibious Assault mission. For better game play, change the settings and then set the Frame Limiter 'ON'.

Video Walk through

Amphibious Assault Walkthrough

Following are simple steps for finishing the challenge easily:
  1. Get a required level of lung capacity and then start the challenge.
  2. Start the challenge and after a cut scene, visit docks whose location will be marked on your small radar at the bottom left side of screen.
  3. There jump into the sea and swim into the waters and reach the tanker.
  4. While swimming, collect a knife on the way inside water which helps to kill enemies.
  5. During your swim, if killer guards spot you then save yourself as they start shooting.
  6. Reach the tanker and there kill some more enemies and then finally plant your defected programming code.
  7. Come back to the docks and there walk into th cylindrical red marker to complete  Amphibious Assault.
Reward: You get cash money amounting $110000 and also a bit increment in the respect.

Amphibious Assault Cheat for PC, Xbox and PS2

I again announce that there are no cheats to finish a story mission or side-mission in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. There are certain cheats which ease the difficulty. Here, weapons cheat, which provide weapons, help to murder and blow off the boats.

Save Game: Here are all the saved for different story challenges.

Amphibious Assault Detailed Step-By-Step Walkthrough

In a cut scene, Wu Zi Mu asks Carl about his ability to swim inside water. CJ thinks Wu is making excuse but Wu makes it clear that he wants some one from outside the triads to do a job for him. Also, during the cut scene, Carl Johnson understands that he has to plant a bug belonging to a gang named Da Nand Thang. This is the aim and task of Amphibious Assault.

CJ agrees to do this and then after the scene you have to Visit the docks and its location will be shown on a small radar on your screen. There you will be informed about the boat and it is docked in sea. So, swim upto there. Also, during the swim, Da Nang Thang gangsters attack you. So, save your health from them because if you die then you fail the mission. 

There will be obstacles in your path but also you will be told about alternatives to the obstacles. In between, if enemy boat sees you then begin shooting and hence you may die if you lose too much blood. Dodge the guards and then land on the tanker boat. 

Fight with the enemies there and finally plant the bug and after this return back to docks to finish the Amphibious Assault.

If you have got any queries then use the comment box at then end of this page.

How to Use Crane in Import Export

If you have played Import Export challenge in GTA San Andreas game then you know that it involves operating a crane at the docks. You have to use it  to move the a freight container. On this page, you will find the controls for using a crane on all the platforms like PC, PS2 and Xbox. If you have any doubts or question related to the game then use the comment form at the end of this article.

Crane Moving Freight Containers

Let us see the controls for PC (Computer)

How to use Crane on PC?
  • Press SPACE BAR for lowering the magnet.
  • Press Left Shift (LSHIFT) to raise the magnet. 
  • For moving and rotating the crane, use UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT arrow.
  • Press Left Mouse Button (LMB) to release a container containing car.
  • Press V  on your keyboard for changing camera.
How to use on PS2?
  • Press X for taking the magnet down on PS2 (PlayStation) platform.
  • Use SQUARE on the controller to raise the magnet.
  • LEFT STICK helps to rotate it and hence gives flexibility.
  • CIRCLE  helps to release a container. Press it to drop the container.
  • Use SELECT on PS2 controller to have views from different angles.
How to use on Xbox and Xbox 360?
  • Use A for lowering of magnet.
  • Then utilize the X for raising.
  • Use the Left Thumb Stick for left and right as well as forward motion of the crane.
  • Now, if you want to release then use the B on your Xbox joystick.
  • If you want to look from other angles then use the BACK button on your Xbox controller.
If you don't handle the container properly then the vehicles in it will get damaged and thus you will get less money after selling the cars. In addition to Import Export, Customs Fast Track mission also involves operating the crane at the docks.

Customs Fast Track

Customs Fast Track (CFT) is one of the missions in the game(Home page). Here, on this page you will find its walk through in detail. Also, if you have any questions then do ask me using the comment form below.

