Los Desperados

Here on this page is the Los Desperados walkthrough. And you can find useful cheats and save game as well. Read full article guide to get whatever help you require.
carl and other gangsters

Note: This mission  is going to take a lot of your blood. And it involves a huge fight with enemies which  number more than 15. Be equipped with weapons and ammunition. Also, ensure that your health bar is full.

Main aim of Los Desperados is to take back the territory of Cesar from enemy gang named 'Vagos'.

Los Desperados Save Game: to get your save game, visit this page. There press Ctrl + F and then enter the name of mission.

Useful Cheats
It involves heavy fighting and hence you are sure to lose health. For fighting, you need weapons as well as ammunition. Hence, best cheats for you are:
  • Health Cheat - Gives you health plus ammo
  • Infinite Ammo - Use Code Word 'FULLCLIP' to get unlimited ammo.
  • Infinite Health - Gives you unlimited health.
  • Weapons -- Use Code word 'UZUMYMW' on PC without those inverted commas.

Video Walk through

How to complete Los Desperados?
Below are the step by step instructions which will help you to finish it.

  • After cut scene, recruit 2 gangster belonging to your hood. If you need help regarding this then read a whole article on How to recruit gang members?
  • Proceed to unity station and collect some other friends.
  • Heavy gang war starts and hence kill every enemy.
  • Don't die or else you fail this mission.
Reward: If you finish this then you will unlock the last mission of game. Los Desperados is the second last challenge in the game.

Los Desperados Full Story

Now, here we start on with the less important part. Let us see the full story of the challenge as well as every minute detail. If you wish to attempt it then you have to complete a challenge whose name is 'Riot'. 

You can start this from your elder brother Sweet Johnson's house which is located in Grove Street. It starts with a cut scene. In it, Carl Johnson enters Sweet's house while Sweet is busy on a call. Sweet informs him that there is some problem. Carl replies that he has faced too much difficulties for their family. Hearing this, his elder brother becomes angry. And they both enter into an argument.

Sweet reminds his younger brother that he always earned for the family. But Carl was busy earning for himself in liberty City. Whenever their family was in problem, Sweet took the burden. This argument goes on until Cesar enters and asks them for help. CJ is reluctant to go but Cesar tells him that he always helped them. Finally, CJ agrees to go along with Cesar Vialpando to protect his hood and this marks the starting of Los Desperados in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game.

Now, CJ is outside and your game starts. You should hire some people because you need them to fight gang war for Cesar. Hire some of them and then head to Unity railway station. From there, gather some extra friends of Vialpando.

Then your fighting starts. You find yourself in the hood of Cesar which is completely occupied by Vagos gang. Once by one, kill them until no one is left them. Once you do this, you finish the Los Desperados. 


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