Lure - Protect Car and Help Ran Fa Li

In 'Lure', you have to drive a decoy car and protect it from damaging to successfully complete. And the reason behind this is to save Mr. Ran Fa Li from a possible assault by Da Nang Boys (Vietnamese gang). You trick the Da Nang gang by driving a car in which Mr. Farlie is supposed to be present. But he escapes in another one and is saved.

Important Note: Don't use health Cheat even by chance or by mistake. Because you will face difficulties.

Video Walk-through

4 Steps to finish successfully

You have to execute below steps if you wish to complete Lure 

  1. Do a mission named Ran Fa Li and then start Lure from Wu Zi Mu's place.
  2. After cut scene, get inside decoy car and go towards countryside.
  3. Go through a total of 8 checkpoints without damaging it from the onslaught of Da Nang Boys..
  4. You are done!

Lure Walk-through Full Details and Other Info

You become eligible after completing Ran Fa Li mission of GTA San Andreas game. Start it by walking in a red cylindrical marker at Woozie's place. And starts a small cut scene. In it, it is shown that Carl enters in a room in which Mr. Ran Fali, Wuzi and Guppy are present. they are busy discussing about the security of Farlie because Da Nang gang is planning to kill him. hence, they are busy finding a way out so that he can escape unharmed. 

At this point, Carl Johnson (CJ) enters and he gives them a new plan. According to it, he will drive a decoy car, meaning 'one which has been designed to deceive an enemy or divert his attention'. He will drive it away from the city towards countryside and he will continue to do so till Mr. Farlie and Guppy escape. This plan is highly appreciated and Wuzi also likes it. Thus, they plan to lure the enemy using CJ. Hence, the name of this task in the game!

Now, you have to drive it and take far away. Once you reach countryside, the enemy follow you on bikes. They think that their target is inside but the fact is that the target has escaped in a separate automobile. When you drive, you have to avoid damaging. There will also be a damage bar shown on your gaming screen. If that bar goes out then you fail Lure. If you manage to cover 8 checkpoints before that bar goes our then you will pass Lure

Once you have covered the checkpoints, you finish the Lure mission and after it you get a call from guppy. he informs you that his boss has escaped the critical territory. Back in the GTA SA game and get ready for next one named Amphibious Assault.


You get Eight thousand dollars for this and also some respect. In addition to these, you can now play next one whose name is Amphibious Assault.


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