Customs Fast Track Mission Summary

This challenge involves stealing a car from docks. In short, you have to visit docks and from there displace a car from cargo ship to port. And then steal that car to your garage in Doherty. After stealing, you have to combat with security guards at the dock and also you have to protect Cesar from guards. If he or you (Carl Johnson) die then you fail CFT.
Crane at the docks

Customs Fast Track Walkthrough

Follow the below Six Steps to complete the challenge:

  1. Go to the docks along with Cesar Vialpando.
  2. There use the crane (Learn using crane) and displace the containers one by one.
  3. He will check the containers and fine the one which has the required car.
  4. After getting the car in third container, exit the dock crane and protect him who is attacked by guards at the docks.
  5. Take down all the guards which come in three groups. Kill them one by one.
  6. After this, take the stolen car and drive to Doherty to finish the challenge.
Above walkthrough is enough to complete Customs Fast Track successfully in Grand Theft Auto. However, let us see CFT in more details.

Carl Johnson is going to play it along with Cesar. It is unlocked after doing Test Drive. It starts with a cut scene which shows Carl, Cesar and Kendl. Carl and Cesar are busy repairing a car when a friend of Cesar comes to meet him. A friend of friend of him works at docks and he saw a car loaded in a container. The car is on wishlist of a customer. Carl and he decide to steal this car for the customer and thus earn money. CJ finds this business of stealing and selling as a good source of money to earn a living in San Fierro.

Both drive to the docks and there Carl uses a crane to check displace three containers from ship to port and then Cesar check them for the car. In third container, they find it and start to leave. Guards attack him and CJ comes to save him. After saving him, both drive to their garage to end the CFT of GTA San Andreas game.

Ice Cold Killa

To play Ice Cold Killa (ICK), you have to pass the Snail Trail mission. Aim of  ICK is to kill a man named Jizzy and steal his cell phone. First, I will present the objectives and walkthrough of Ice Cold Killa in few words and then we will look into it in greater detail.

To start ICK, walk into the red marker at your Doherty garage to trigger a cut scene where Carl Johnson (CJ) meets Cesar Vialpando in the garage. After a small conversation, your real work starts to hunt your target!

How to complete Ice Cold Killa?

  1. After cut scene, visit Pleasure Domes Club where Jizzy can be found. Its location is shown on your map and it is marked with a yellow blip.
  2. Enter the club using a skyline above after Jizzy's guard stop you from entering the club.
  3. Once inside, go near him and then a small scene starts.
  4. After the scene, chase Jizzy using a bike or a car and shoot him down.
  5. Once killed, collect his cell phone to end the ICK.
Important Tip for Ice Cold Killa: Before entering the club, destroy the cars outside using a rocket launcher or a gun. Because your target will escape using them. But if it is not there then your target escapes using a bike and it becomes much easy to kill him on motor bike.

Video Walk through

From your garage in San Fierro, you can play ICK. Precisely, its Doherty garage from where you trigger this ICK. In this, you are your own boss and you are playing it for yourself. In a small scene, Carl meets Cesar Vialpando and they together have a small chat related to guns, Wu Zi, etc. Carl then prepares to leave for Pleasure Domes. Cesar wants to come along but is stopped by the protagonist of GTA San Andreas.

Now, proceed to the club of one of your boss Jizzy. Its location is on your game radar marked with a yellow blip. There blast all the vehicles outside so as to make it difficult for your target to escape using any of the vehicles. If you do so then he escapes on a bike making your job much easy to shoot him down.

Guards stop your from entering and hence you have to get inside using an alternative route which is a skyline at the roof top. Fly to the top using a jet pack and then get inside. There sneak past the guards and meet Jizzy to start a scene. Carl has a heated conversation with Jizzy during which he escapes and sets his guards on Carl. Now, knock down all the guards and exit the club. There outside your enemy escapes on a bike (if you destroy the cars outside). Immediately, grab a bike or a car and chase him down.

