Zeroing In

Zeroing In is one of my favorite and also one of the simple missions in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It gives you Five Thousand Dollars upon completion and makes you free to attempt next one named 'Test Drive'.

In it, you have to follow a car which is driven by a woman. Then, get her out and then get it in your garage. You have to get it if you wish to pass Zeroing In. Overall, it is simple if you follow some trick.

Tips: As soon as Zeroing In starts, you have to chase the car. Hence, take the route from behind your Doherty garage. I mean when it starts then take a 180 degree turn and then take the route which is behind the garage. Because it makes it easy to finish or else you have to chase a long way. Sometimes, you may lose the chase and lose the mission of GTA San Andreas game as well.

Video Walk-thorugh


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