Carl riding a bike to enter the aircraft
Here on this page, you will get walkthrough, cheat, save game and video guide of Stowaway mission of San Andreas. How to complete Stowaway? Answer of this question lies here below.

Important Note: If you have not completed a mission named 'N.O.E' then you cannot play it. Hence, first complete NOE.


Location for it is Verdant meadows which is an secluded place for aircraft. If you do not remember then this is the same place where you learnt your flying school challenges.

Video Guide and Help

How to complete Stowaway? (Walk through)

After you have started it, you will see a cut scene first where a discussion takes place between a man named Mike Toreno and the protagonist called Carl Johnson. After this, you have to place some bombs or explosives inside an airplane. Mike asks you to do this task. Below are the 7 steps to complete the mission:

  1. You are on a motor bike. Speed it up and approach the airplane.
  2. Airplane is also speeding up. You have to get inside it.
  3. Approach the plane from side ways as the boxes, dropped from the plane, will block your way.
  4. Once you are inside, don't use weapons like guns or snipers or bombs.
  5. Go ahead and kill enemy who are present inside. Kill them using a knife or with hand.
  6. Collect a parachute kept inside at the end.
  7. After this, plant a bomb and then jump off the plane to complete Stowaway.
Do you know the meaning of Stowaway?
It means a traveler who secretly gets inside an aeroplane or a ship to get free passage.

Useful Cheats:
When I played, I found only two cheats to be helpful. One is the for health and other is for slower game-play.
  • You can find health cheat here.
  • For slower game play, it is 'SLOWITDOWN' without quotes. Once it is slow, you can make it faster by entering 'SPEEDITUP'.
With slower game play, it is easier to enter the airplane and place bombs inside. And with health cheat, you get full health and hence no chances of dying.

Save Game: If someone is not able to do even after many tries then he/she can download the save game. With it, you can proceed to next missions without actually playing Stowaway. You can find here

Extra Other Information on Stowaway Mission

Let us continue with some crap and other not covered less information on this challenge. Mike Toreno is responsible for it and he is a special undercover agent working for the government. Amount for completing this is good. It is twenty thousand dollars.

Very few tasks in San Andreas give you this much amount of money. When you start it, you see several men loading explosives. Carl thinks that Mike is responsible for this. But he comes from behind and says to Carl that some other folks are doing this.

After this, he tries to persuade Carl to kill all the men who are exporting explosives and then finally take down the vehicle. Carl disagrees but later on he agrees to do this tough task and then the cut scene finishes and you are back.

You are on a bike and you have to use it to get inside a plane. It is speeding up and hence you have to chase it and get in. Once in, kill some 4-6 men and then take a parachute. then plant a detonator and finally jump off to finish the challenge and also to get your reward.


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