Kill him to get access to his phone which has details of The Ballas Gang and also your sworn in enemies Big Smoke and Ryder. At the end, Carl makes a call to Cesar to inform him about the next task at a location named PIER 69. Here, you have to take down the Loco Syndicate as well as Ryder.

Snail Trail

After completing Outrider, you have unlocked Snail Trail. This challenge of GTA San Andreas game involves killing of an unknown journalist and his informer. Let us look at its walk through. To summarize:

  1. First and foremost, arrange a bike as you have to chase a train.
  2. Collect the sniper rifle hidden by Frank Tenpenny nearby. Location of the rifle will be marked on your game map with a green color blip.
  3. Then chase the train whose position is shown on your map and it is nearby your garage. Inside it is a reporter whom you have to kill to complete Snail Trail mission.
  4. It stops at a station and he gets out and prepares to meet a journalist.
  5. Follow him on bike till both meet at a place and then kill both using sniper rifle to complete the challenge and to unlock Ice Cold Killa.
Be careful as the oncoming train may kill you
Note: While chasing the train, you should always be behind and not along side. If you are alongside then the oncoming trains on other track will kill you to fail the mission.

I will jolt down few other points. Carl Johnson gets no money for completing it as it is given by Tenpenny and his police team who are a bunch of corrupt officers. This challenge is easy to complete but it does take some time during the chase. 

When you follow your target, a spook o meter appears on your gaming screen. If that meter becomes full then your target is alerted and you fail Snail Trail in GTA game.

Easter Eggs

Here we have collected not more than 10 Easter eggs. Easter eggs are hidden messages or you can say those secrets which are discovered while playing the game. These are hidden surprises which are not announced officially by a gaming company before its game release

Note: There are many hidden messages or secrets. Only some of them have been posted below. If you know any Easter egg then submit it to this site by using a comment form at the end.

Top 10 Easter Eggs on PC, PS2 or Xbox
Located in Angel Pine area are two dustbins. These dustbins are special (yes they are) because they contain maps of GTA Vice City. You have to peep inside the dustbins.

At a rarely visited place, near a lake or to be precise, it is Fisher's Lagoon. You will find an old wheel chair with no one using it. It is abandoned by someone who is unknown. The lagoon is located in Palomino Creek.

In real life, there is highly secret area called 'Area 51' in USA. Similarly, Rock star games have recreated this type secretive place called 'Area 69' which you can't visit or find on map. It is surrounded by fences and you gain wanted level if you come closer to the fences.

Visit a police station in Pershing Square and come to the basement. There you find the brutality of police. Two or three police are beating a guy and when you approach them, they will disperse away as if nothing has happened.

Some people claim to have seen a woman who is exactly same as CJ's mom. Some gamer accept this while others deny this. There is no official word on this. Those people, who claim to have seen Beverly Johnson, say that she can be found on streets of Los Santos.

After you complete all missions by a character named Zero, you will gain access to his shop and it will generate revenue for you. Get inside the shop and you find photos of Tommy Vercetti, who is the protagonist of Vice City, and another man named Lance Vance. Both belong to previous games of Grand Theft Auto series.

Get a Rhino spawned outside your safe house in Los Santos but only after you complete the whole San Andreas game to 100%.

There is a bridge named Gant Bridge in San Fierro area. With a jet pack, fly to its top and there you find a message as "There aren't any Easter eggs up here. Go Away!"

Each and every Pay N Spray shop is shown on your map except one. Maybe it is a glitch or an Easter egg. God knows!

On a billboard at the Los Santos station, there is written "Get rid of old rubbish fast! True Grime: Street Cleaners." This most probably is an Easter egg pointing to the True Crime video game.

