The Da Nang Thang

This article is a guide for The Da Nang Thang mission of San Andreas game. It is a challenge which you have to play in order to proceed further in the game. If you want to earn fifteen thousand dollars then it will earn you. Also, it gives an increase in respect levels.

Aim of this is to kill all the persons from Da Nang gang on a container ship.Then evacuate some refugees who have been kidnapped inside the ship. After freeing those people, you have to kill a man whose name is Snake Head and then you finish The Da Nang Thang.

Important Tip: If you are not able to complete due to loss of health then I advise you to use cheats. but if you prefer the other way then you can go ahead with practice. Get here for

Video Walk-Through

Things to do to pass Da Nang Thang

For passing, you have to do below things successfully or else you will not be able to proceed further in San Andreas game.
  1. After Amphibious Assault, start this challenge.
  2. Kill the enemy located on the top of containers on the ship.
  3. Get inside it and then kill all of them on the top and basement and leave no one.
  4. Free some people who have been kidnapped by Snake Head.
  5. Kill Snake Head in a sword fight.

More Information

You unlock this after Amphibious Assault in which you plant a bug in a ship. And again you are set for a task related to a vessel. Report  is that some Da Nang boys are coming via water in a vessel. They are also carrying some kidnapped Vietnamese people. Woozie gets to know about this through his informer Little Lion. And he orders him to set out this problem.

And in between this talk, Carl Johnson (CJ) enters and he listens all this. He offers his assistance which Wu readily agree. This was all shown in a cut scene and after it  begins and you are along with little Lion in a helicopter. You come near the vessel and then you have to shoot the enemy on the top of vessel. You are provided with a mini-gun to carry out the task.

However, enemy takes down your helicopter and it crashes in water. Now, all die and only you escape. Hence, swim through the water and get on the ship. Once there, you have only a knife with you as you lose all the weapons. Silently eliminate the enemies and then collect their guns so that you have enough ammunition.

While playing the game, as it happens always, your aim and target will be shown on the map. Follow those blips on map and then finally kill a person named Snake Head. This you have to do using a sword. Once you kill him, you pass 'The Da Nang Thang'.


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