Pier 69: Death of Ryder

Pier 69 is a mission in which Ryder, long time friend of Grove Street, dies. If you want to start it then first you have to finish Ice Cold Killa in which you (Carl Johnson) kill Jizzy.

What is going to happen in this?

In this, you along with Cesar are going to take down a man named T Bone Mendez and another one name Ryder. Some gangs are coming to meet at a location named Pier 69 and you are going to make a surprise entry and kill your enemies. This is going to happen!

Before I dwell down into further details below is the video walk-through.

If you watch the above videos then it will be easy to complete Pier 69.

Pier 69 Walkthrough

 Things to do to finish this off are:

  1. Start it and then meet Cesar on top of a building.
  2. Take down few men on top of roof using a sniper.
  3. Get off the building and get inside the compound where all gangs are present.
  4. One by one, kill all of the T Bone's men and Ballas.
  5. Then shoot T Bone and Ryder to finish off.
Important Note: In this after you shoot Bone, Ryder tries to escape by a boat and if he escapes then it will be very difficult to follow the boat and then kill. Instead, you have to kill him before he takes the boat. You can do this by shooting him using a sniper rifle. Better be prepared with a sniper. He dives in water to take a boat and so shoot when he is in water and swimming towards the boat. 

Full Details

If you are unsure about this and cannot play this then complete previous challenge Ice Cold Killa. Visit a reddish icon on map to trigger this challenge. It starts with Cesar on top of a building and he calling Carl Johnson up. Go upstairs and then starts a new cut scene. What happens is that, Wu's men also attack the Pier and you have to help them in their assault.

After you shoot men on top, Bone Mendez comes along with his gangsters and at the same time Ryder also arrives with Ballas gang. If you are little aware of GTA San Andreas game's story then you will find the cut scenes a fantastic climax. Because Ryder is a good friend of Carl (CJ) family and they are enemies of another gang named Ballas. But instead of opposing them, he is allied with the enemies. And Carl comes to know about this after long time in the game and by seeing this he is shocked along with other members of home Grove Street.

Let us come back to the topic. Ryder and T Bone meet and hug each other and they together wait for Mike Toreno. Mike come by helicopter and while in air, he sees dead bodies on roof-top. Those are the bodies of men whom you shot with your sniper. He understand that some problem is going on and hence instead of landing helicopter, he leaves the Pier 69.

The moment he leaves, fresh gang war starts between Toreno's and Wu Zi's men. And this is the time you have to step in with your guns. You have to find out Bone and kill him and after him kill other one to finish Pier 69 mission of San Andreas game.

I have given an important note above about the escape of one of the two. Because if he escapes then you find it tough to chase him and so take him down using a sniper.

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