How to Use Parachute on PC, PS2 and Xbox

Lately, I have seen many of our hardcore gamer that they are looking for a guide on how to use parachute. Many forums were flooded with these related queries and yet there was not even a single brief walk through which could explain how to fly or remain in air and operate it in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game and hence I came up with this article!

Before spawning it , you are in state of free-fall. You should learn controls for how to glide in air during free-fall. Check Spawn Parachute Cheat.

How to use Parachute on PC (Computer)?

  1. During free-fall, use UP arrow button to dive forward and DOWN arrow button to slow the speed of your fall. 
  2. During the fall, use LEFT and RIGHT to rotate.
  3. Press Left Mouse Button (LMB) to open the parachute. 
  4. When it is open then controls change slightly. Use DOWN for moving forward, UP to decrease speed, LEFT to move right ways and RIGHT to move left ways.

How to Use on Xbox or 360?

  1. During free-fall, use left thumb-stick  to dive forward and push it down to decrease the speed of free-fall. Push the thumb stick left and right to rotate.
  2. Press button B to open it on your Xbox controller.
  3. Once open, use left thumb stick to move forward with your legs lifted and bend!

How to use on PS2 (PlayStation 2)?

  1. Press R and L buttons to move forward.
  2. Press CIRCLE button on your PS2 controller to open it.
  3. Use R and L buttons to move forward.

Parachute Cheat on PC, PS2 Xbox

You can own a parachute in video game by two ways and they are:
  • First way to get a it is to look for it at certain locations in the game.
  • Second way is to use parachute cheat. It is given below for platforms like PC, PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360 are discussed.
Also, check How to use parachute?

Below is the cheat with which you can spawn it in Grand Theft Auto SA. It is different for different  platforms. For example, PC code and PS2 code are different.
  1. Spawn Parachute Cheat for PC is 'AIYPWZQP'. Use this without quotes.
  2. For PS2 is Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, Up, Down, Right, L1.
  3. For Xbox, it is Left, Right, L Trigger, White, R Trigger, Black, Black, Up, Down, Right, L Trigger.
  4. For Xbox 360, just it is  Left, Right, L Trigger, LB, R Trigger, RB, RB, Up, Down, Right, L Trigger
Above codes mention the name of buttons which you have to press on your respective platform so as to activate the cheat code. Remember that, if you enter the codes properly then immediately a parachute will be added to your inventory. 

What are the benefits?
It helps to save life of CJ if he falls from huge heights. Previous series did not contain it and there was not at all any feature of it. It was first introduced in GTA SA. In Liberty City and Vice City, if you fell from top of buildings then you be prepared for DEATH!

With it, now you can happily exit from any airborne vehicle like helicopter, airplane, jet plane or hydra. You can dive from top of mountains without fearing for life as long as you have a parachute.

Sifre Za

Наш сајт је срећан да покрене ову страницу за Србе. На овој страници ћете наћи код за ГТА Сан Андреас игре. Претражили смо на интернету о кодовима на ГТА Сан Андреас. Али, нисмо га пронашли. Дакле, на овој страници ћете добити ГТА Сан Андреас кодове на српском језику. Сви су наведени испод.

BGKGTJH - Jeftini automobili na ulicama
FVTMNBZ - Traffic is Country Vehicles
GUSNHDE - Skupocjeni automobili na ulicama
ICIKPYH - Sparno vrijeme
LXGIWYL - Weapon Set 1, Thug's Tools
KJKSZPJ - Weapon Set 2, Professional Tools
UZUMYMW - Weapon Set 3, Nutter Tools 

Ако имате било каквих питања контактирајте нас онда. Користите форму испод коментар.

