In this game of GTA Series, Rockstar Games have included a number of gangs. These and even many of their members are a part of the script.

List of Gangs:

There are a total of eight gangs which can be seen. Below are their names:
  1. Grove Street Families
  2. The Ballas
  3. Varrios Los Aztecas
  4. Los Santos Vagos
  5. San Fierro Rifa
  6. San Fierro Triads
  7. Da Nang Boys
  8. Las Venturas Mafia
Details of GTA San Andreas Gangs

  •  Grove Street Families (GSF)

GSF is the gang  to which the protagonist Carl Johnson belongs. Carl's brother Sweet Johnson is the leader of this family.  GSF hates drugs business and is determined to never get drawn into its trade. Seville Boulevard Families and the Temple Drive Families have split from the GSF.

Green is the color of GSF. Because of internal disagreements between members and arch enemy The Ballas, GSF is losing its grip in Los Santos. The Grove Street Families control areas of Ganton and East Los Santos.
Senior members of the gang include Sweet Johnson, Big Smoke, Ryder, Mark "B-Dup" Wayne, Barry "Big Bear" Thorne.  and CJ (Carl Johnson).

  • The Ballas Gang

Ballas is the biggest enemy of GSF. The Ballas are involved in drugs trade, gang banging, arms smuggling, vandalism and also the cocaine trade. In the video game of San Andreas, if you play and notice, then you will find the Ballas members are always in purple.

  • Varios Los Aztecas (VLA)

This is a dangerous group with its leader being Cesar Vialpando. This group can be found in the areas of little Mexico and El Corona. Varios Los Aztecas. The Vagos  is the enemy of VLA.
VLA is against drugs trade and its color is turquoise.

Senior leaders of the gang are Cesar Vialpando, Sunny, Gal and Hazer.

  • Los Santos Vagos (LSV)

Los Santos Vagos gang  is one of the allies of the Ballas. They are heavily involved in drugs & cocaine business. Also, they have bitter rivalry with Grove Street families and Varios. They are also in crack business along with Big Smoke. They can be found in a majority of North and East Los Santos, namely Las Colinas and Los Flores.

  • San Fierro Rifa

As the name suggests, it is based in the San Fierro area . It is a small gang and is not involved at large scale.

  • San Fierro Triads

A small gang and it is based in San Fierro. Their members can be found in full black 3 piece suit. It is run by Wu Zi Mu, a blind gentleman, and Ran Fa Li. They are based in Chinatown area in San Fierro. They carry AK47s and 9mm pistols. Triads own Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas.

  • Da Nang Boys

They are extremely violent and are involved in the protection. They are at war with the Triads. They usually drive Buccaneers, Tampas and Mananas. Da Nang Boys are Vietnamese.

  • Las Venturas Mafia

Las Venturas mafia
Hailing from Liberty City, Mafia is a big criminal gang. They hang around at Caligula's Casino which is owned by a few different Mafia groups and are constantly attempting to damage the Triad run Four Dragons Casino with their fake chips factory.


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