How to Win Chilliad Challenge

What is Chiliad Challenge?. You may have seen that apart from story missions, there are side-missions like Spray tags, collect horseshoes, take snapshots, etc. One of these side-challenges is Chiliad mission.
Chiliad Location

How to Win Chiliad  in GTA San Andreas?
According to me, there are 4 ways to win this and they are listed below:

  1. First way is the honest way to complete Chiliad. Pass through the checkpoints in time and ahead of other racers. And reach the finish line first.
  2. This one is a secret or you can call it a trick. Anyways! Have a sniper rifle for this. When you are about to reach the final line, then step down from your bike and using the sniper kill all the racers who have reached before you. Knock all of them and then get on your bike and cross the finish line. Hurray! You are the winner.
  3. Last way is you can use grenades on your competitors and kill them. You are alone now! Pass through checkpoints carefully to win.
  4. This final trick to pass the challenge is not yet known to me and YOU BETTER KNOW IT. So, use the comment form at the end and submit your trick to complete.
Why it is important to win?
If you are desperate to complete 100% of the game then you have to win. Else, it's up to you to whether try this or not.

There are 3 levels and their names are:
  1. Scotch Bonnet Yellow Route
  2. Birdseye Winder
  3. Cobra Run
To win any of the above levels, above 4 ways can be used.

Chiliad Requirements:
You must have passed The Green Sabre. You should have at least 40 percent of cycling skill which can be seen from your stats section.

When can you play this?
You can start this only between 7:00-18:00 of game time. You can change your video game time so as to reach 7:00. You get only two turns to attempt per day. So, if you have your both attempts then wait for next day to play Chiliad.

Other Details:
On Mount Chiliad lies the starting point. There is a flat area on the top of the mountain. The route of the race in the challenge is very dangerous. Carl Johnson is very much prone to fall off the mountain. Hence, you need a parachute to save your life. Some part of the route is fenced to prevent your fall but remaining parts are not done so. Be careful and protect yourself!

Easy Win Video

Win Scotch Bonnet Yellow Route Video Walkthrough

Win Birdseye Winder Video Walkthrough

Win Cobra Run Video 


Secrets, also called Easter Eggs, are widespread over the entire game. Many times we stumble upon it but don't  give it a second thought. Below we have jolted down Top Secrets from San Andreas. If you know about any thing else which is not below then you can submit it by using the Comment Form at the end of this article.

Check out our Easter Eggs.

Top 10 Secrets or Easter Eggs

1: You must have got wanted level hundreds of times and you lose it by either using cheats or any other methods. If you have wanted level then police start shooting you and thus you lose health. Do you know that if you engage in playing basketball (can be found near Johnson House) then you will not lose health if anyone attacks you.

2: During night time, look at the sky and you will discover a constellation resembling Rockstar Games' logo.

3: In chiliad challenge, you are prohibited from using any guns or rocket launchers to eliminate your competitors. If you use any of these then you will fail the chiliad challenge. How to win Chiliad Challenge? The trick is to use Grenade or bombs over your competitors and after their death you are left alone to win the competition.

4: Select any vehicle and aim your gun at the Tyre of the vehicle and start shooting continuously. Your weapon skills will improve quickly and you will easily reach Hit man Level without any cheats. This is the answer to most often question 'How to reach hitman level without cheats?'.

5: How to take your own picture? You can easily do this without any mods. Recruit a man into your gang and then switch to camera. Then approach near your recruited gang member and on screen instructions will appear which will guide you to take your own photo in GTA San Andreas.

Secret 6: With this sixth secret, you can store more than one car in your garage. By default, you can store only one car in GTA San Andreas garage. A simple trick will make you store two car. Take first car and park it half inside the garage and half outside. Gate will remain open and then take second car and park inside. Now, get outside and drive the first car as well inside. Thus, you have stored 2 cars in one garage.
Hope you understand now How to store two cars in a garage?

Secret 7: Can you think of any other way to get Hydra without a cheat? Stop thinking now. If you complete the game to 100% then a Hydra will be spawned at the Johnson house near Grove Street. This hydra will be available anytime you play.

8: You can increase as well as decrease the size of moon in GTA San Andreas. Take a sniper and aim at the moon during night time and then shoot. Moon size changes when you shoot at it.

No 9: Did you know the secret that you can lose stars or wanted level by just changing the clothes from your wardrobe? So, if you have cops after you in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas then go to any safe house and then change clothes to lose stars.

No 10: During game play, don't make CJ move even an inch and leave your game for 3-4 minutes. Then you will have the privilege of watching activities of people around you. Camera will randomly zoom in and zoom out to show what is going on around you.

Secrets submitted by our Frequent Visitors to Site

                                         By Peter Safdari
How to get to Liberty city in GTA sanandreas??lots of people are asking this. This is very easy. Go to the gym at los santos which is 2 blocks away from cjs house. Kill all of the people in there.Then type "rocketman"(without quotes". then go in front of the exit door and fly up. then you will be on the gym but under liberty city. In there everything is dark. SO you have to fly to the "N" mark as indicated on the radar. After some moments you will see a yellow mark, get in there and you are in liberty city. If this didnt work then you can go to and download a mod for liberty city.

If you have any other secret then do submit it using the comment form below!


For question regarding Grand Theft Auto have been answered in this post. If you do not find suitable answer for your query on this page then DO use the comment form at the end of this article. Use it to contact me and i will be very happy to answer and will post it in this article!

Is there any cheat on PC, PS2 or Xbox or Xbox360 with help of which all missions will be completed or any code to complete all missions? How can I complete all missions? What is the secret word for completing the whole San Andreas?

Answer: NO. There is no cheat with help of which you can complete all the game at once. So, you need to play each and every part for completing it to 100%. Though there are some codes which will help you but no cheats will complete your any mission.

Q2: What happens to the cheats when I save the game? Or Are they active when I save the game? When I start saved game then will they be active?
A2: When you save and continue playing it without closing the whole game, then your all of them are active. Whereas if you save the game and then close your whole file and again start game on PC, Xbox or PS2 then all of them which were active will be automatically deactivated.

Q3: How to fly car? How to make cars fly? What is the cheat for flying car for PC or Xbox or PS2 or Xbox360?
A3: There is no option given by Rockstar to fly car. But there are no codes with which you can make your car fly with all area of GTA under it. There are several of them for flying cars on different platforms like PC. For playing on PC, it is RIPAZHA. For Xbox, it is X, Black, Down, Down, Left, Down, Left, Left, White, AFor PS2, it is Square, Down, L2, Up, L1, Circle, Up, X, Left.

Q3: How to become fireproof? What is  the cheat for becoming fireproof in GTA SA?
A3: No secret code is there for making Carl Johnson fireproof. However, you can become fireproof by completing all the 12 levels of firefighter mission.

Q4: Who is Sweet Johnson? What is his relationship with Carl Johnson in GTA SA?
A4: Sweet is a character in SA and he is Carl Johnson's elder brother. He is the head of Grove Street Gang.

Q5: Who is OG Loc in GTA SA? And which mission does OG Loc give to Carl Johnson?
A5: OG Loc is a character who is associated with the Grove Street Family. His real name is Jeffrey Cross but he prefers to be called OG Loc. He loves rapping and also wants to be a famed rapper.
He is also responsible for giving some missions to CJ. They are 'Life's a Beach', 'Madd Dogg's Rhymes', 'Management Issues' and 'House Party'. He makes his entry in mission called "OG Loc". He makes an appearance in 'Cut Throat Business'.

Q6: How to fly Carl Johnson  in air? What is cheat for flying in air?
A6: You can't fly CJ in air. And also there is no code with which you can make CJ fly. However, you can fly in air with help of JetPack and other jet planes or helicopters.

Question:  How to activate codes in GTA San Andreas? How to put cheats?
Answer: To activate it in GTA, you just simply type that on keyboard without pausing. If it is activated then you can see a message on top left hand side of your screen as "Cheat Activated". However, if you type it incorrectly then you can't see any message on your screen regarding its activation.